My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 612

Besides designing and Little Karen, Karen Daly seemed to have forgotten about everything else. She became oblivious towards her surroundings and was often forgetful. People that were under immense pressure or had a lot on their minds would turn out like this. Karen was like that right now. It was not a big deal, but Karen was pregnant. What if this would harm the baby? “Since you know that it is late too, so why don’t you rest now? Don’t forget that you are pregnant. If you don’t want to sleep, the child still needs to rest too.” George was a little mad at how Karen didn’t prioritize her health and safety. Karen smiled and explained herself, “Ive promised the clients that i’ll show them the first draft tomorrow. I’m not very satisfied with the draft I drew in the afternoon, so I’m changing it. Once she was inspired, Karen would give her 100%. She didn’t need the clients to be very satisfied, but she needed to be satisfied with her own work. George reached out and snatched the drawing pen from Karen’s hand. “Please rest up now. Get up earlier and continue tomorrow. Your body is your own responsibility. If you don’t take care of yourself, how do you expect others to take care of you? I’ll be done soon.” Karen took another drawing pen and continued her design Karen was very stubborn. If she had not completed her work, no one could talk her out of it. In the end, George had to stay up with her. George told Kevin everything that happened to Karen in the past few days, but Kevin did not comment after hearing him. George was a little angry. “Matthew, what are you doing? Do you want to just let her be? You’re not going to care about her and just leave her on her own?” George’s words were too harsh, and Kevin also responded to him grumpily, “She chose the path she is in right now, no one held a gun to her head and forced her.” “Matthew, yes, she was foolish. But are you really that stupid to follow her as well?” George had never seen such a stupid Kevin. If anything happened to Karen and the child, it would be too late to fix anything “I am very clear.” He knew very well that Karen was very stubborn. She would continue to act on her decision until someone shook her out of it violently She proposed for the divorce, so she was free to do whatever she wanted to do. He wanted her to learn her lesson. As long as she turned back, he would still be behind her, no matter when George roared, “Matthew!” Kevin responded calmly, “George, don’t forget that she brought up the divorce first.” George continued, “You knew clearly that she was being threatened.” Kevin sneered and no longer responded to George. It didn’t matter what he knew. All that mattered was that the silly Karen had made the final decision regardless. “I’m leaving New York for quite some time. She will need to take care of the two children on her own. Think this through,” George reminded sternly and then left him alone. He didn’t believe that Kevin could still sit idly by as he watched Karen work all day and night while managing two children on her own. Yes, it was true that Kevin couldn’t just ignore Karen. Everything Karen did was a huge matter in Kevin’s mind. He didn’t need to tell anyone this A few days ago, because of the slippery ground in the courtyard, Karen almost fell down. Kevin then asked his men to install some anti-slip material on the ground. He wanted to be sure something like that would never happen again. Karen worked in her office every two days. As it was not easy to hail a cab from this housing area, Kevin paid for a group of taxis so they would drive around where Karen would be. When she needed to take a taxi, she could get one at any time. She didn’t need to stand in the snow and freeze anymore These were all small inconveniences. However, Kevin still treated them as important matters. He couldn’t make any mistakes. He took care of Karen everywhere she went, and at the same time, he was still angry with Karen. He was angry that Karen did not say anything to him, and he was angry that Karen could actually propose a divorce just like that. “Daddy!” Little Karen poked her head out of the door. “Little Karen, what’s wrong?” Seeing her, Kevin’s face softened. “It hurts!” Little Karen tried her best to lift her sleeves up, but she couldn’t manage to for a long time because her clothes were too thick. “Come here, let me see what’s going on.” Kevin carried Little Karen and took off her jacket. “Tell me, where does it hurt?” “Here!” Little Karen pointed at her left arm with her finger. “Let me have a look.” Kevin took off Little Karen’s clothes immediately, and he saw that her arm was bruised and swollen. “Little Karen, tell me what happened?” “I fell down!” Little Karen said pitifully. Her father told her that she couldn’t do anything that would worry her mother, so she didn’t tell her mother that she fell down. Hence, she came here just to tell her father. “Hang in there, Little Karen. I will take you to see a doctor right away.” Kevin immediately rushed to the hospital with Little Karen in his arms. The little fellow’s arm was so swollen, but he only found out about it after such a long time. Damn it! Knowing that Little Karen went to see her father, Karen felt at ease to work at home. Her outfits and designs had gotten some good reviews, so the word got out fast. She had a good reputation. Therefore, after she was done with her first order, she kept receiving more orders. She was very busy, but her income was pretty good. Apart from taking care of Little Karen and resting, Karen would sit at the desk and get busy with her work. She was so busy today that she didn’t realize that it was getting late and Little Karen had not returned home. Kevin came back from the hospital with Little Karen after some time. Kevin held Little Karen’s hand and pressed the doorbell. The doorbell rang several times, but no one in the house opened the door. At first, Kevin thought that Karen was deliberately avoiding him, but after pressing a few times, he thought of what George had said earlier. Karen might be in trouble. Thinking that something might have happened to Karen, Kevin didn’t hesitate to move fast. He lifted his foot and kicked the door open, then he held Little Karen and rushed into the house as fast as he could Kevin rushed into the house and saw Karen sitting in front of her desk still drafting her design. She did not even respond to anyone and anything around her. The anger that Kevin had been holding back for a long time burst out like a volcanic eruption; it was out of control. He angrily walked towards Karen. He grabbed the laptop on Karen’s desk and smashed it to the ground. Bang After a loud bang, the laptop that was used for her work was broken into pieces, and the fragments flew everywhere. “Ah..” When Karen slowly looked over, she saw Kevin’s frightening eyes. There was fire burning in his eyes, and the fire could even swallow Karen alive.

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