My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 604

In fact, what Karen did not realize was that she did not tell the driver that her name, yet the driver called her “Miss Daly”. However, she did not think too much about it. Karen had been thinking about too many things recently, so she was distracted. How could she encounter such good luck even at a job interview? Maybe, when a person encountered every unfortunate thing possible, and the luck couldn’t go any worse anymore, things would probably get better. “Mommy!” Little Karen called out for her and completely disrupted Karen’s thoughts. “Little Karen, have you had lunch yet?” Karen caught Little Karen in her arms as she ran towards her. She rubbed her head gently “I’m so full.” Little Karen touched her belly and tried to show how full she was from eating good food. “Well, that’s great.” Karen was very satisfied. “This daughter of yours. I remember she used to be very picky, but why is she not picky at all now? After I served her food, she ate obediently by herself, and I didn’t have to worry about her.” Faye Reed followed behind Little Karen with her big belly “Because I have to eat more so that I can grow up quickly. When I grow up, I can be with Brother Lionel.” Little Karen answered quickly. “Little Karen, do you know how sad Aunt Faye is when you say that?” Faye already decided that Little Karen would be her daughter-in-law, yet she was thinking of other guys, so Faye would be sad to hear that! “All right, it’s cold outside. Let’s go in and talk.” Karen shook her head helplessly. Her Little Karen only cared about two people in this world. One was her father, and the other was her Brother Lionel. If Little Karen knew that Brother Lionel had already disappeared and no longer could be found, would she be devastated? Every time Karen thought of this, she would worry about Little Karen as she feared that her daughter would get hurt. “I’ve kept some food for you. Let’s go to my house to eat.” Faye took Little Karen’s hand and walked in front of them. Then she asked, “Big Karen, how was your work today?” “It went quite smoothly, so smooth that I couldn’t believe it myself. Also, I went to the gift shop in DD Plaza. I didn’t buy anything yet I won a lucky prize. Besides, they also arranged for a ride home for me.” As she recalled her day, Karen still felt that she was very lucky. She expected her job interview to go smoothly because she was confident that she could design the clothes that the clients liked. As for the surprise at the gift shop, that was out of the blue. Faye commented, “Maybe it’s your time to be lucky.” Just like a few years ago, when Karen was betrayed by Charlie Gook and Kristine Daly, she was forced to leave Beaford City. After settling down in Chatterton Town, she met Kevin. One wouldn’t be able to tell if an event would turn out to be pleasant until the end. Something that seemed to be a good thing might turn bad in a blink of an eye. Something that seemed to be a bad thing might be good in a blink of an eye too. “I hope so!” Karen agreed. She thought, perhaps she had sinned too much in her previous life, but she had suffered a lot recently and had already repaid her worth. She hoped that her life would only get better after this. After having lunch at Faye’s house, Karen felt a little sleepy and wanted to take a nap at home with Little Karen. “Mommy, I still want to play at Aunt Faye’s house.” Little Karen woke up late in the morning. She was not sleepy at all, so she didn’t want to go home. Besides, there was another important reason why she wanted to stay at Faye’s house. The other reason was that Kevin had promised to have a video call with her today. She had been looking forward to it since early in the morning. She was waiting for the time to pass to see her father. “Alright, then you can’t disturb Aunt Faye okay, and you can’t cry too.” “I promise I won’t cry.” “Faye, would that be alright then?” “Karen, what do you think my answer is?” Faye glared at Karen with dissatisfaction. If she spoke courteously to her again, she wouldn’t regard her as a friend. “Alright, alright, you are the closest person I have.” Karen smiled and gave Faye a hug, and then she hugged Little Karen. “Baby, I’ll have to go back first. You have to be good, okay?” “I will be very good.” “Okay.” Karen felt reluctant even to just leave Little Karen at Faye’s place. She looked back after every step she took, as if she would never see the little fellow again “Bye Mommy!” On the contrary, Little Karen’s face was filled with excitement, which made Karen’s heart ache. As soon as Karen left, Little Karen immediately took Faye’s hand and said, “Aunt Faye, I want to see Daddy.” Faye rubbed her head and said, “Little Karen, you miss your father again? “Yes.” Little Karen nodded honestly. She really missed her father a lot “Little Karen!” A gentle and pleasant voice came from outside the house. Little Karen knew who the person was even before she saw the person. “Daddy?” She left Faye behind and ran towards the direction of the voice. When she saw her father appear at the door, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Little Karen!” Kevin Kyle smiled and picked Little Karen up. He kissed her on her pink cheeks and said, “Little Karen, don’t you recognize Daddy?” “Of course I recognize Daddy!” Little Karen held onto Kevin’s neck, and proceeded to leave sloppy kiss marks all over her father’s face. After kissing her father, she recalled that she had not seen her father for quite a few days already. She pouted her little mouth and was so sad that she wanted to cry. She wanted to put up an act so that he would never leave her again. “Little Karen, are you going to act sad now?” Kevin smiled gently. That was a smile that he only reserved for his previous wife and daughter. “Little Karen, if you want to act, then go ahead. I’m waiting.” “Daddy, you’re bullying me! Bad Daddy!” How could her father do this? She was already so sad that she was about to cry, yet her father said that she was acting She really didn’t want to talk to her father anymore! What should she do? In her mind, her father was bullying her, that was why she didn’t want to talk to her father anymore. Yet, her two little hands clung onto her father’s neck so tightly, as she was afraid that her father would leave her again. “Mr. Kyle.. Why don’t.. Why don’t you bring Little Karen inside first? It’s cold outside.” Although she had known Kevin for many years, the eloquent Faye still stuttered when she talked to Kevin. Some people just showed a strong and intimidating aura. Even if they didn’t do anything, their presence was enough to intimidate everyone around them. Kevin was a typical example of this kind of person. In front of Faye and other close friends and family, Kevin never acted arrogantly or demanding, but probably because of his cold character, he appeared unapproachable..

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