My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 609

 For the past few days, Faye Reed would take Little Karen away on time and bring her back on time. Karen Daly knew that Faye brought Little Karen over to see Kevin Kyle every day, but she pretended that she didn’t know. In fact, Karen was really grateful that Kevin did not take Little Karen away from her. She was grateful to Kevin for giving Little Karen to her. She did her design work everyday, then she could spend time with Little Karen for the rest of the day. They enjoyed chatting along happily and she slept beside her every night. After she was done with her work every day, she would lay in her warm bed and look at the little fellow’s pink face. Karen thought that all her hard work was worth it no matter how busy or tired she was. There was no need to worry that Little Karen would be taken away by Kevin. Karen focused on her design work and she completed her first order quickly. Previously, the clients met with Karen online and discussed their requests. Today, she had to go to the company to talk to the clients after she was done with their first design draft. During this period of time, George Ken had been busy with his own work. He was responsible for sending and picking Jayden up from school every day, which would save Karen some trouble. Karen left Little Karen with Faye before she went out for her work. Anyway, the little girl had her father to accompany her, so she would not miss her mother. When she met the clients for the first time, Karen dressed up and put on some light makeup to make herself look good. In the past two days, it was still snowing from time to time. There were very few pedestrians and cars on the road. Just like the last time, Karen waited for a long time but could not get a taxi. Karen was especially afraid of the cold. It was getting increasingly cold and snowy. After standing outside for such a long time, she felt that her legs were turning frozen. At this time, she missed the weather in Chatterton Town a lot. As Chatterton Town was located in the south, cold weather wouldn’t last very long. Besides, the cold weather wasn’t even very cold too, so she typically only needed to put on a jacket or a coat After waiting for a long time, a taxi finally showed up. When Karen waved to stop the taxi, a man stood in front of her and the man was also waving to stop the taxi. Karen gave up… But the taxi did not stop in front of the man and went straight to her instead. Karen was so happy that she finally got on the taxi. After getting on the taxi, she repeatedly thanked the taxi driver. The taxi driver was also very kind. When they arrived at the destination, he took the initiative to get out of the car and opened the door for Karen. He even asked her to be careful on the road and to take care of herself! Before she came to this city, Karen had heard about the many things others would say about this city, some of which were good and some were bad. She had not been here for a long time yet, but everyone was so nice so far. Even during a snowy day, this city still made her feel warm in her heart. When Karen arrived at the company, her two clients had already arrived before she did. The clients were dissatisfied with her being late at first, but when they saw the work she designed, the client’s attitude changed instantly. The clients were two women who held traditional and conservative views. The reason they chose Karen to design their gowns was because they liked Karen’s style. Her designs were conservative, yet special. Alternatively, a typical modern design would appear very liberal and wild. They preferred something more traditional. When Karen designed something, she held a belief that she would need to fall in love with this gown first, so that her clients could fall in love with it too. Therefore, it was safe to say that she liked every single piece of her design. Bespoke Designs stood strongly on the grounds of customizing designs for their clients until they were satisfied Of course, designers who joined this company had different kinds of designing styles. Clients would browse the designers’ portfolios on their website, then they could find the styles they liked. Everyone has different preferences for style, and every client had their own preferred designer. In the office, the clients were satisfied with the design draft. Karen personally accompanied the clients to choose the materials. After checking over and over again with her clients, Karen finally handed the design over to the production department for the manufacture process. After a long day at work, it was already late. Because the weather was cold, the sky turned darker than usual. Karen raised her hand and looked at the time. It was already so late, but if she returned now, it would be the same time for Little Karen to return home too after seeing her father. Although Karen knew that Kevin was in New York, she didn’t know where he was exactly. She guessed that he would meet Little Karen at Faye’s house every day, so Karen would never visit Faye’s house during the afternoon to avoid Kevin. If she really did bump into Kevin, she wouldn’t know how to face him After sometime, Karen decided to walk around for a while. She didn’t want to meet Kevin by any chance. She didn’t want her strength and willpower, which she had tried so hard to build, to collapse completely in front of him. This time, Karen went to the gift shop at DD Plaza again. To repay their generosity for the big gift they sent over to her, she wanted to just buy some small ornaments to support them. After entering the store, Karen saw that there were a lot of new products in the store. At first glance, there were several pretty dolls that she knew Little Karen would like. There were so many dolls that Karen couldn’t make her mind up. She was so fascinated by all of them. Karen decided to buy three dolls and give them to Little Karen. However, when she saw the price, she put down two of the dolls silently With her current financial status, it would not be easy to raise three children. She needed to save her money. She needed to earn a reputation at work so clients would approach her at Bespoke Designs, then she would make it up for her children “Director Kevin, we’ve arranged the taxi a long time ago, but Karen didn’t..” As he spoke, the driver felt someone coming up from behind. He looked up in a hurry and saw Kevin’s gloomy face from the rearview mirror. He looked like a demon, especially in the dark The driver immediately shut up and sat upright in the driver’s seat. He did not dare to speak another word. At this time, Kevin was angry. When he saw that Karen kept looking at her watch, he knew that Karen was deliberately avoiding him. He had stayed in New York for a whole week. During these days, he would request that Faye bring Little Karen over to him on time. Little Karen wasn’t attending school, yet she was picked up and dropped off at the same time everyday. Kevin knew that Karen must have figured out what was happening. Three days ago, Kevin only speculated that Karen should have known about his arrival and plan. However, on the day before yesterday, he was sure that Karen knew who Little Karen was going out to meet. Every day before Little Karen went out, she would dress Little Karen up and talk to her… In the beginning, Kevin did not pay much attention to that, but on the day before yesterday, he heard Karen say, “Little Karen, you’re going to see the person you want to see the most, so you need to look the prettiest.” At that moment, Kevin was sure that Karen knew about their secret, everyday rendezvous, but that woman pretended to not know anything. Her heart was really cold and merciless!

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