My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 600

It was such a waste just thinking about it. Director Kevin was probably the only person who could afford to waste a talent like this. Sebastian Spencer was a Ph.D. graduate from a prestigious university. With his skills and capabilities, he had somehow ended up in charge of the video calls between the father and daughter However, Sebastian accepted the task. After all, his wife was about to give birth. It was not like he was getting paid less for staying at home with his wife anyway. It was definitely something most people would wish for. York Tanner took himself as an example. He had wanted a more relaxed job and not be as busy everyday. He had also wished to not have to be always on his toes beside his director. If he could get all these while getting paid the same, then he would totally be more than satisfied. “Is there anything else?” Kevin’s cold voice came. York, who was still fantasizing about the future, was pulled back to reality by the cold voice of his director. He left immediately. As soon as York left, Kevin lit up a cigarette and puffed on it half heartedly while staring out of the French window. He knew that Little Karen had to be crying now. Just now, the little fella’s tears had already started streaming down her face. She was trying really hard to hold back the tears. He knew that when he hung up, Little Karen would definitely cry sadly. At the thought of Little Karen’s sad expression, Kevin could not sit still any longer. He got up and picked up the jacket hanging on the side and left. It was way after working hours, but all the assistants working outside his office were still busy with their works. “Director Kevin!” York rushed over and waited for his master’s order. “I’ll be going on leave for a few days, but don’t spread the news.” Kevin informed him briefly and left. York lamented. He probably wouldn’t have any chance to rest in the upcoming days. He returned to the office and immediately delegated the tasks Director Kevin had ordered. His boss sure had his own reasons to not spread the news out. York didn’t dare to have any second guesses. All he had to do was follow the director’s orders. As soon as Kevin hung up the call, Little Karen burst into tears instantly If she didn’t see her father, she didn’t seem to miss him that much. But now that she had seen her father but couldn’t be with him, she really couldn’t accept that. Faye Reed and Sebastian Spencer rushed in immediately and asked worriedly, “Baby Karen, what’s wrong?” “I want daddy.”Little Karen cried loudly and heart wrenchingly. She only wanted her daddy. She couldn’t even remember what she had promised him just now, so long her daddy was with her. “Don’t cry Baby Karen. As long as you’re a good girl, daddy will come to see mommy soon.” Faye tried her best to calm the crying Little Karen down. “Daddy doesn’t want me anymore.” Her father had never left her side ever before. Even when her father was busy with work, whenever she video-called him, he would never hang up on her. But he did that today. Little Karen, who had been missing her father so dearly really couldn’t accept that. “How can your daddy not want you. He would never leave you because he loves you so so much..” Faye tried to persuade Little Karen but she didn’t stop crying. Little Karen could no longer listen to what the others said. She had only one thing in mind, that was, she missed her daddy and really wanted to be with him. In the end, Faye couldn’t calm Little Karen down, but she was also worried that all that crying would do her harm. She had no choice but to take Little Karen back to Karen. When Little Karen saw her mother, she cried even louder. She was crying as if she had been bullied by everyone in the world. “Baby Karen, what’s wrong?” Karen held Little Karen in her arms. She was worried and distressed. “I miss daddy!” Although she had promised daddy that she would not mention him in front of mommy, she was only a four-year-old child after all. She had completely forgotten about her promise when she was sad. Karen didn’t know what to say. Karen tried to say something but didn’t quite know how to explain it to Little Karen. Was she supposed to tell the little fella that mommy and daddy had a divorce. Daddy didn’t want her, so mommy would be taking care of her from now on? Kevin had raised Little Karen all on his own. Even if Kevin decided not to claim custody for Little Karen, Karen insisted to not speak ill of Kevin in front of Little Karen. She hoped that the impression Little Karen had of Kevin was the tall and heroic figure, and that no one could ever replace him. She really did not know how to explain it to Little Karen. All Karen could do was to hug her tightly, stroke her back and comfort her in her own way. No one could stop Little Karen from crying. It took her a really long time to eventually stop and fall asleep in Karen’s arms. Faye said worriedly, “Little Karen has never left her father’s side since she was a baby. It’s totally normal for her to miss her father. So don’t worry too much.” Karen smiled helplessly and said, “It’s okay. She’ll make it through.” When Karen proposed the divorce, Karen had taken into consideration that Little Karen had never left her father, so she wanted to give her custody to Kevin. Who would’ve thought that Kevin decided to decline it? It was beyond Karen’s expectation for Kevin to give up Little Karen’s custody. Eventually, she accepted it without giving it much thought. She really wanted to raise Little Karen anyway. Since Kevin was unwilling to keep Little Karen, and it was what she had desired, it wasn’t that bad an idea after all. But in Little Karen’s heart, all she cared about was her father. It was very hard for her to accept that her father was no longer by her side. Faye said, “Karen, actually…” “Faye, stop. I understand.” Karen interrupted Faye with a smile and said, “You don’t have to make us breakfast from now onwards. I’m not that useless. You don’t have to worry about me all the time. You’re still carrying a baby and are due any time now. You are the one that we should be protecting instead.” Faye responded, “I’m fine…” Karen interrupted her. “Faye, I am fine too. Please trust me, can really do it.” When she was betrayed in the past, she was able to come out from it absolutely fine. So what else could be stopping her now? Nothing. She believed firmly that she could do it. She could work hard and take good care of her children. She could do it all… She didn’t need anyone else to have everything done for her. “Karen, I..” “Faye, don’t you believe me?” With Karen’s words, Faye understood that instant. She finally understood why Karen proposed a divorce and why she did not want her to be taking care of her all the time. Because she was Karen Daly! Since young, Karen had been very independent. She had no one to help her. She was used to taking care of herself and being held accountable for whatever she did, She went through a lot later on. She had lost her memories, and for a very long time, she did not even know her own identity. One day, when she recalled everything, many things had changed..

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