My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 605

“No need.” Kevin Kyle held Little Karen in his arms and was about to leave. He turned around and explained to Faye, “Tul take Little Karen back to my place, and I’ll bring her back here later.” Faye understood, “Alright, have fun with Little Karen. I’ll find a way to deal with Karen.” “Thank you!” Kevin thanked her politely and then walked away with Little Karen in his arms. Faye stood at the door and watched the two of them head towards the house next to Karen’s house. This must be the “place” that Kevin mentioned. Rovio was the developer of this luxurious housing area with semi-detached houses. It was impossible for her and Sebastian Spencer to get a house in this area with his paycheck. Kevin must have arranged for Sebastian to stay here after being transferred to work in the United States. Faye understood why Kevin took very good care of Sebastian. This had to do with the close relationship between Karen and her. When Karen came to New York this time, Kevin had already asked someone to arrange for the mother and daughter to live in this area too Besides staying in Rovio’s land, Faye lived here too. Karen would not be so lonely if there was someone here to accompany her Kevin had considered a lot for Karen and asked his employees to arrange promptly. Faye could see a bigger picture, but Karen couldn’t. Hence, Faye was very worried. Kevin might not know that Karen was actually very independent. She had some great achievements in her work with her own efforts and had gotten great recognition. That version of Karen was very qualified to be Kevin’s wife, instead of being a burden. Karen cared too much about him, so she spent a lot of time doubting herself. She did not think she was worthy of his love and care. Faye suddenly thought of Karen’s job interview today. Had it been arranged by Kevin too? Kevin had arranged for everything for Karen. He might not know that if he did all these things for Karen, it would add more pressure on her and push Karen further and further away. Faye decided that she needed to talk to Kevin about it later. Even though she knew she shouldn’t interfere because it was between the two of them, but as Karen’s best friend, if she didn’t step in, who would? Kevin probably could not figure Karen out because Karen would always keep everything inside her heart. Therefore, Faye thought that she should talk to Kevin about it despite how annoying she might come off as. Yes, she made up her mind. When Little Karen comes over later, she would talk to Kevin about crossing Karen’s boundaries Little Karen nestled in Kevin’s arms lovingly. She felt so happy and satisfied that she said, “I’m very happy that you’re here!” Kevin patted the little fellow’s back gently and said, “Tell me, how happy are you?” Little Karen raised her head and hugged Kevin tightly. Then she kissed her dad sloppily, “I’m this happy. I’ll be happier if you can stay with me all the time.” She had only been away from her father for two or three days, and she already missed him so much. She wished that her father would stay with her forever and never leave her again. “Little Karen, I promise you that I won’t leave you alone anymore.” Kevin held Little Karen in his arms and said gently. When Little Karen was not by his side, his days went by like years. He felt especially helpless and in pain as he knew that Little Karen might be missing him from afar. “You’re the best.” Little Karen knew that her father loved her the most and would never leave her. “In the future, I would see you every day, but you must remember that this is our little secret. Mummy mustn’t know about it.” Kevin reassured his daughter and made her promise. “I will definitely keep it a secret,” Little Karen said very seriously At this moment, Little Karen was so happy that she would agree to anything. However, if she missed her father and cried, she might slip this secret out. Kevin held Little Karen in his arms and sat down by the dining table. “Little Karen, take a look. What did I prepare for you?” “Jam, strawberries… There were all Little Karen’s favorites, which made her eyes lit up. However, this did not beat her happiness when she first saw her father. Little Karen was eating happily. Kevin took out his laptop and sat by the side. From time to time, he would look up at her. Just like before, when he was at home, he would be busy with his work, and Little Karen would keep herself company. If she was tired of playing and eating, she would climb into her father’s arms to sleep. Today, Little Karen only ate two strawberries, then she climbed into her father’s arms. She enjoyed her happy time with her father. In the past, when Kevin was busy with work, no one would disturb him. However, ever since he had Little Karen, taking care of his child and working at the same time had become his daily routine. “Little Karen, do you want to sleep already?” As Kevin was working, he noticed that Little Karen looked sleepy. “I don’t want to sleep!” Little Karen didn’t want to sleep. What if her father disappeared after she fell asleep? “Karen, if you are sleepy, just sleep in my arms. I promise that I won’t leave.” Knowing that Little Karen was worried, Kevin assured her gently. “Daddy, you can’t lie to me.” “When did I ever lie to you?” Little Karen shook her head. Then she lay in her father’s arms and slept soundly because she felt safe in his embrace. She trusted that she would be able to see her father when she opened her eyes later. Kevin patted Little Karen’s back gently and coaxed her to sleep. When she fell asleep, he covered Little Karen with a blanket Then, Little Karen fell asleep soundly in his arms. No matter how busy he was, he never thought of moving Little Karen to the bed because he promised Little Karen that he would hold her to sleep. So when she woke up later, she would still be in her father’s warm arms. She would see her father first after she woke up. “Daddy!” “Little Karen, you’re awake, I’ll bring you to Aunt Faye’s house first.” I don’t want to.” At the thought of separating from her father, Little Karen was about to cry again. “As long as you can keep this a secret, you can be with me again tomorrow, shouldn’t you be happy about it?” Little Karen tilted her head and thought about her father’s words. He probably meant that he would always be here, and she could definitely see him if she missed him. “Alright.” Little Karen nodded. Kevin picked Little Karen up and brought her back to Faye’s place. Just as he was about to leave, Faye stopped him. “Mr. Kyle, did you arrange anything at Karen’s job interview today? Kevin looked at her and said, “No.” Faye added, “Please don’t interfere with her work.” Kevin replied, “I’ve never interfered with her work. She did everything with her own abilities.”.

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