My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 615

Karen was in a state of utter confusion as she looked at her phone. She couldn’t quite believe that Chace had called her just to have a casual chat. Moreover, his last sentence indicated that he was going to do something terrible to her. What could Chace do now? Was he going to go after Kevin? Karen felt even more restless when she thought about Chace going after Kevin. She could never allow Chace to do anything that would hurt Kevin. “I can’t let Chace hurt Kevin!” “I can’t let Chace hurt Kevin!” Karen stared at the phone and murmured. She tried to redial the number earlier, but when she called, she only heard the cold and unresponsive generic reply – the number you dialed had been turned off. Chace had turned off his phone as soon as he hung up! What exactly was he planning? Karen circled around the room anxiously. She couldn’t just watch as Kevin gets hurt. Karen considered her plan carefully and decided to call Kevin to inform him about He needed to be prepared for any upcoming threats. Even if she would feel uncomfortable with Kevin’s cold and heartless voice, it didn’t matter. She just needed him to be fine! She bit her lips as she looked at her phone. She looked at Kevin’s contact number for a very long time. Karen stared at her phone and took a long deep breath before making the call. After two beeps, the line was cut off right away Kevin didn’t answer her call! Karen was heartbroken and worried the same time as she stared at the disconnected call. What if Chace did something to Kevin before she could inform him? What should she do then? Karen’s mind was already a complete mess, in addition to her worry for Kevin’s safety. She was too flustered and didn’t know what to do all of a sudden. Faye rushed over to her just when she was feeling very anxious. Karen was so happy to see Faye, like she was her knight in shining armour. She said to Faye hurriedly, “Faye, you know where Kevin lives, right?” Since Kevin did not answer her call, she could go to Kevin instead. She must inform him about the call regardless and not take any chances. “Karen, what’s going on between you and Kevin? Can you tell me?” Faye held Karen’s hand and asked patiently. Sebastian received a call from York Tanner earlier, where he asked her to come over to check on Karen… Faye was being summoned specifically, so it must have been Kevin’s order. Faye really couldn’t understand what was going on. Kevin was obviously very concerned about Karen, but instead of speaking to her directly, he was asking someone else to do it on her behalf. Karen was on the verge of tears. “Faye, could you please tell me where Kevin is? I have to find him.” Karen was desperate. No matter where she was, Kevin could always find her. But what about her? Even though he had just left and might not have gone too far, she still couldn’t find him even if she wanted to. As long as Kevin did not want her to find him, she would never be able to It turned out that the distance between the both of them was getting further. Even though they were physically close, she could never reach out to him. “Yes, Karen, I know, but.” York had ordered Sebastian to not reveal where Kevin lived, so Faye did not know what to tell her either. “Faye, just tell me!” This time, Karen’s tears were already swirling around her eyes, and she could just cry any minute now from the intense anxiety. “Karen, can’t you just tell me what’s going on between you and Kevin?” When Karen first arrived in New York, Faye had asked about them before. However, Karen asked her to give her some time to think it through, and Faye did not ask again since. When Kevin came over a few days later and lived next door to Karen, she thought that they would make up soon. But an entire month had passed, and there was no sign of their reconciliation. In fact, their relationship seemed to be getting worse. “Faye, I’ll tell you when I find him, okay? Please, please. Tell me, where is Kevin?” Karen’s throat was turning hoarse. She sobbed and wiped her tears away. “Faye, please tell me!” She had to find him. She had to find him no matter what. “Karen, what are you on about?” Faye was aching upon seeing the desperate plea of Karen. She dragged Karen to the window and said, “Kevin lives right next door to you. He has been staying here since the third day you arrived in New York.” “Next door?” All this while, Karen knew that Kevin saw Little Karen every day and that he was in New York, but she really didn’t expect Kevin to live so close to them. “Yes.” Faye nodded. “Faye, thank you!” After getting the answer she needed, Karen ran out of the house. Faye didn’t even manage to ask her to slow down. Karen rushed to the courtyard next door and looked at the closed door… She passed by the courtyard almost every day when she went out for groceries, but she’d never realize the person who lived there was Kevin. Karen took a deep breath, then she raised her trembling hand and pressed the doorbell. She pressed it over and over again, but no one came to the door. Kevin was definitely in there, but he didn’t respond at all. It proved exactly what he just said. He didn’t want her to appear in front of them again. Without any response from Kevin, Karen took out her phone and dialed Kevin’s number. This time, the call was cut off as soon as it was connected again. It was still snowing so it was absolutely freezing outside. Water vapour could even turn to ice. Karen was always afraid of the cold. She was never able to withstand the cold even if she was out in the snow for just a while. But today, she was braving through the cold and appeared unbothered. Without any response from him, she decided to text Kevin. She typed a line with her trembling hands, ‘Kevin, open the door. I will only say a few words to you. I just need two minutes. It won’t take much of your time! Just like any other time when she texted, there was no response from him. However, Karen did not give up. She had to wait until Kevin opened the door. She had to tell him that he was in a dangerous state, so no matter how cold it was and how long she had been standing outside, she had to tell him. “Karen, it’s snowing and you’re standing out here. You’ll catch a cold!” Faye chased after her and tried to persuade Karen to go back “Faye, you’re expecting soon, right?” Karen cleverly changed the topic. “Yes, very soon. This naughty boy has been very good at picking the right time. He probably couldn’t wait for the New Year’s, that’s why he might be coming out soon.” Faye realized Karen’s tactic and came to her senses, “Wait, we’re talking about you now. Come home with me first.”

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