My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 596

Neil Brown dying from taking a cold shower! The news headline on the front page for the next day would read, “Captain Brown of the Chatterton Town Military, found dead in the home of a famous actress.” That would be sensational news! By then, Mia Kyle would definitely be famous all over the world because of this, and probably gain prominence as a pornstar too. Thinking of this, Mia had goosebumps all over her body. She finally came back to her senses. F*ck! Although she was annoyed that Neil didn’t know how to treat a woman properly, but, if something bad were to happen to him, she would definitely be heartbroken. So she wished that Neil would remain fine. He had to live a long life, or at least long enough until she leaves the world first. She surely didn’t want to be devastated over Neil’s passing. After a while, Neil came out of the bathroom. When he walked past Mia with only a bath towel, Mia could feel the chill coming from Neil’s body. Although Chatterton Town was in the south, was still quite warm during the day even in the month of January. People could run around in t-shirts and shorts. However, the temperature difference was quite significant at night. It was cold but Neil still took a cold shower. Even Mia felt cold at the thought of it. Neil was tough but he was still a human after all. Mia looked at his gloomy face and smiled apologetically. “Neil, I’m sorry you had to take the cold shower. In can..” fact, I Neil glared at her. “Mia, if you dare to say one more word tonight. I’ll crush you to death.” As the saying goes, a wise man knows when the timing is right. Mia decided to keep her mouth shut. Neil’s anger had not subsided, so she had better not provoke him any further. Neil took off the bath towel around his waist unceremoniously right in front of her. And then he walked to the wardrobe, completely naked, to get his change of clothes Mia couldn’t move her eyes away from him. She got a bit too excited and swallowed her saliva… Neil was trying to take his revenge. Finally, he got dressed and turned to Mia, “Mia, are you satisfied with what you saw?” “Satisfied! Of course I’m satisfied!” Mia nodded with a rather silly look “You little pervert!” Neil finally smiled and came forward to rub her head like a kitten. “Didn’t you want to celebrate my birthday, well get up then.” Mia immediately ran over and hung onto him. “Captain Brown, I knew you’re a sporting man. You won’t be angry with me.” Neil wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed it like he was punishing her. “Let’s go and have a check up at the doctor’s tomorrow.” Mia was confused. “Why are we seeing a doctor?” Neil glared at her once again, “Didn’t you say that your period was not punctual?” He was angry earlier from not being able to enjoy his special meal, but he wasn’t that selfish. If he had been selfish, he wouldn’t have gone to take a cold shower. Mia giggled and said, “It’s fine if it’s not punctual once in a while.” Neil’s face darkened. “What do you mean it’s fine? I’ll go with you tomorrow. Mia responded sweetly. “Yes, Captain Brown! I’ll do whatever you want me to do from now on, and I will never go against your will.” Mia smiled brightly with the shyness of a little girl. After waiting for so many years, Neil was finally gentle to her. New York, United States. Last night, Faye Reed prepared a feast to welcome Karen Daly and everyone else. It was quite late by the time they finished dinner. Before they arrived home, Little Karen had already fallen asleep. George Ken was carrying her. “This little fella is getting heavier by the day.” Karen smiled gently, “She’s over four years old now. She’ll be five in a few months time. Of course she is getting heavier. ” George then added, “You don’t look well. You did not have a good rest earlier. Go get some rest first. I’ll put this little fella to her bedroom.” “No, just let her sleep next to me. We’ve just arrived at a new place. I am worried that she is not used to it yet.” Karen was worried that Little Karen would be afraid, but she was also scared herself and wanted Little Karen to keep her company so that she felt more secure. George turned around and headed towards Karen’s room. “Then I’ll put her in your room.” Karen nodded and said, “I’ll leave Jayden to you then. Help me to keep an eye on him. He’s not familiar with this place, so I’m concerned that he will be scared too.” “Mommy, I’m not scared,” Jayden said. He was already a little man, so he shouldn’t be scared. He had to protect his mother and sister. “Good boy, Jayden!” Karen rubbed his head and added, Jayden, you and uncle will sleep upstairs. Mommy will stay down here.” Jayden nodded obediently. “Good night, mommy.” Karen said softly, “Good night, Jayden!” Karen only returned to the room after watching George and Jayden go upstairs. Little Karen was sleeping soundly in bed. Karen pinched her face lightly, “Baby, thank you for staying by my side.” Thankfully Little Karen was here to keep her company. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have the courage to move forward. Karen lay down next to Little Karen and cuddled her. Not only could they keep each other warm, but Little Karen made her feel at ease and not be afraid of the future. After lying down for a while, Karen’s eyelids got heavier too, she was very sleepy. She knew her body wouldn’t be able to stand it if she tried to withstand it. She could not fall ill now. She was still carrying the baby she had with Kevin and there was also Little Karen. They all needed her, so she needed to be well. She had to rest in order to get through the challenge. She fell asleep eventually. Without any surprise, she had a dream again. In her dream, there was a man in a white shirt, it was Kevin. Kevin sat opposite her, looking at her with a serious look. “Karen, I’m your husband. And you’re my wife. I am the one you can rely on for the rest of your life.” She knew, she had always known. Kevin was a man that she could rely on for the rest of her life. He was someone she could trust, so she could not let anything bad happen to him. Kevin continued, “Karen, the day after we got married, I told you that we would not separate no matter what. You promised me, why did you break your promise?” “I.” Karen wanted to explain, but she didn’t know how to, because she had proposed for the break up, and they had already divorced. What he said was true. So what else could she explain? “Karen, tell me, tell me…” Kevin suddenly turned ferocious. He grabbed Karen and shook her fiercely..

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