My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 595

Neil Brown opened his eyes. He saw colourful lights that spelled out the words – Neil, Happy Birthday! “Surprise…” Mia did a little twirl in front of Neil and spread out her hands. “Look over there, Neil.” Neil turned his head and saw a heart-shaped cake and all his favorite dishes being laid out on the dining table. Now he recalled why Mia was asking him about today. She was trying to remind him that it was his birthday. He didn’t even remember his own birthday but she had remembered his birthday so well. All these years, he wasn’t used to celebrating his own birthday. Few years ago, the soldiers in the military would also host birthday parties for him. Later, when they realised that he was not actually interested in it, they stopped. So very few remembered when his birthday was. So when Neil saw the birthday surprise Mia had prepared for him, he was actually very touched. Some simple decorations, a common heart-shaped cake, plus a few home-cooked dishes. This was the birthday dinner that Mia had prepared for Neil. Although the setting was extremely simple, it made Neil realize for the first time that it wasn’t that bad after all to be celebrating his birthday. “What do you think, Neil? Are you touched?” Mia said proudly with a bright smile on her gorgeous face, “I know I’m awesome and also very caring, but if you want to cry… if you really want to cry, then just go ahead. I promise I won’t make fun of you.” Neil chuckled and said, “You think you can make me cry with this simple setting? You have underestimated me!” Mia glared at him. “Damn, Neil. Can’t you just say something nice?” Neil knocked her head and said, “Why put effort on a ceremonial event like this? I’m more concerned about the actual gift.” Touched? Of course, he was touched, but he would not cry like what Mia had said. Instead, he wanted to express his gratitude with actions. Then, he stretched out his long arms to pick Mia up and strode to the room. Mia held onto his neck and said while smiling, “Neil, be patient. Let’s have the birthday cake first then we can go on and do other things.” She had also prepared something big for later. If he was so impatient, then the real big gift she had prepared for him today would go to waste. She planned to have dinner first, and then they could enjoy some wine. At least they could start the night with some romance first Neil said, “I want to eat you before the cake. “Neil, listen to me.” Thud! Neil threw her onto the bed. He did not leave any opportunity for her to respond. Mia rubbed her painful butt and looked up to scold him. However, the moment she looked up, Neil had already removed all his clothes. “F*ck!” This man really couldn’t hold for a minute longer when he was impatient. He acted as if he had never been fed. Mia rolled out from the other side of the big bed and said, “Neil, we haven’t had the cake yet and you haven’t even made a birthday wish. Let’s wait a little longer.” “What’s with eating cake? I want you to eat me right now.” Who would care about dinner or cake? At that moment, Mia was the most delicious dish in Neil’s opinion. Therefore, as soon as Mia jumped off the bed, Neil grabbed her back immediately. He bent over and held her down firmly. “Neil.” Mia was both nervous and excited. “Shh…” Neil covered her lips with his fingers. “Keep quiet. Just feel how deep my love is for you.” Mia had been in the entertainment industry for many years and there were many beautiful women and handsome men in the industry. Yet, if she were to turn up, she would steal all of their limelight straight away. Neil had always known Mia to be a gorgeous lady. However, no matter how beautiful she was before, he still thought that the Mia underneath him now was the most beautiful he had ever seen. Her charming eyes and beautiful eyebrows took his breath away. At this moment, Neil didn’t want anything else but to own and enjoy the moment with this woman. “Let’s do it then.” Mia was moved by Neil’s burning passion; she could no longer care about the big present she had prepared. However, .. just as the two of them were ready, and Neil could not wait to be one with her, something happened! An accident! It happened without any warning! Neil was furious. “Mia, you did this on purpose, didn’t you?” “F*ck!” This woman had pranked him. He was absolutely furious. Mia felt wronged, “Neil, watch your words. Don’t blame the wrong person.” “Mia, I want to kill you right now.” Neil had lost his mind from anger. Men could never use their brains at times like this. Mia also yelled, “I don’t usually have my period so soon. It should be in another few days, but who would know for sure?” Her period decided to come at a significant time like this. It wasn’t just Neil who was suffering, Mia didn’t feel good also. Her period had always been punctual. Who would have thought it would start a few days in advance? She thought that God had to be punishing them on purpose. He surely didn’t approve of them having a good time. The two, who were supposed to have a passionate night now could only look at each other, with fury in their eyes. Neil was certain that Mia did it on purpose, so he really wanted to strangle her to vent out his anger. Mia was also angry. She was angry because she had put in so much effort to give him a romantic birthday party, but Neil had yelled at her in return. “Mia!” Neil shouted through gritted teeth. “Why don’t I give you a handjob?” Mia said softly with a blushing face. “You…” Neil glared at her fiercely and went straight to the bathroom. He slammed the bathroom door shut. “Oh my god! Why are you so bad-tempered? I didn’t mean it at all, seriously!” Mia pulled a face at the bathroom door. “Well, I hope you enjoy yourself there.” Soon, Mia heard running water from the bathroom. Neil had to be showering himself in cold water. Mia pitied him too. Mia got out of the bed immediately, she put on her pajamas, and a sanitary pad. She was also scolding at the same time. “You deserve that cold shower since you don’t know how to appreciate me. I will not shed a tear for you if you die from the cold in there right now.” And then a crazy scenario appeared in Mia’s mind. Neil did not get his desire fulfilled, so he went for a cold shower. He eventually died from the unbearable chill…

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