My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 607

However, as soon as she felt better, her guard went back up again. This time, no one asked for her child. Maybe next time, someone would come asking for Little Karen on Kevin’s behalf. As long as he wanted to, he could take Little Karen away no matter what. Karen wanted Little Karen around, but she could not be so selfish. If Little Karen was only with her, then what about Kevin? “Miss Daly, please take the parcel!” The delivery staff reminded her. “Oh, okay!” Karen didn’t care about what gifts the gift shop in DD Plaza sent. She took the pen, and signed on the delivery list. She knew that Kevin raised Little Karen, it was reasonable that he wanted to get custody over Little Karen, but she still couldn’t bear to let her go. She missed three years of Little Karen’s childhood. She really hoped that she could stay with Little Karen every day from now on The delivery staff left for some time, yet Karen still held Little Karen’s hand and stood in the snow. She was in a daze while looking ahead. “Karen, why are you standing in the snow daydreaming?” Faye Reed raised her hand and waved it in front of Karen’s eyes, but there was no response. She pulled Karen again and asked, “Karen, what are you thinking about?” Karen came to her senses and sniffed, “Thinking? What can I think about? I just want to know why Little Karen was so happy yesterday.” Little Karen was at Faye’s place when she met Kevin. Faye must have met Kevin as well. If Kevin wanted to take Little Karen away, Faye would have known about it too. “Why was she so happy yesterday?” Faye scratched her head. “We were watching cartoons at home. While watching cartoons, we mimicked the characters’ lines. Little Karen did a better job than me. She could mimic many accents and remembered many lines, meanwhile, I couldn’t even keep up.” Faye said a lot in one breath and she looked away occasionally while scratching her head. Karen had known her for so many years, and she always knew that if she was lying, she would habitually scratch her head and talk fast. Even though she did not get a clear answer from Little Karen and Faye, Karen was very certain that they had met Kevin and kept this a secret from her. She guessed it, but she did not want to expose Faye and Little Karen. Karen smiled and said, “I get you. I’m not as good as Little Karen too.” To be fair, who was Little Karen’s teacher at home? It was the head of Rovio, Kevin Kyle. Obviously he would raise his daughter to be smart. “Karen, don’t worry. We are all watching out for Little Karen for you. Nothing bad will happen. Don’t worry.” Faye knew that Little Karen was happy to see his father, but she must not reveal a single word to Karen “Okay, I just saw that she was very happy, but she didn’t say why, so I asked you.” Seeing that it was snowing heavily again, Karen said, “Faye, do you want to come in and sit?” “Oh it’s okay, i’m not going in. We have an appointment for a pregnancy checkup today. We’ll need to go to the hospital later, Faye said. Karen replied, “It’s snowing heavily today, ask Sebastian to drive carefully.” “That guy, he would be very careful in everything he does in his life, even in bed. Faye sounded dissatisfied with Sebastian, but she was the one who fell in love with him first! At the same time, in the house next door to Karen’s, Kevin was having a video conference with his subordinates. “Director Kevin, we’ve found out that there’s something fishy about the project between Yaleman and Eternitee. The person in charge of this project for Eternitee received a villa worth 200 million dollars.” In the video conference, Nick Black stood straight and looked directly at the camera to report to Kevin. “Since you’ve found out about it, then spread the news. The bigger the better.” Kevin crossed his legs and sat casually as he gave the order. Nick added, “It has already been spread out, along with some other random news just to worsen matters. The Yaleman family has taken public relations measures already.” Kevin smiled subtly and said, “I’ve been very busy these days. I’ll leave the decisions to you. You just need to report to me every night.” Nick had been by Kevin’s side for many years. Kevin trusted that Nick could also settle matters as perfectly as he could. Since he took the position as the director of Rovio, Kevin had never given himself a day off. Now that he was so near his wife and children, so it was good to take this opportunity to give himself a break. “Director Kevin, did you go to America?” As Kevin’s special assistant, he didn’t even know where he was. Kevin raised his eyebrows, “Is there a problem?” “No, no.” Of course, there was no problem, how could there be any problem? He just wanted to assure the safety of the director After he ended the call, Kevin looked out of the window. From his view, he had a good view of the front yard of the house where Karen lived. Little Karen was jumping happily in the yard, while Karen was the snow off the sidewalk. As she jumped around, Little Karen lost control and fell down. She rolled onto the ground like a snowball. Because her clothes were thick, it was a struggle for her to move. After falling to the ground, she tried for a long time but still couldn’t get up. When Karen finally saw her, she picked Little Karen up and said with a smile, “Are you trying to turn into a snowball to make me happy?” Little Karen’s eyes widened as she stared at her mother. What did her mother just say about her? Snowballs were round! She didn’t want to become a snowball, she wanted to become a pretty and beautiful girl. Karen smiled and assured her, “You are still the most beautiful girl ever. Even if you roll in the snow like a snowball, you are still very cute.” “Mommy, I’m cute because you gave birth to me.” Little Karen told her what her father had taught her to say to her mother. Her father said that her mother would be very happy if she heard this. Sure enough, her mother smiled so happily and kissed her on the face. Hearing the little girl’s words, Karen felt like her heart was melting Little Karen was so sensible and lovely, and she reminded her of Kevin. Little Karen could turn out so cute and well because of her father’s education and discipline. Kevin was observing their every move. Looking at the smiles on their faces, Kevin could not stop himself from smiling too. However, because of what Karen did next, Kevin’s smile disappeared instantly. He looked extremely worried and distraught. Without any hesitation, he turned around and ran downstairs

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