My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 618

He looked at her tenderly. She would always feel weak when he had his adoring eyes on her. He told her with his familiar seductive and pleasant voice that his heart was absolutely empty without her, Karen wanted to go closer and embrace his tenderness, She really wanted to go back to him, raise their children together, and slowly grow old with him. Just as she was trying to walk up to Kevin and submit herself to him again, she heard voices in her mind. “Karen, no.” “You can’t go back to Kevin’s side. Don’t forget how your mother died, and how your father was killed.” “If you don’t want Kevin to become the third person, then stay away from him and don’t appear next to him again.” Like a bucket of ice water, the voices woke Karen up just in time. She woke up from the loving dream that Kevin had painted for her. She was here to warn him about Chace. She was not here to listen to his confession of love. expectation. Whatever was going on now was completely beyond Karen’s. She had to act rationally. Karen shook her head and turned around as she tried to escape. But immediately, Kevin caught her. Kevin raised her hand and placed it on his heart. He said slowly, “Karen, do you feel it? This heart is beating faster just for you.” This heart had been beating so slowly for so many days, Today, when he heard that she was worried about him, this heart finally came back to life again. His heart would only beat for her, and she was the only person who could bring him back to life. When he saw her happy, he would be in absolute joy, and when she was not around, his heart was also “dead”. Karen could feel that Kevin’s heart was beating very fast. The more Kevin behaved like this, the more worried Karen was. She wanted to withdraw her hand, but Kevin held her tight and kissed her on the lips. “Karen, Chace can’t do anything to me. Why can’t you believe me for once?” She believed in him, but she was afraid… From a rational perspective, she knew that Chace could not do anything to Kevin. But what if he did? Nothing in the world was absolute. What if something bad happened to Kevin because of Chace? What would happen to Little Karen then? What would happen to her and the baby then? Karen did not dare to think about what might happen, so she would rather endure the heartache and therefore proposed a divorce. She knew Kevin would be safer without her. “Karen, answer me! Don’t keep everything to yourself. Talk to me!” Kevin tried to communicate with her. If neither of them spoke, this knot would never be untied. Karen shook her head and remained silent. She was not willing to say anything. Karen’s silence had annoyed Kevin. He really did not know what he should tell her. How could he convince her that Chace would never be a threat to him and that she could return to him safely? He looked at her and reached out to touch her face. “Karen, let’s have a proper conversation.” “Kevin, we have divorced. There is nothing to talk about!” Karen could only use this excuse to push him away. “Divorce? Do you really want the divorce from the bottom of your heart?” Kevin squinted his eyes and his heart ached. “… I mean it!” She didn’t. She didn’t want to divorce him at all. But she couldn’t go back to him and bring him more disasters. “You do?” Kevin wanted her to act more logically. Did she really know how hurt he was when she said those words? “Kevin, be careful of Chace. I’ll go now.” Once again, Karen chose to be a coward and escape from it all. But this time, Kevin would not allow her to escape. He held Karen’s head and forced her to look into his eyes. “Karen, I really like you. I want you to stay by my side and keep you in sight at all times. Four years ago, I had already experienced the pain of losing you. I don’t want to experience that kind of pain again. Whether you agree or not, you are my wife. I will not let you go this time no matter what.” Kevin gritted his teeth. He’d pulled so much strength in him just to say every single word out. “Kevin, don’t do this… Why did he say this to her? She was already reluctant to leave him, and with what he just said, she was even more reluctant now. But she knew she had to leave him no matter what. Karen was crying her eyes out as Kevin ended his confession of love. She shook her head in tears. “Kevin, there’s no more us and we can never be together. Please don’t make things harder.” She didn’t need more from hope from him. Why did he have to say those words that would make her in pain again? “What about me? Then what on earth do you want me to do? Tell me, I’ll do what you say, okay?” Kevin begged in a hoarse voice. In the business world, Kevin was the one at the top of the pyramid. He was an absolute legend that everyone looked up to However, when it came to Karen, he was just an ordinary man; a man who was as humble as a worm for love. Karen wiped her tears and replied, “Kevin, let me go, and promise me you will live a good life with Little Karen, okay?” “Karen, I won’t let you go again.” He was serious about not letting her go this time. “Kevin, we can’t do this. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. My father, my mother, they all died because of me. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you too, do you understand?” Karen was really anxious. The more anxious she was, the more tears were streaming down her face. “I have said that Chace can’t hurt me. I have also said that I will not let you leave me again this time.” Kevin’s tone suddenly changed. His tone was firm and overpowering, completely different from the Kevin who had just confessed to Karen earlier. “Kevin…” Karen still wanted to add more, but Kevin held her head up. He shut her mouth with his lips over hers. After a long while, he let go of her eventually and said softly, “Karen, I’m warning you, don’t say a word I don’t want to hear again, or you’ll have to bear the consequences.” He forced her to stay by his side. Even if she would hate him, it no longer mattered because he had her by his side. “Mommy, please don’t leave Daddy. I want you, Mommy!” Right at this critical moment, Little Karen came out and spoke loudly She ran over and hugged her mother’s thighs so that she could beg for her to stay, just like what her father was doing. She was not going to allow her mother to leave again. Because she didn’t want to be a child without a mother..

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