My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 601

When Karen Daly recalled all her past memories, she realized that the closest family member by her side was actually the one who had killed her mother. Not only that, she also learned that the person had also been feeding her with poison throughout the three years when she experienced her memory loss. He was her only family and a person she could trust during those three years. She had treated him like her own father, but in the end, she found that everything was all made up. Fortunately, Kevin Kyle did not give up on her. Kevin had been searching for her all that time. It was Kevin who made her feel secured. He made her feel that she could live a life like everyone else, But gradually, Karen found that she was different from everyone else. Kevin spoiled her and took good care of her. Everything was well arranged for her. He took care of her as if she was an innocent child. He often told her this – Karen, I am your husband, and the one you can rely on for the rest of your life. Whenever she had an idea to do something, Kevin would have done it for her already Slowly, she found that she was contributing less and less. Kevin, on the other hand, did more and more for her. And if she were to leave Kevin, she would be completely useless. She had become a burden to him, and everything she did was holding Kevin back. This realization made her worry and extremely scared. She had always wanted to be by Kevin’s side as a wife who could support him, and be someone who could be on par with him, not a burden for him. Her father was murdered and George Ken was captured. Just when she thought she was a bad luck and caused all kinds of pain for the people around her, Chace Yaleman’s men sent her a video. Chace threatened her to leave Kevin. Otherwise, he would expose those news and ruin Kevin’s reputation. She has had so many uncertainties in her heart beforehand. That blow from Chace made her truly believe that the people around her had all gotten hurt because of her. She took a few days to think about it and finally decided to leave Kevin. Because she felt that this was the only way she could guarantee that Kevin would not be harmed by her presence. In fact, it was all because she did not believe in herself and was still doubting herself. All that led her to make this choice. Everything that Karen kept to herself, nobody could see through them. But Faye, as her best friend, knew it very well. Without a word, she gave Karen a big hug. “Karen, I believe in you. You will become the best version of yourself.” She wanted to be a person who could really be at the same level as Kevin. “Faye, thank you!” Karen smiled and said, “You should go home first. I’ll be here with Little Karen for a little longer. Faye responded, “Then I’ll go back first. If there’s anything you need, just call me.” “Okay.” Karen nodded and got up to send Faye to the door. When she returned to the room, Karen saw how unsettled Little Karen was sleeping from all the crying earlier. Her body was still twitching, Karen kissed Little Karen on the forehead, “Baby Karen, don’t know why daddy didn’t ask for your custody, but I believe that he will never abandon you. Once he has it all figured out, he will definitely come and find you.” Little Karen who was fast asleep didn’t hear what her mother had just told her. She pursed her lips as if she could cry at any time. Seeing how sad Little Karen was, Karen really couldn’t think of any other way out apart from feeling sorry for her. She gently patted the blanket over Little Karen. While humming a nursery rhyme, she browsed through a few design websites on the phone. It had been two days since they arrived in New York. She had to find a job as soon as possible and start making money to ensure that they could sustain a life here. She thought that as long as she kept herself busy, she would not be overthinking. And soon, Jayden, Little Karen, and herself could all settle down and start a new life here. Everything would be fine. Karen opened up a design website. They were hiring a designer, but as soon as she read the criteria for the desired candidate to have a well-known design brand internationally, she gave up immediately. After a whole day of browsing online, a website named “Bespoke Designs” caught her attention. She found out that there were a lot of designers who were being listed on this website. Each designer’s resume and designs would be displayed here so that the clients could find themselves a suitable designer easily. Now that the living standards had improved, there were more and more rich people, The next thing everyone would spend after good quality food would be how they dressed themselves. Many celebrities and rich people had private designers, so that they had different clothes for every occasion. They wouldn’t have to worry about clashing outfits with these specially designed pieces. For example, in the Kyle Family, all the clothes they wore were designed by professional designers. Every piece was made by hand with the most delicate attention paid to all the details. However, there were still a lot of people who were not as rich. But they also fancied the idea of having their private designers. Due to the high cost of a private designer, it had opened up the market for this kind of website. The designers who were listed here were obviously not the most popular ones. But every single one of them had a burning passion for design Since they were not the most popular ones, the prices wouldn’t be too high either. So many customers from the working-class who were looking for formal dresses could find themselves a custom made design here. In that case, the website had no problem earning money as there was a good designer base and customer source. Karen felt that she could totally give it a go. With this idea in mind, Karen immediately turned on the computer to find her resume and attached two of her hand-drawn designs. Finally she sent them to the HR’s email address. After sending out the email, Karen started to prepare. If her resume could get through this stage, then she would definitely have to go for an interview tomorrow. So she had to be prepared. Not long after the email was sent out, Karen received a reply. She was told to have a meeting at the company at 10 o’clock in the morning the next day. As long as she succeeded in the interview, Karen would be listed on the website as a designer. If someone liked her style and the price was also reasonable, she would soon get an order. As long as the first order was completed on time and the client was satisfied, she wouldn’t have to worry about not having new customers in the future. This was a brand new beginning for her. Karen had to go all out. Karen was preparing for the interview cheerfully when Little Karen woke up. She got up herself and rubbed her red swollen eyes. “Mommy.” “Baby Karen, you’re awake.” Karen turned around. The little girl looked pitiful but adorable. “Mommy, did I cry?” Little Karen vaguely remembered that she had cried a bucket of tears, but she did not want to admit it because it was too embarrassing.

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