My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 598

Karen said with a smile. “Our Baby Karen is already four years old, and your son isn’t even born yet. How can he pre book my baby?” Faye squeezed herself next to Karen, “Woman, I’m serious. I’m not joking with you. I have been thinking, since I can’t have a lovely and beautiful daughter like Little Karen, it would be nice to have her as my daughter-in-law instead.” Karen rolled her eyes. “Who says she’s not your daughter? I’ve long agreed that she’s your god-daughter.” “That’s not the same.” Faye was getting impatient again. “Woman, you just need to say it. Do you want Little Karen to be engaged to my son?” “No!” Karen knew that Faye was serious, but she was serious too. “Faye, our children should decide their own lives. How can we as parents have the right to choose a partner for them? What we like might not be what they like in the future.” Karen put Little Karen on her lap while she plaited her hair, “My baby’s life can only be decided on her own. No one can make the decisions for her. When she’s all grown up, she can choose the boy she likes, I will not stop her as long as she likes him.” Faye asked, “What if Baby Karen fancied a man who didn’t have a proper job and you didn’t like him at all?” “Well, I think my Baby Karen is a decent girl, so the boys she will like won’t be too bad either.” Karen was very confident with Little Karen. “But I like Baby Karen very much.” Faye really liked Little Karen. Since she was carrying a baby boy, she thought she could grab the opportunity to have Little Karen to herself to. “When I grow up. I will go and look for Brother Lionel.” The two adults had had a long chat and Little Karen had been listening. She was too young to understand what was going on, but she remembered the vow she had with Brother Lionel. When she grew up, she would definitely go and look for Brother Lionel “Yes, when you grow up, you will go and find Brother Lionel.” Karen looked at Faye and smiled. “You see, she already has her own mind at such a young age. So who do you think can control her when she’s all grown up?” “Then I will look forward to the baby in your womb being a baby boy instead. Then, I’ll have another daughter in the future! We will definitely become in-laws one day.” Faye had always been obsessed with anyone with good-looks. Whenever she saw children that were good-looking, she had always wanted them to be part of her family so that all the good genes would run in their family. “Miss Reed, have you been too idle lately? What kind of things have you been thinking all day?” Karen poked her head. “Since you like my Little Karen so much, I shall leave her to you today. You guys can enjoy yourself. I’ll have a rest day at home.” She didn’t sleep well last night, so she really didn’t have the energy to go shopping. If she tried forcing herself, it would be troublesome if it affected the baby in her belly too. So she decided to just stay at home instead. Faye quickly held Little Karen in her arms. “Of course it’s not a problem to babysit Little Karen. But are you not feeling well?” Karen shook her head and denied, “No, I’m fine. It’s the jet lag. I haven’t gotten over it, and I keep feeling sleepy.” “You’ve just gotten pregnant that’s why. Then you should just rest at home today. I’ll bring the two kids to my place and look after them. We shall not let them bother you.” Faye so wished that she could help solve all of Karen’s problems. “Faye, thank you very much!” There were two most fortunate things that happened to Karen: first, was to have met Faye Reed, and second, was to have met Kevin Kyle. Although Kevin and Karen’s relationship ended with a divorce, she did not regret meeting him, marrying him, and having two children with him. George Ken went out to meet up with an old classmate after breakfast. Faye then took over babysitting Little Karen and Jayden, and Karen went home to rest. It was snowing outside today, so it was not suitable to bring the kids out. Faye cancelled the plans to go out, and let Little Karen and Jayden play at her place. Jayden was a really good and understanding child. While he was looking after his sister, making sure that she didn’t get hurt, he was also doing some homework at the same time. His uncle had told him that the schools in the States were different from that in Chatterton Town, so he had to work harder so as not to disappoint his parents. Little Karen wasn’t bothered about learning. She was still too young to take learning seriously. The fact that she was well-versed in a few languages had also saved hers a lot of trouble. “Little Karen, come here.” Sebastian Spencer waved at Little Karen as he walked out of the study. “Uncle Spencer, why are you looking for my sister?” Jayden pulled Little Karen and stopped her from entering the study alone. He was on guard. “I was chatting with Uncle Tanner. And he wants to talk to Little Karen.” Sebastian answered truthfully even when he was being questioned by a child. “Jayden, don’t worry. I will be with Little Karen.” Faye patted Jayden’s head approvingly. Jayden did the right thing. Even if it was his uncle, he could not just let him take his sister into the room alone. With Faye’s company, Jayden was more at ease to let his sister go. Sebastian was looking for Little Karen because Assistant Tanner knew that Little Karen was at their place. And he had requested to have a video chat with Little Karen Of course Little Karen wasn’t going to have a video chat with Assistant Tanner. Without a doubt, it was the big boss who was looking for his daughter. Sebastian put Little Karen on the office chair. He turned on the video and said, “Baby Karen, you stay here. Auntie and I will wait for you outside.” “Daddy!” As she saw her daddy appear on the computer screen, Little Karen’s eyes were filled with joy. All she could see was only her daddy. “Baby, did you miss daddy?” Kevin was also looking at Little Karen. He wanted to pinch her chubby cheeks. However, even when she was right in front of him, she was unreachable! So close yet so far. “I miss daddy very very much.” When she saw her father on the screen, Little Karen was too excited she almost kissed her father on the computer screen. “I miss you too baby Karen, very very much.” It was still the gentle voice of her father that she was familiar with, coming from the speaker. “Daddy… Little Karen called her father again. She pursed her lips and pulled a sad face. “Baby, are you trying to cry?” Kevin’s heart ached when he saw Little Karen about to cry, but he put on a smile anyway. “I miss daddy.” She wanted her father’s hug, but he couldn’t do so, that’s why she wanted to cry. Kevin said softly, “As long as you are a good girl, and as long as you don’t cry, when i’m done with work, I will go to the States to be with you and mommy, ok?” “Is it true, daddy?” Little Karen blinked her big gorgeous eyes and couldn’t quite believe her father’s words.

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