My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 617

Every time Karen sent a message, Kevin would check it immediately. But, he was disappointed every time he looked at her texts. She was not giving up and kept pestering him, all because she wanted him to return Little Karen. So as long as he gave Little Karen back to her, she would no longer come looking for him. Kevin held his phone tightly. He was suppressing his waves of anger and pain, and trying to calm himself down again and again. He was so frustrated at her adamance. “Daddy.” Little Karen was so worried about her mother that she was close to tears. She didn’t understand why her father didn’t want to open the door to let her mother in. Her mother had been standing in the snow all this while. What if she got sick from the cold? If her mother got sick from the cold and she lost her mother, she would be extremely upset. “Daddy, I want Mommy!” Little Karen said pitifully Kevin did not pay attention to Little Karen. He looked out of the window and fixed his eyes on Karen who was standing still in the snow. The snow was still falling heavily. Karen’s hair had been covered with a thin layer of snow from standing out there for a while. She was usually scared of the cold. But today, she stood right there and did not move an inch as if she was unbothered by the cold. The more Kevin looked at her, the angrier he became. Yet, he felt his heart ache more than he felt angry. After all, she was a woman who was also pregnant at the moment. Why did he have to make things so difficult for her? If something happened to her and the baby, he would be the one who would be heartbroken in the end anyway. All he needed to do was to tell her this important truth. Whatever it was, she would always be his woman, and she would not be able to leave him, ever. All he needed to do was to tell her this! So what was the point of their game now? Kevin finally opened the door and rushed to Karen’s side. Without saying anything, he grabbed her by the waist and carried her away. Damn it! This woman was pregnant, but she was terribly light. He could barely feel any weight when he carried her. Had she not been eating well all this while? Why was she still so thin? It was definitely her fault for not taking good care of herself. But, it was also his fault for allowing her to do whatever she wanted When they entered the warm house, Kevin still didn’t let go of Karen. In fact, he hugged her even tighter. Kevin was holding Karen so tightly in his arms that Karen could feel his warmth. Karen tried to get out of his arms. However, she wanted the warmth from his embrace, so she remained there. She just wanted to embrace Kevin’s warmth for a little longer, and enjoy the feeling of being held in his arms once again. Kevin held her in his arms without saying anything. Karen remained silent too. It was rare for the two of them to be so cooperative for once. It felt like they were both enjoying the brief moment of intimacy they were sharing. It was a brief moment of intimacy because there were still too many problems between them that had not been solved yet. They were very close to each other, but they were getting further apart at the same time too. After quite a while, Karen raised her head from Kevin’s arms and looked at him. Kevin also gently let her go and asked calmly, “So what do you want to tell me?” The room was warm because of the heater. However, as soon as she came out of Kevin’s embrace, she felt like she was in a snowy place again. She could no longer feel the warmth. Her body that was warmed up earlier seemed to have turned cold again in an instant. Especially her heart, where she felt like it had fallen into an ice cellar. It was aching from the cold. She looked over at Kevin worriedly, and then she spoke cautiously, “Ke.. Kevin, I’m not here to take Little Karen away from you..” “Cut to the chase. Go straight to the point.” Kevin took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He wanted to hear what else she had to say Karen lowered her head again and said, “I just want to tell you that Chace Yaleman called me earlier..” “What? Chace called you? How did he have your new number? And why would you answer his call?” As soon as Kevin heard Chace’s name, he became furious. When Kevin exploded in anger, Karen could not hold him back either. She wanted to escape, but Kevin did not allow her to. “Karen, I asked you questions. Answer me!” This time, he did not allow her to be a coward again. No matter what he had to make her speak out. “Kevin, listen to me!” Karen was also getting angrier, so she yelled back loudly. As soon as Karen’s temper rose, Kevin calmed down a lot. He did not speak more and waited for Karen to continue. Karen pursed her lips and added, “I don’t know how Chace knew my phone number. I only know that he may be going after you. Something’s going to happen.” “He called you and told you that he will come after me? Is that so, Karen? Huh?” Kevin let out a cold laugh suddenly but there was a hint of sadness. Chace wanted to hurt him, but he gave Karen a warning call first. How was this believable at all? Kevin did not believe that Chace would be that stupid. “Yes. No..” These were all Karen’s guesses. She paused and tried to rephrase, “Chace didn’t say it clearly. So I was just guessing that he was coming after you.” “You insisted on seeing me because you were worried that he would do something bad to me. Is that right, Karen?” Kevin’s tone seemed calm, but he actually took a gulp before asking and was holding his fists tightly. Kevin’s non-verbal gestures have betrayed him. In fact, he was not as calm as he looked on the surface. He was actually very nervous. He held his breath and waited for Karen’s answer. As long as Karen gave him an assuring answer, he would happily take on whatever challenges without hesitation. “Yes, I’m worried that he will hurt you, so I have to see you. Kevin, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I want you to be fine.” No matter how much his words had hurt her, she would never blame him. All she wanted was for him to be fine. She said yes! She said yes, and that she was worried for him! That was an assuring answer! Kevin suddenly smiled when he tried to replay Karen’s answer in his mind. It was not a sneer, nor a sad smile, but a genuinely happy smile from the bottom of his heart. That smile was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen on him. In comparison to all his smiles from before, this was the most gorgeous and charming one. He added, “Then, Karen, do you know that without you by my side, my heart was absolutely empty?” How was he fine at all, being without her? On the contrary, as long as Karen was by his side, he would have infinite strength. Even if he had to encounter a lot of bad things, it didn’t matter as long as he had Karen by his side.

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