My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 610

Heheh.. Kevin Kyle sneered silently as he tightened his grip on his fists. He badly wanted to just walk over and carry Karen home to teach her a lesson. He wanted her to know that she could never escape from him in this life. No matter where she went, she will still be his woman. However, in the end, Kevin still did nothing… But no, he could not do nothing, he told the driver to follow Karen wherever she went. He didn’t want to disturb her and the children’s life, so he didn’t arrange for his men to follow her. Instead, he followed her personally to make sure that she was safe. Although the Yaleman family did not have much control and power in New York, and it was relatively safer compared to Chatterton Town, Kevin couldn’t afford to be careless before he could completely bring the Yaleman family down. Today, Karen went out at the same time as Little Karen usually came over. He was afraid that something would happen to Karen, so he rushed out. He barely had time to explain to Litle Karen. Karen wandered outside for more than half an hour. After making sure that she would not bump into Kevin when she got home, then only did she take a taxi back. There were a lot of people hailing for cabs, but it didn’t take her a long time to get a taxi. As soon as she waved her hand, a taxi stopped beside her. If it weren’t for the taxi label on the car, she might have thought that the car was specially arranged for her. She didn’t take too long to get a taxi, and the road back home was smooth too. Hence, it was not too late when Karen got home. When she returned to her house, Karen did not enter her house first. Instead, she went to Faye’s house next door to pick Little Karen up. In the past, Little Karen would be happy and often jumped around after seeing her father. As for today, she appeared so moody. She walked behind her mother and didn’t want to talk. “Baby, I’m a little late today. Sorry about that!” Karen put down the backpack and took out the doll she bought for Little Karen. “Baby, take a look. Look what I bought for you?” “I don’t want any gifts!” Little Karen said with a pitiful look as if she was about to cry. She did not even look at it and rejected the gift that her mother had bought for her. “Baby, are you angry with me?” Karen guessed that she was upset because she came back home late. Little Karen must have gotten upset after meeting with her father and returned to an an empty home. She rubbed Little Karen’s head and explained, “Baby, I was busy with work, so I came back a little late. I promise you that I’ll come home early as soon as possible in the future, and I won’t let you wait too long alone.” “Mommy, Daddy is missing!” After holding it in for a long time, Little Karen couldn’t help but burst into tears. Today, she went to see her father happily, but her father was not there. She waited for a long time, but her father still didn’ t appear. Her father didn’t tell her anything and just disappeared. She wondered if her father left when she was not around? Karen asked in a gentle voice, “How could Daddy be missing?” Little Karen whined softly, “I can’t find Daddy.” What a typical child. She promised her father that she would never mention him in front of her mother. But when she was sad, she could not hold her frustration in any longer. “Baby, Daddy may be busy with his work.” Karen pinched Little Karen’s face and said, “If you can’t see him today, then you can see him tomorrow. I know that Daddy loves you so much, he won’t leave you behind.” “Really?” Hearing her mother’s words, Little Karen seemed to have seen a glimmer of hope. “Of course it’s true.” The reason why she could be so sure was because Karen knew that Kevin loved Little Karen so much that he would not leave suddenly Kevin came to New York the second day they arrived just to accompany Little Karen. Moreover, he stayed in New York for so many days and met the little fellow every day. He would never leave without saying anything to her and make her sad. “Okay okay, I know now!” This child felt better immediately already. In her world, life was simple. No one had evil intentions, and everything was beautiful. Since Brother Lionel was good to her, she had always remembered him. She was always thinking about finding him when she grew up one day. Karen held Little Karen’s hand and went home. “Uncle and Brother Jayden are coming back soon. Can you prepare dinner together with me?” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded and hopped by her mother’s side. Suddenly, she thought of her father again. “Mommy, why don’t Daddy eat with us?” In the past, it was her mother, father, and her on the dining table; now it was her mother, uncle, brother Jayden, and her on the dining table… She didn’t know why her father, who she loved the most was missing at the dining table. “Because..” Karen did not want to lie to Little Karen, but Little Karen was still young, so it was not the right time to tell her the truth. “Little Karen!” All of a sudden, a deep, charming, and seductive male voice came into their ears, which made both of them startle. Little Karen turned around and threw herself into her father’s arms with a smile. “Daddy, you’re back!” However, when Karen heard Kevin’s voice, she was stunned and forgot how she was supposed to react. It was one thing to know that Kevin was in New York, but it was another thing to have Kevin appear in front of her… She didn’t know why he suddenly broke into her house But soon, the conversation between Kevin and Little Karen gave her an answer. She heard Kevin’s pleasant voice from behind. “I was busy today, so I forgot to wait for you. So, i’ll pick you up to have dinner together.” “Daddy, with Mommy too?” Little Karen asked excitedly. “Only the two of us.” Kevin was afraid of being rejected, so he declined Little Karen’s request first. He didn’t even say hello to Karen and left with Little Karen in his arms. Karen didn’t regain her composure until he walked away for a distance. When she turned back, Kevin had already left with Little Karen. Ugh! Karen chuckled. He had already regarded her as a stranger. He didn’t even give her a simple greeting after seeing her. She was thinking of him foolishly, fantasizing about their reunion, and even acting out their future conversations. Karen shook her head and tried hard to calm down. She tried hard not to have any other thoughts or expectations of Kevin. Before she proposed the divorce, she knew he would no longer belong to her after the divorce. They were just strangers who had nothing to do with each other. She told herself that she was going to forget about Kevin completely, but her memory of him was getting clearer and clearer. She could even feel the burning heat in her body when they made love intensely. Karen had clearly remembered a lot of memories between them… But it was all in the past.

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