My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 597

“Kevin, I..” Karen Daly tried very hard to think of an excuse to calm Kevin Kyle down. However, she responded eventually, “I have nothing to say.” Their divorce was already a fact. She could not find any reason to defend herself. “Karen, are you really that cold-hearted? Or do you not have a heart at all.” Kevin’s voice was no longer as gentle as it used to be, it was so cold that it was spin chilling. Karen still could not say a single word to refute him. Kevin’s accusation and everything he said were facts. She could not defend herself, and she didn’t want to either. “Karen, get lost! Get lost as far as possible! Don’t show up in front of me again. I never want to see you again.” Karen woke up from her dream following Kevin’s yell. She reached out her hand to grab his hand instinctively. In the past, when she was by Kevin’s side, whenever she had nightmares, he would definitely hug her and comfort her. He would tell her to not be afraid and that he was there by her side. But today, Karen’s hand grabbed nothing, there was nothing at all next to her… In a daze, she opened her eyes. Under the dim orange light, there was only Little Karen and her. The big warm hug she missed wasn’t there to give her the infinite sense of security. Suddenly, her heart was empty. The cold wind blew across the room. The feeling of fear was getting stronger, slowly invading her whole body. “Daddy, I miss daddy. I want daddy and mommy together.” Little Karen, who was lying next to her, turned over and mumbled. Little Karen had grown up with her father. She had almost never been away from Kevin for this long. Now that they were apart all of a sudden, she would definitely miss her father. “Baby, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!” Karen held Little Karen in her arms. She would try her best to make up to Little Karen and never let her get hurt. It was only five o’clock in the morning. It was still dark outside, but Karen was already awake, waiting for the break of dawn with her eyes wide open. Karen did not sleep well, but Little Karen, who was beside her, had a very good rest. After a good night’s sleep, Little Karen did a stretch before opening her eyes. When she opened her eyes, it took her quite a while to figure out who she was and where she was. Karen rubbed her chubby face and said, “Karen baby, you’re up.” “Mommy, am I awake? Where am I now?” As expected, she did not know where she was, but fortunately, she still knew who she was. Karen couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Are you not awake yet?” “I am awake.” Little Karen scratched her tiny little head, looking all confused. “Mommy is here, and i’m here. But where is daddy?” She looked around and only saw her mother but there were no signs of her father. When she heard Little Karen mentioning about daddy, Karen’s heart tightened again. She said, “Baby Karen, you are in the States with mommy now.” “Oh, I’m in the States.” Little Karen was finally awake. She had promised her daddy to accompany mommy to the States, and she was not supposed to mention daddy in front of mommy too. She had forgotten about it earlier. She asked as soon as she thought of her father, only to recall after the question, to not mention her father in front of her mother. Karen changed the topic, “Well, let’s get up quickly. Let me help you clean up first. Then we shall go somewhere today and see if there is anything you want to buy?” “I want to be by mommy’s side and protect mommy.” She remembered her father’s instructions at all times. Her father had told her that they did not come to the States for fun this time, but she had an important responsibility to take care of her mother. When she completed the important task, her father would be very happy. If her father was happy, he would come to visit them and she would be happy too. “My baby Karen is such a good girl. Thank you for protecting me.” Karen kissed her and pulled Little Karen out from the blanket. Faye Reed’s call came, before Karen even pulled Little Karen had even Pulled Little Karen out from the blanket completely. She then tucked Little Karen back under the blanket. She answered the phone and had the speaker turned on. Faye’s piercing voice immediately rang through the room. “My big and Little Karens, get up now! Go have your breakfast, then I’ll be your tour guide today. I’ll take you to a few famous spots in New York for sight-seeing.” Karen had not spoken yet, but Little Karen, who was beside her, replied quickly, “Auntie Faye, I want to build a snowman.” Faye promised immediately, “Okay, get up quickly then. I’ve prepared breakfast. We’ll leave after breakfast.” Faye lived in the house next to Karen’s. After knowing that Karen was coming to the States, she had been making plans. From now on, the two families would have meals together. They would work and play together. She would not be bored anymore Now all of them could be together. They could eat, drink, play, and do all sorts of other activities together. Just thinking about these possibilities made her day. “Go wash your face, baby Karen.” This time, Little Karen got out of bed without her mother carrying her. She put on her slippers and went to the bathroom. “Faye, I’ll go help her out. See you later.” Karen hurriedly followed Little Karen into the bathroom after she hung up. “Baby Karen, you can wash yourself.” Karen handed the towel to Little Karen and prepared the toothbrush for her. Little Karen stood next to her and brushed her teeth. The tall and short figures stood side by side with their actions completely in sync, as if they were specially trained for it. “Mommy, I’m done.” Little Karen opened her mouth to let her mother check. She loved being clean. “Yes, it’s very clean. I will reward you with a ‘heart’ later.” Karen smiled gently and took a towel to wipe away the froth on the corner of Little Karen’s mouth. After washing up, Karen returned to her room with Little Karen and asked her to choose the clothes she wanted to wear. Little Karen wanted the down jacket that looked like the ice princess. “Mommy, I would like to wear this.” “Well, you will be an ice princess after wearing this too.” Karen helped Little Karen change into her pink outfit. Little Karen did a little swirl in front of the mirror after getting dressed. She felt that she was more beautiful than the ice princess Karen gave her a thumbs-up and said with a smile, “Our baby Karen is so beautiful!” “Mommy is beautiful, that’s why I am beautiful too.” Little Karen was a little embarrassed from the compliment. Her response cracked Karen up too. “What are you guys talking about?” Faye wasn’t someone who was patient. She decided to come and look for them after waiting for some time. “Our baby Karen just got changed. What do you think? Isn’t she beautiful?” Karen said to Faye. “Baby Karen, I like you very much.” Faye hugged Little Karen and pinched her face. “So Karen, I am carrying a baby boy right now. You see, both Sebastian and I are both good looking, so can I pre-book Little Karen as my future daughter in-law?.

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