My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 603

A silver Ferrari was parked at the side of the road. It had been there for a while now, so a layer of snow piled up on the roof of the car. There was a man sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. The man’s eyes fell on Karen and followed her every move. He looked at her with mixed emotions. He had his vision fixed on Karen It had only been three short days, yet she seemed to have lost some weight Even though she was wearing a thick down jacket, it was still impossible to hide the fact that she had lost weight. This damn woman!” Did she really know how to take care of herself? Why couldn’t she take better care of herself so that he didn’t have to worry about her that much. Kevin Kyle clenched his fists over and over again as he watched Karen standing beside the road. He tried really hard to hold his urge to rush out of the car. If he turned up now, that heartless woman could do anything. Just let it be for now, for her to stay at the place that he’d arranged. Even when he was not by her side, it would still be better than having her find some random place to stay and completely stayed out of his sight. However, Karen was completely unaware that someone was watching her. Looking at the snow that was getting heavier, she pulled her coat tighter and walked towards the bus stop nearby She had promised Little Karen that she would be home by lunch, so she had to do so. She did not want to let Little Karen down. Perhaps because of the snow, there were fewer pedestrians on the streets, but the line for the bus was getting longer. It would probably take at least half an hour until her turn. Karen so wished that she had wings and could just fly home to her daughter’s side that instant. Yet, even if she wanted to take a cab now, she would still have to be in a long queue. If she waited for everyone to be picked up in the line, it would be noon by the time it was her turn. It was getting closer to lunch time. Karen was still waiting at the same spot. She could neither get a taxi, nor get on the bus. She didn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Little Karen called. Karen apologized as soon as the call was connected, “Baby Karen, I am still busy. I’ll get home slightly later. You have lunch with Auntie Faye first, okay?” Little Karen did not answer straight away. She was probably very disappointed. However, she did not want her mother to be upset, so she responded sweetly, “Okay, I will be a good girl and eat first. Mommy, you don’t have to worry.” “Okay. Have a good meal. I will be back soon.” After she hung up, Karen looked up and saw that the queue ahead of her was still very long. Karen shook her head. All this while, she had transportation arranged for her if she ever wanted to go somewhere. She was not used to having to do this all of a sudden. Before she met Kevin, her life was just like this. So she knew that she could get used to this in no time. Just as Karen had a look around, she saw a gift store nearby. She immediately had the thought of getting a gift for Baby Karen There were a variety of items in the gift store. There were all kinds of dolls and small accessories. Karen had a good look around but she couldn’t find anything she fancied. Their baby had good taste. If she just got her anything, she might not like them. Karen was very certain about Little Karen’s particularity. She had to have inherited this from her father, she wouldn’t want anything she didn’t like. This reminded her of Kevin all of a sudden. She pulled a bitter smile and wondered what he was up to right then. There was a twelve hours time difference between New York and Chatterton Town. It was noon in New York at the moment, so it would probably be midnight in Chatterton Town now. So what else could Kevin be doing? He had to be sleeping at home. At the thought of Kevin, Karen lost her interest to shop. However, she was stopped by one of the store assistants when she was about to leave. The store assistant was a sweet-looking white lady. She greeted her with an American accent, “Miss, you are the third lucky star chosen by the store today. Whether you’ve purchased anything or not, since you’ve stepped into our store, you are our most distinguished guest. It’s a freezing day today, we will give you a gift that can warm you up. Additionally, the store will also arrange a designated car to send you home.” Karen could neither get a cab, nor hop on the bus. So she decided to do some shopping around. And then she was somehow chosen as the lucky star without having to buy anything. Karen wanted to believe her good luck, but getting a gift all of a sudden and a dedicated car to send her home was truly unbelievable. Karen was a stranger to New York city. She would rather not believe all these good luck that came to her all of a sudden. “Thank you for your kindness but I don’t need it!” Karen thanked her politely and turned around, ready to leave. However, as soon as she stepped forward, the store assistant reached out and grabbed her in a hurry. Karen turned around and looked at the store assistant. She smiled apologetically and said, “Miss, this is a tradition in our store for over a hundred years. We have always had this campaign every year after Christmas. You are the chosen lucky star. If you don’t accept your gifts… our store will..” The store assistant did not finish her words, but she was sincere and looked a bit worried. It was almost like the store would be met with misfortune if Karen didn’t accept her offer. Karen was about to refuse her for the second time when she heard the conversation between a man and a woman next to her. “Wow, we really didn’t expect to be the last lucky star of your store in this year’s event. We came here every year whenever you had this campaign. And we finally won it this year. After she overheard the conversation and considered the big establishment of the store, she thought they probably wouldn’t lie to her. She finally nodded and agreed. When she got into the car the store had arranged, Karen finally understood what the so-called “lucky” truly meant. Only a hundred-year-old established store like theirs would be able to send their customers home in a Ferrari. Karen also realized that marketing was very important to generate sales, For example, the website she would get listed on, if they were only showing the designers, the impact to attract customers would be minimal. The platform should find ways to market their designers. Nothing too exaggerating but at least, the strengths of the designers should be highlighted to their potential clients. This would attract more customers and maximize their profits. While she was still thinking, the car had already arrived at her place. The car pulled over, and the driver got out immediately and opened the door for Karen. “Miss Daly, that’s my service for today. The gift will be sent to you later on.” “Okay, thank you!” Karen expressed her gratitude politely. She entered the house after watching the car leave. Karen suddenly thought of something after a few steps. But when she tried to recall it, she could no longer remember what she was thinking about..

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