My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 606

Kevin Kyle never interfered with Karen Daly’s work. Even though he bought over PM Corporation for Karen, he did not announce it to the public. So that wouldn’t affect Karen’s identity as an employee there. Today, when Karen went for the job interview at Bespoke Designs, he only knew about it because he followed her covertly. He didn’t arrange it deliberately. He was misunderstood, but Kevin didn’t bother to explain himself. He didn’t owe anyone any explanation. After saying goodbye to Faye, he left. After seeing her father today, Little Karen was so happy When she returned home, her face was full of smiles. Seeing her skipping around while humming songs, Karen, who was busy drafting her design, asked curiously, “Baby, why are you so happy today?” “Shush! I can’t say!” Little Karen raised her index finger and placed it on her mouth. She promised her father that she would never tell her mother, so she needed to fulfil her promise. “What is it? Can’t you tell me?” Karen put down her brush and looked at Little Karen carefully “Mommy, I can’t tell you!” If she exposed her secret, her father would probably leave, then she couldn’t see her father anymore. “Alright, if you don’t want to tell, I won’t ask any further.” Karen shook her head helplessly. Her daughter was just over four years old, yet she was being so secretive already. “I love you so much!” Little Karen threw herself into Karen’s arms happily and spoke sweetly. Karen hugged Little Karen and lowered her head close to her neck. Suddenly, she noticed a familiar scent. Karen thought it was her own illusion. She quickly sniffed the rest of Little Karen’s body. There was a very subtle scent on Little Karen’s body, which was the scent of the cologne that Kevin usually used. No matter when, Kevin always had a sort of scent with him. It smelled very refreshing and unique. Karen spent so much time with him and even fell asleep to that scent every night, so it was very familiar to her. She was sure that the scent on Little Karen must have been Kevin’s. No one else had that scent. Karen suddenly understood why Little Karen was so happy. She must have seen her father, whom she had missed tremendously Kevin probably came to New York and met up with Little Karen, didn’t he? As she was deep in thoughts, Karen held Little Karen tighter and breathed in Little Karen’s scent greedily. She was using this opportunity to be close to Kevin. A person who could no longer be hers. Although she would remind herself to not think about him every day, he was always lingering in her mind. “Mommy, it hurts!” Little Karen protested. Her mother held her so tightly that she could hardly breathe. Hearing Little Karen’s voice, Karen realized that she had lost her composure. She let go of Little Karen, patted Little Karen’s back, and said gently, “Baby, I’m sorry!” “I’m okay now.” Little Karen replied. “Okay, good girl!” Karen rubbed her head with a smile. “I have washed some strawberries for you and put them on the table. If you are hungry, wash your hands and help yourself.” “Mommy, I’m not hungry.” Her father had just fed her delicious food. She was not hungry at all, so she didn’t even want to eat strawberries. “Really?” Karen let go of Little Karen. Then she held her face, she looked at her quietly. “Karen, who did you see today?” “I didn’t see Daddy! Daddy didn’t come to New York!” The little fellow was not used to lying. When she said these two sentences, her face turned red. Looking at the way Little Karen tried her best to deny it, Karen felt that it was both cute and funny. This silly child immediately confessed even without being pressured. Karen felt sorry for Little Karen and said, “Alright, I believe you.” Little Karen was relieved and went to play with her puppy sister, Momo, happily. “Woof! Woof! Woof!” Momo circled around Little Karen for a few times. Perhaps Momo also smelled the scent of Kevin and had gotten excited, As she saw both Little Karen and Momo playing, Karen smiled and looked away, but she could no longer focus on the design draft in her hands. Why did Kevin come to New York so quickly? Did he want to gain custody for Little Karen? Or for other reasons? Karen’s heart and mind were in a mess again. She almost broke the brush in her hand, If Kevin wanted to get Little Karen back, she wouldn’t have any objection. After all, Little Karen was brought up by him. The little fellow thought about her father all day long and they clearly got along very well. Yesterday, when Little Karen thought of her father, she cried so hard that Karen couldn’t even console her. She just looked at her child helplessly. Little Karen was in a completely different mood today. Because she saw her father, she was so happy that she felt that life was perfect. In Little Karen’s heart, her father was her whole world. Wherever her father was, she would be there. As long as her father was with her, she would not be afraid. In Little Karen’s heart, her father was her whole world. Wherever her father was, she would be there. As long as her father was with her, she would not be afraid.44. If Kevin asked for the child back, she would not refuse to give her up, but when Karen looked at Little Karen again, she suddenly felt a little sad. What should she do if Little Karen was taken away by Kevin? Would she only have the child in her belly? Maybe she hadn’t been getting enough nutrients lately, so her child was growing very slowly. She lost her appetite lately. The night passed, and Karen was still deep in her thoughts. When she got up in the morning, she dressed Little Karen beautifully up. She was worried that someone would approach her soon to ask for Little Karen on Kevin’s behalf. After breakfast, George Ken was just about to take Jayden to school, and the doorbell rang a few times. As the doorbell rang, Karen’s heart dropped. She held Little Karen in her arms and kissed her. “Little Karen…” She had thought of a lot of things to say to Little Karen last night. However, she did not know what to say to Little Karen now. Little Karen’s world was perfect. She had a father and a mother who would love her unconditionally no matter what, and that was enough for her. Karen took a deep breath and went to open the door with Little Karen. When Karen opened the door, he saw two workers who stood outside the door with a parcel and some papers. They said politely, “Miss Daly, this is a gift from the gift store at DD Plaza. Please sign here.” It turned out to be a delivery man… Fortunately, it was not somebody who came to take Little Karen away! Karen could finally breathe again!.

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