My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 614

“Kevin, don’t.” Karen instinctively reached out her hand to grab Kevin, who was about to turn around and leave. She was holding onto his clothes tightly. She was hoping that Kevin wouldn’t take Little Karen away from her when she was not mentally prepared. Little Karen was her only motivation to be strong. She had already lost him, so she didn’t want to lose their child. She knew she needed to beg him. Maybe by begging him, he would change his mind. Karen was ready to say something but eventually decided to keep quiet. Kevin was right. She failed her duty as a mother. She had no right to ask him to keep the child by her side. When she was pregnant with Little Karen, she was not able to protect her and she was surgically removed from her. She gave birth to Little Karen when she hadn’t reached full term, hence little Karen was a premature baby. If Kevin hadn’t taken care of her so well, Little Karen wouldn’ t be able to live so well. Later on, Karen lost her memory and couldn’t even recognize herself. Therefore, she couldn’t even recognize her daughter too. Within those three years, Kevin was the one who raised Little Karen diligently, and turned her into such an adorable and sensible child. Kevin had spoiled their daughter and took amazing care of her. Little Karen was also very attached to her Daddy. None of them could leave each other’s side. So therefore, out of the three, she was the redundant one. As Karen recalled the past, the hand that she held so tightly onto Kevin’s shirt loosened and dropped down gradually. In the end, she was no longer strong and furious, she just spoke weakly, “I’m sorry!” She felt sorry for Little Karen, because she had not fulfilled her role as a mother. She was also sorry for Kevin, because she had not been a good wife all this while. “Sorry?” Kevin knew that Karen had given up from her loosened grip. He stood in front of her and looked at her gloomily. “Who did you say sorry to? Why did you say sorry?” Karen shook her head and repeated, “I’m sorry!” Kevin grabbed her shoulder and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Karen, I’m asking you a question. Answer me!” “I don’t know!” She didn’t want to explain further. She had failed all her roles completely, so what was the point of explaining? “You…” There was nothing left for her to say. Kevin also went speechless and let go of her shoulders. “Leave.” Karen took a lot of courage and strength to say that. She turned around as soon as she said so, trying to hide her tears from Kevin as he did not want him to see how helpless she looked. Damn it! She still didn’t want to say anything. “Fine, we’ll leave now. From now on, we will be careful not to see you anymore.” Kevin clenched his bleeding fists really hard. He had been so patient with her and he could no longer take it. Finally, he turned around and strode away with Little Karen in his arms, who was still frightened. Karen listened to their footsteps and knew that they had left. She finally relieved the tension she’s been holding on all this while and slid down to the floor weakly. Her tears streamed down from both sides of her cheeks like a waterfall How could her heart hurt so much? Every time she breathed, she felt like someone was stabbing her heart. She had lost her will to live. She was still assuring herself earlier that everything would be okay, as life would still go on no matter what. But right at this moment, she felt that her world had stopped as her husband and daughter walked away from her. She was now in a dark world that she didn’t know how to get out of. Dark world! She was very familiar with the dark world. She used to live in this dark world for many, many years. She used to work hard just like any other person during the day and lived an absolutely normal life. But in the dead of night, she would be living in another world. There was no light, only mere darkness and blood. There were many demons living there with her. They were often waiting on her so they could swallow her whole. She struggled in the dark world of her nightmares all those nights. She could not find the way out, and all she felt were panic and fear. “Buzz, buzz, buzz Her phone suddenly rang. Karen seemed to see a glimmer of hope when her phone rang. Was Kevin going to return Little Karen to her? Holding the thought of that possibility, Karen wiped her tears and rushed to get her phone. She greeted excitedly, “Hello?” “Karen, it’s me!” A light male voice responded on the phone. Through the phone, Karen could feel how excited that guy was. She could even vaguely imagine how he would be smiling over the phone. “Why, why are you still calling me?” Karen was totally frightened when she heard the voice that she’s even forgotten about her sadness, It was Chace Yaleman! It was him! She had gotten herself a new number after arriving in New York How did Chase get her new number? Was he following him? The more she thought about it, the more terrifying it became. Karen could feel that there were a pair of eyes staring at her from behind. She turned around to look back, but she could not see anything. “It has been a while since I last contacted you. I’m calling to send you my greetings and also wondering if you’ve been well recently. Is the baby in your belly doing well?” Chace spoke calmly, as if they were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time and simply wanted to catch up. Chace spoke so casually, but every word he said would turn into terrifying notes in Karen’s ears. “Chace Yaleman, I’ve already done what you asked me to do. Please don’t disturb me anymore.” Chace specifically mentioned the baby she was carrying so Karen rubbed her belly subconsciously. She had been pregnant for four months now. Her belly started to bulge slightly, and she could occasionally feel the movement of the baby too. She was more clearly reminded that she was carrying a new life inside of her. Yes, she no longer had Kevin or Little Karen, but she still had the baby in her belly… This time, she would protect her child no matter what and never let anyone hurt herself or her child again. She needed to be a good mother. “Disturb? I was calling to show my concerns and check if you were doing well.” He still sounded very calm. “I’m fine. I have nothing for you to worry about,” Karen responded with grit. Chace then added, “Oh, I’m relieved to hear that you’re good.” Karen yelled, “Chace Yaleman, what on earth do you want to do?” “What do I want to do? You will soon find out what I want to do.” Chace chuckled. “Karen, take care of your baby. Okay, goodbye.” Chace hung up right away without saying anything else.

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