My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 616

“Faye!” Karen looked at Faye and smiled as she spoke, “From high school, to university, to moving to Chatterton Town, and up until today, you’ve been taking care of me so well all these years. Thank you and I really appreciate all that you do.” When she left her family, Faye was by her side. Right at this moment, when she was helpless and worried, Faye was also by her side without a doubt. Faye was her closest friend and also her best friend. She helped and took care of her whenever possible, but she could not take Faye’s help and care for granted. Faye had a family, and her baby was due soon. She had her own life to take care of so how could she ask for her help and support all the time? Karen was always very clear about this. She could not owe Faye so much! Karen was smiling but Faye could see her tears flowing down. Her heart ached as she knew how much Karen was suffering. “You silly girl, why are you telling me this now? Do you not want me as your friend anymore?” “Faye, I’m not pushing you away. But I want to solve this on my own, okay?” Karen said softly. Faye was burned by fire because of her. The scars from the burn were still on her body. Now that Faye was about to deliver a baby and live a happy and stable life, she could no longer let Faye get involved in any dangerous situations. Chace was a dangerous man. He was definitely not someone to be trifled with Karen knew that very well, and she had never tried to offend him. Yet somehow, he had been keeping an eye on her… She knew that he would not give up so easily. She hoped that Chace was only coming for her. Even if she had to risk her life to fight with him, she was not afraid at all. However, she was concerned that Chace would hurt Kevin behind her back. While she knew Kevin could defend himself from Chase, but with Chace constantly lurking behind their backs, no one knew when Chace would attack next. Faye hesitated and said, “Karen, but…” “Faye, I have divorced Kevin.” Karen took a deep breath and said calmly. “It’s not that he was not good enough, nor was he treating me badly. Instead, he was too good and took extremely good care of me. Do you know whenever I was with him, I would be very scared? I was afraid that he would suddenly leave me one day, just like my mother. didn’t even manage to see her before she passed away.” “Karen, that won’t happen.” Faye knew Karen very well and she understood what she was worried about. Karen replied with a bitter smile, “Faye, it happened to my mother, and it happened to my father too. Not only my parents, you have also been hurt before because of me.. Faye, I am scared, I am really scared. I’m living in fear daily as I expect bad news every day.” Faye tried to calm her down, “Karen, but do you know that Kevin cares about you very much? Otherwise, he would never have decided to come looking for you all this way and decided to live right next door.” “I know..” Karen smiled and added, “Faye, go home for me please. Please don’t let Sebastian worry about you.” Of course, she knew that Kevin was very good to her. And because of this precise reason, she had to stay far away from Kevin… “Karen, you… “Faye, go home please.” Karen was very firm with her request, so Faye went inside her house reluctantly. She would turn back with every step she took. She was very afraid that as soon as she left, Karen would collapse to the ground. Karen looked at her with a reassuring smile, as if she was saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” She should believe in Karen. She might have looked weak on the outside, but she was extremely strong on the inside. She would not collapse so easily. Karen had never given up so easily her entire life. She went through so much, so she knew very well what she was doing. Faye reassured herself of Karen’s capabilities. She took a deep breath and went home, Karen finally looked away as she saw Faye enter her house, Yet, the eyes that were full of hope dimmed out that instant too. She rang the doorbell again and again, but the people inside didn’t respond at all. Karen took out her phone again after a while and sent another text to Kevin, Kevin, I only want to say a few words to you, only two minutes. I will not disturb you in the future. Please come out. After typing out that message, Karen looked at her phone repeatedly. She made herself sound desperate enough, so she really hoped that Kevin could come out to see her this time. Yet, there was no reply, again. No response to the doorbell, not picking up the phone call, and not replying to her texts.. Karen had tried every possible method possible, yet Kevin still did not respond to her. So, the only thing left to do was to stand by her door and wait. She had to wait until Kevin came out to see her. In the meantime, the house felt like another world inside. The heater was turned on and it kept the house warm. It didn’t feel like winter at all. “Daddy!” Little Karen called Kevin softly while pulling the corner of his shirt gently. However, Kevin, who was deep in thought, did not respond to her. She pursed her lips and felt so mistreated that her tears were already rolling in her eyes. “Daddy, I want Mommy and you to be together!” Her father didn’t hear what she said the first time, so she repeated her words until her father was able to notice her. She didn’t want to see her father quarrel with her mother. She didn’t want her parents to be separated either. She hoped that they would be together forever. They would raise her together and never separate from each other, so she could be the happiest child alive. Kevin finally came to his senses. He patted Little Karen’s back, and said softly, “You will be with me tonight, and once your arm has fully healed, then you can find Mommy.” At the end of the day, what he told Karen was completely out of anger. After taking some time to calm down, he realized he could never take Little Karen away from Karen. “I don’t want Mommy to be sad! I want to see Mommy now!” Little Karen pursed her lips and frowned. If her father refused to let her see her mother, she would be crying out loud. “Baby… Kevin caressed Little Karen’s head lovingly and said, “You’re really worried about mommy, is that right?” “Yes, yes!” Little Karen nodded vigorously. Kevin asked again, “You want us to be together forever, is that right?” “Yes, yes, yes!” Little Karen continued nodding her tiny head. “Then can you promise me that you will be staying with me for two days without worrying about anything else? I will sort out the rest of the things, okay?” Kevin spoke very calmly and gently to her without any signs of impatience at all. “Daddy, mommy is outside. It’s snowing quite heavily outside.” Little Karen saw her mother standing outside from the surveillance camera. She felt so bad. “Alright. Go play. I’ll know what to do.” Little Karen was not the only one who was worried about her mother, as he was also worried about his wife. However, Karen had been insisting on drawing a clear line in their relationship so that he wouldn’t worry about her.

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