My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 602

“You were a good girl. You didn’t cry.” Since the little fella didn’t want to admit that she had cried, Karen didn’t want to expose her either. Little Karen smiled embarrassingly after hearing what her mother said. “Mommy, I will be good.” Little Karen could finally think clearly again. She remembered her father’s reminder. She needed to be a sensible child and help her father take care of her mother. She could not mention her father in front of her mother, and she should not make her mother sad. Karen bent over and planted a kiss on Little Karen’s cheeks. “Come. Now that you’ve had a good sleep, get up quick and come grocery shopping with mommy. I’ll cook you a delicious meal tonight.” Yes, she needed to cheer up and start a new life, instead of living in her past and thinking about the people and things that she should stop reminiscing about “Okay. I want to eat strawberries and I want fruit jam. I want to eat.” Little Karen was already drooling at the thought of all the delicious food she wanted. “Okay, you can get all these.” Perhaps, it was because Little Karen had stopped crying, or because of the progress she had from job searching, Karen finally felt better. She took Jayden and Little Karen to a nearby supermarket. They got some ingredients with the plan to prepare a dinner and invite Faye and her husband to join them that evening. Both Little Karen and Jayden were very sensible. One helped to carry the rice packet, while the other helped to carry the vegetables. Both of them wanted to take care of their mommy. Karen rubbed their heads and said, “You two are still too young. You still can’t carry so many things yet. Let me carry them for you. You can help me when you’re older, okay?” “Not okay.” It was quite rare for Jayden and Little Karen to be so in sync that both of them said that simultaneously. “Then Jayden, you can help me carry the sauce and fruits.” Karen handed the sauce and fruits to Jayden, and then handed the rice to Little Karen. “Okay, you can help to carry the rice packet.” She asked the children to help carry some, and she carried the other two bags herself. In this way, she could satisfy the children’s desire to help, but it wouldn’t be too tiring for them. Karen received a call from George Ken as soon as she got home. He said that he had found a good school for Jayden and also got him into a language fundamentals class. From tomorrow onwards, he would be taking language lessons for two hours everyday. George got someone to sort out the school for Jayden. This was yet another good news, and Karen was feeling even better now. “Baby Karen, I’m going to cook. You will call Auntie Faye and invite Uncle Spencer and her over for dinner tonight.” Karen brought the groceries into the kitchen some tasks to the kids. while delegating The weather here was quite chilly, Karen had decided to prepare hotpot for dinner tonight. It would be quite fun for the two families to enjoy hot pot around the table in this weather Soon, Faye came running over. While helping Karen wash the vegetables, she nagged, “Why didn’t you ask me to join you for groceries? Then I can ask Sebastian to carry all the heavy stuff.” Karen answered with a smile, “Woman, you only know how to bully Sebastian. Please don’t come crying if he ever goes to someone else. “He deserves it. I’ve been bullying him for years. If I didn’t bully him, he may not be used to it even.” Faye was sure about Sebastian’s demeanor. He wouldn’t feel right If he didn’t get scolded “Yes, yes, yes. I’m totally not used to you not scolding me. Then, Mrs. Spencer, please leave the vegetables to me. You can take a rest.” When Sebastian joined them later and saw his wife cleaning the vegetables, he felt a little heartache because he’d never let Faye do these things at home. “Sebastian, you want to be scolded again, don’t you?” The two women were busy enjoying themselves in the kitchen. Why would a man come and interrupt? “Faye, go with Sebastian. I’ll be fine here myself.” Karen took the vegetables from Faye’s hand because she didn’t want them to have a fight at her place. I want to help out, what’s wrong with that?” Faye was cocky like that, she didn’t even look at Sebastian. Actually the house they were staying in was very comfortable. It was snowing heavily outside, but the heating system in the house was very good, so they didn’t actually feel cold at all. She never felt cold from washing the vegetables. It was Sebastian who was making a fuss. He didn’t allow her to do anything because she was pregnant with his baby. He should be the one serving her instead. Faye was not happy with what he had said. Why did she have to be served now that she’s pregnant? Did it mean that if she wasn’t pregnant he would no longer treat her this well? “Karen, you should take a rest. Leave these all to me.” Since Sebastian couldn’t persuade Faye, he went to Karen instead. Karen was not only his wife’s best friend, but also the person his big boss cared most about. It would be quite impossible for him not to take care of her as well. Karen carefully pushed Faye out of the kitchen and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian, I invited you two to come to my house as guests, I didn’t ask you to come help. Just go to the living room and sit down, otherwise I will be upset.” These two were the real sweethearts. Karen shook her head. In fact, she often envied couples who quarrelled and fought, rather than having everything done for each other. Their second day in New York, Karen ended it with a hotpot with her children. After getting Little Karen to bed, she turned on the computer to prepare for tomorrow’s interview. She could use her resume and her previous works to get clients on the platform. After the transaction, the website would charge a 10 percent commission. That was actually quite reasonable. The most important thing was that she could work from home and arrange her time freely. She would be able to take care of Little Karen while she worked, totally killing two birds with one stone. She was very satisfied with the job description and was confident that she could do it well. Therefore she had to be well-prepared for it. She had to ace the interview! Perhaps she was thinking about work, Karen dreamt about work as well, and had no more nightmares. She slept through the whole night and was obviously looking much more energetic the next day. After breakfast, George sent Jayden to school. Karen had asked Faye to take care of Little Karen, so that she could go to her interview at Bespoke Designs. She had to be in luck. The interview went smoothly. The interviewer looked through her information and asked her to sketch on the spot. They did not ask further questions and signed the contract with her amicably. Everything went so unbelievably smooth even Karen was surprised. She was finally able to feel happy after taking all the surprises in, knowing that she would be able to lead a good life in this city soon. When she came out of Bespoke Designs, the snow got heavier, but Karen felt relieved and happy She took a deep breath as she watched the snow fall. Then she smiled and made a cheering gesture for herself, “Karen, you can do it! You can do it for sure!” Little did she know, a man was observing her every single action from afar..

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