My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 608

Karen Daly helped Little Karen up. Suddenly, everything went black and she felt dizzy. She slipped and fell forward. “Ah-” Karen screamed out loud. “Mommy!” Little Karen acted fast. She just wanted to protect her mother out of instinct and pulled the corner of her mother’s shirt tightly. Fortunately, Little Karen caught Karen in time and gave Karen a better sense of balance, so that she could stabilize her body steadily She was physically fine, but Karen was scared out of her wits. Her face was pale with fear. For a long time, her heart was still beating so fast that she froze. If she had fallen to the ground earlier, how terrible the consequences would be. She touched her belly with her heart still fluttering with fear and she felt lucky that she was fine! “Baby, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” Karen placed her hand on her belly, trying to comfort the baby that might be frightened like she was. “Mommy, I’m not afraid!” Little Karen thought that her mom was talking to her, because she was the only “baby” here. “Yes, both my babies, don’t be afraid.” Karen rubbed Little Karen’s head and kissed her forehead. Then, she held Little Karen’s hand and walked into the house. When she walked to the door, she looked back. As the snow melted on the ground, it would be very easy to slip. She had to be more careful in the future. Both Little Karen and the child in her belly were important to her. She had great responsibilities upon her shoulders. As soon as Kevin rushed out of the study and saw Karen standing up safely, his beating heart calmed down too. He covered up the worry in his eyes, and he remained expressionless. Only his clenched fists by the side of his body could reveal his true feelings. At three o’clock in the afternoon, at the same time as yesterday, Faye came to Karen’s house to pick Little Karen up and said that she was going over to watch cartoons. Karen understood that Faye’s excuse for watching cartoons was actually an excuse for Little Karen to go meet Kevin. If Little Karen met Kevin today, would Kevin return Little Karen to her? Karen was not sure, but she did not expose them either. She did not stop Little Karen from going over, but only felt a little reluctant “Baby Karen.” Karen put the hat on Little Karen and looked her in the eyes. “No matter when you come back, don’t forget that I will always be waiting for you here.” No matter how long she had to wait, whether it would be days, months, years, or even her whole life, she would be willing to still wait for her daughter’s return. She believed that there would be a day when Little Karen would think of her and she would return to her.. Maybe that day would come many years later, but it didn’t matter as long as Little Karen came back. Karen thought so in her heart, but Little Karen, who was still young, did not understand her implied meaning. She was already in a hurry to see her father. She broke away from Karen’s arms and held Faye’s hand happily. She waved at Karen and said, “Mommy, I’m going to play with Aunt Faye and I’ll be back soon.” “Big Karen, i’ll take her away first. You can do your own work. I’ll bring her back later.” She knew that Karen was a little reluctant, so, despite being pulled away by Little Karen, she still turned around to assure her friend, “Well, okay!” Karen did not say much and just nodded gently. She couldn’t always see things negatively. She had to think optimistically. Maybe, Kevin only wanted to meet up with Little Karen. Maybe he wasn’t asking for Little Karen from her. If Kevin really wanted to ask for Little Karen, he would not have given Karen custody. Since he had given her the custody for Little Karen, Karen guessed that Kevin would not easily change his mind. After all, he was the leader of Rovio Corporation Inc. He was trustable and credible. Karen felt much better and relieved then Now it was useless to think about anything else. She needed to work hard and earn well. She needed to raise her children well. She knew she shouldn’t think too much, but the design that Karen was drawing gradually turned into Little Karen’s chubby little face. When Karen came to her senses, she had already messed up her design draft and needed to start again. “Damn it! What am I doing?” Karen was so angry that she tossed away the brush that she had always cherished. She promised herself that she needed to focus on her design work to earn well, and she needed to raise her kids well and not think of anything else. She slapped herself on the face and took a deep breath. Then she walked to the tall mirror in her room and looked at herself. “Karen, don’t you want to be a woman who is really worthy of Kevin? Look at yourself. How can you be worthy of him? Karen looked thin and pale now. Just like what people said about her, she looked like a paper doll. If someone poked her with a finger, she would be broken into pieces. As for Kevin, no matter when, his clothes were always clean and tidy, and he always looked elegant and calm. He would always look the part and was admired by everyone else around him. As for Karen, what right did she have to stand beside Kevin? What right did she have to make him think of her? Karen pursed her lips and bit herself violently. “Karen, you have no other choice except to work hard and improve yourself.” After a short pep talk, Karen picked up her brush, sat back down at the desk and began to work on her design. This time, she drew carefully and seriously, and soon, she was getting in the mood. “Daddy, I’m here!” Little Karen opened the door and dashed towards Kevin. She threw herself into her father’s embrace and hugged him happily. “So it’s my Little Karen who walked in. I thought there was a little angel that flew in here from somewhere.” Kevin held Little Karen in his arms and pinched her pink face gently. “Daddy, I didn’t tell Mommy!” In her father’s arms, Little Karen was asking her father for praise. She wanted to let her father know that she did what he told her to do. “Alright Little Karen, you did a good job!” Kevin picked Little Karen up and walked upstairs. “For that, I’m going to reward you.” “Reward?” Little Karen blinked her big, bright eyes and looked at her father expectantly. She wanted to see what reward her father would give her. “Your reward would be.. an extra 30 minutes of company with me today.” To say that it was a reward for Little Karen was only a disguise for a reward for himself. He was living right beside the mother and daughter, but Kevin couldn’t hold them in his arms together, so he wanted to accompany his precious daughter more. They continued this arrangement for the remainder of the week.

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