My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 599

“When has daddy ever lied to you?” Kevin Kyle reached out his hand instinctively, he wanted to give his daughter a hug as usual. But when he stretched out his hand, he realized that his daughter was half a world away. Even if he decided to fly there, it would take him at least one day to reach her. Little Karen asked in a soft voice, “Daddy, I miss you so much. Why don’t you come and be with me now?” Little Karen could not understand at all. Her father was always by her side, so why did he not join her mommy and her this time? Kevin replied gently, “Because daddy is busy with work.” “Daddy… Little Karen was about to cry again. Her big fat tears welled in her eyes, they looked just like the most precious pearls on earth. “Tell me, is it snowing in New York now?” Kevin immediately changed the subject because he didn’t want to see his daughter crying. “It’s snowing. It’s snowing really heavily. I’m at Auntie Faye’s house now. Mommy and lazy Momo are at home sleeping.” As expected, Little Karen stopped crying. She was busy introducing New York to her father. Kevin added, “Oh, so it’s snowing in New York. Then are you cold?” The always busy Director Kevin, whom people took months to make an appointment to see, was, at this moment, having all these small unimportant talk with his daughter. “I’ve put on a really thick down jacket.” Little Karen straightened her jacket and pointed at her beanie. “Thankfully I have this beanie on. It’s not cold at all.” Kevin responded, “Oh, I was still wondering why my baby looks so cute today. Now I know, because you have put on new clothes and a new beanie.” “Daddy, I can play with the snow dolls in New York. But without you, it’s not fun.” In the Little Karen’s heart, daddy was still the most important. Kevin added, “Well… Should I buy some more snow dolls for you?” Little Karen replied softly, “I want my daddy. I only want you. I don’t want any snow dolls.” Kevin said, “Baby, I want to give you a task now. Once you finish it, i’ll be there with you.” “Daddy, what task?” Little Karen asked excitedly. Kevin said, “First of all, you can’t tell mommy about the video chat you’re having with me. This is our little secret.” “Ok, I understand, I will definitely not tell mommy.” Little Karen quickly covered her mouth and turned around to check Seeing Little Karen’s mysterious and adorable look, Kevin’s heart melted instantly. He really wanted to hold the little fella in his arms and give her a kiss. Which meant, he had to deal with those things as soon as possible. He had to sort out those people who had offended him, and strive to fly to New York and hold her as soon as possible Kevin smiled and asked, “Baby, I asked you to take care of mommy and not let mommy be sad. Did you do that?” “This morning, I said that I missed daddy and mommy wasn’ t very happy!” Little Karen remembered clearly that when she mentioned her daddy, mommy was upset immediately. as if she was going to cry. “When you mentioned about me, mommy got upset?” Kevin asked with a glimmer of hope even when he knew the answer. “Yes.” Little Karen didn’t know anything about the situation, hence she answered honestly “Ok, I understand.” Kevin covered up his real emotion very well. He smiled and said, “It’s fine this time. From now on, you should continue to help daddy take care of mommy.” “You’re not mad at me, daddy?” “You have done a good job. You should be rewarded. How can I be angry?” “I love you daddy.” With her father’s praise, Little Karen smiled sweetly. Kevin continued, “From now on, you’ll be daddy’s eyes and ears. You’ll come to Auntie Faye’s house and report to daddy about what happens between you and mommy every day.” Little Karen replied sweetly, “Ok, I understand.” Kevin emphasized again, “Make sure to not let mommy know. This is our secret, ok?” “Ok, I understand. I will definitely complete the task,” Little Karen said in a soft voice and looked all mischievous. Kevin laughed, “Ok then. Baby Karen, I’ll see you tomorrow!” “Tomorrow. daddy, I don’t want to!” Little Karen wanted to reply with the same greetings, but when she thought of the ending of the video call, she got really sad and wanted to cry again. “Good girl, baby!” “I’m not a good girl!” She did not want to be a good girl, she wanted her daddy “Did you forget what you promised me already?” “I remember!” But what she had promised her father was not important. The more important thing was that she wanted her father to be by her side. “Baby, do you want mommy to be sad?” “Of course not!” “If you don’t want mommy to be sad, then you have to listen to daddy. I will chat with you again tomorrow. With that, Kevin hung up the video call ruthlessly. If he looked at the little fella any longer with her almost crying face, he could really just fly to the States immediately. But with the current situation, what could he do when he got to the States? Karen was determined to divorce him. He could never let her know that he had lied to her. After Kevin hung up the call, York Tanner, who had been waiting for a long time at his desk, immediately moved on with the topic they were discussing earlier. “Director Kevin, the Eternitee project is one of the projects that the Yaleman group has put in a lot of manpower, financial, and material resources to prepare for this year. Their investment has already reached 20 billion dollars so far.” “20 billion?” Kevin tapped his long slender fingers on the desk as usual. “The contract hasn’t been signed yet, but the Yaleman has already invested so much?” York immediately handed over the documents he had prepared and said, “Yaleman Group and Eternitee have been working with each other for a while now. This is not the first time they have done this. Somehow, its still quite unbelievable for them to spend so much money without the contract. Without hesitation, Kevin had made a decision. “Nick, go and find out the relationship between the Yaleman and Eternitee. Whatever you found, be it true or not, have it exposed immediately first.” “Yes.” Nick Black took his order. It seemed that Director Kevin wanted to use the Eternitee project to attack the Yaleman Group this time. As long as there is any problem with the Eternitee project, the Yaleman Group’s 20 billion dollars would be gone just like that Let’s see how many 20 billions the Yaleman Group could afford. Nick took the order and proceeded to work on the investigation. York was still standing in front of Kevin’s desk. “Director Kevin, should I continue to keep an eye on what’s going on in the States?” Kevin raised his head and looked at him coldly. “What do you think? “I’ve asked Sebastian to pass on all the projects and tasks on hand to someone else. He will be in charge of your video calls with the little miss from now on.” York observed Kevin’s expression closely as he spoke. Since Kevin didn’t react much all throughout his proposal, it meant that he had made the right arrangements..

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