My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 611

Now, the two of them no longer belonged to each other! Just like today, they barely acknowledged each other. Greetings seemed to be a luxury Karen Daly shook her head and smiled. In fact, it was good for Kevin Kyle to forget her, wasn’t it? In that case, the video that Chace Yaleman threatened her with would no longer be spread out, and Kevin’s reputation would not be affected. They had divorced. Kevin had nothing to do with her anymore, so she would not bring him any trouble in the future. Kevin’s career would continue to grow stronger. Thinking of this, Karen felt much more relaxed in her heart. Didn’t she do all of this just to make sure Kevin would be safe, and to let him live a good life? Karen did not want to think too much. She picked herself together and continued to prepare dinner. Whatever happened, she still had to continue with her life. The earth would not stop spinning just because you missed someone. Life went on She had to move on It seemed like Kevin had done so! Days passed by fast. In a blink of an eye, it was just a week before the New Year’s. During the past few days, Kevin had been staying in New York. Every day after he was busy with work, he would accompany Little Karen and teach her taekwondo. One day, while Little Karen was watching cartoons, the female lead in the cartoon was dancing very well. Little Karen casually said that she wanted to learn dancing, then Kevin had hired her the best dancing teacher in New York. Rumba, ballet, modern dance… He hired a few teachers to dance for Little Karen, so that she could choose which dance she wanted to learn. Little Karen chose ballet right away, but Kevin felt that ballet was too difficult and tried to persuade Little Karen to change her choice. However, the little fellow had her own opinions and insisted on ballet. Kevin followed her wish. It was peaceful in New York, but the situation in the business field back home was very tense. Kevin would be updated on the news every day. As soon as Rovio attacked the Yaleman Group, it shocked the entire business industry The companies that were planning to cooperate with Yaleman Group recently stayed away from the two giants as they did not want to get involved. Everyone was trying to stall their projects that were in discussion. They did not want to give up on their projects with Yaleman Group. If the Aleman Group was not defeated by Rovio this time, they still wanted to cooperate with the Yaleman Group. Rovio snatched Yaleman Group’s two major projects of the year from the government. Once the policies were issued, it would seriously affect the loyalty Yaleman Group’s employees and other companies that wanted to cut deals with the Yaleman Group. There were other problems within the Yaleman Group: Shiney Yaleman, the leader of the Aleman Group, married several wives. The children of the first wife and the children of the second wife got into a serious argument with each other. In a short period of time, all kinds of rumors about the Yaleman family spread all over the world, causing major shareholders and board of directors to be strongly dissatisfied with the Yaleman family. After the Yaleman Group had their dirty laundry aired, the board of directors held a shareholders’ meeting. They clamored to change the Director of the company. Internal disagreements were fueling too. As the news spread, Rovio’s employees started to stir up more trouble for them. They spread rumors, regardless of the authenticity of the rumors. The news spread even more, and soon, the Yaleman Group couldn’t take it anymore. Kevin was in New York, but Rovio’s every move was under his control. If Chace Yaleman wanted to fight with him, he would make the whole Yaleman family pay for Chace’s wrongdoings. Kevin wanted Chace to know that he could defeat the Yalemans with just a small action. Who did he think he was to steal his woman? Unfortunately, Karen did not understand. She really thought that Chace could do something to Kevin. If he, the great Kevin Kyle, was really defeated by Chace, then he would not be worthy of his reputation in the business industry. After reporting the situation to Kevin, Nick Black asked Kevin about their next steps, “Director Kevin, do you think we should continue?” “Continue!” Kevin responded in a deep voice. If he doesn’t eliminate him quickly, he might have a chance to strike back. If the Yalemans could make a comeback, they would definitely plot against Kevin again. In the business world, everyone who was familiar with Kevin knew that he was definitely a person who could distinguish kindness and hatred clearly. Any company that cooperated well with Rovio could make a lot of money. Rovio never treat anyone badly. On the contrary, any company that went against Rovio had never done well. They didn’t even know how they were defeated so easily After ending the video call, Kevin looked at George Ken, who had been waiting for him for a long time. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “What’s the matter?” George said, “I just want to talk to you about Karen. Are you two going to spend the rest of your lives like this?” “We have divorced. We have no relationship now.” Kevin answered calmly. It seemed that he really didn’t care about Karen anymore. However, he broke the pen in his hand. “Divorced?” George chuckled and said, “Matthew, you can deceive Karen, but do you think you can trick me?” George admitted that the matter about his father was his fault, as he was really too impulsive. If you acted impulsively, you would lose your mind. If you acted impulsively, you wouldn’t be able to calm down and think matters though. That was why he fell into the enemy’s trap so easily and mistakenly thought that Kevin was the murderer who killed his father. However, after the incident about his father, George’s mind was very clear and wise. He could see matters through a bigger lens now. If Kevin really didn’t care about Karen anymore, why did he spend so much effort to prepare the houses for them? Why did he move next door to where Karen lived? Was it just for the convenience of seeing Little Karen every day? Any Tom, Dick, and Harry wouldn’t believe that Kevin lived there just to see Little Karen. If he didn’t care about Karen, why didn’t he just take custody of Little Karen? Since he didn’t care about Karen, right? He said that the house that Karen was staying in was prepared by York Tanner behind his back… If it had not been for Kevin’s orders, York would not have had any time to do these things “You don’t need to worry about my affairs.” Kevin didn’t like others to intervene in his own affairs. He knew clearly what he should do. “I don’t worry about you. But I care about Karen.” George went home late last night. When he reached home, the lights in Karen’s study were still on. He walked over and pushed the door open. He saw that Karen was still focused on drawing her design draft. She looked both focused and serious. He stood by the door for a long time, but she did not realize that he was there. She did not see him until he called her name. She turned around and saw him. She was stunned for a while and then she said, “Brother, why haven’t you slept yet?” Before dinner last night, he called her and said that he would come back very late that night. He also told her that she didn’t have to wait for him to have dinner. But she seemed to have forgotten. It was not just this one time, there were also many similar situations that had happened frequently in the past two days.

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