My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 619

With Little Karen’s plea, Karen felt a cut through her heart. The remaining tears she had been suppressing all this while came rolling out at once. She wanted to stiffen up and pretended that she couldn’t see her Little Karen, but she couldn’t do it, just like how she couldn’t forget Kevin. She squatted down and held her child in her arms and rubbed her head. “My baby, I’m sorry! I am so sorry!” “Mommy, I don’t want you to say sorry! I want you to be by my side!” Although Little Karen was young and didn’t understand a lot of things, she knew that she needed both her father and mother to be happy. When she didn’t have a mother back then, her father, grandparents, and Little Aunt loved her very much. Yet, there were always people who said that she was very pitiful. Because other children had mothers, and when she was born, her mother left her. So everyone thought that she was so pitiful. She wanted to be a happy child instead of a sad and pitiful child as what the other children described. “Mommy, I love Daddy, but I also love you a lot!” Little Karen held her mother’s head and planted a kiss with her soft lips. “If you leave me, I will cry very loudly!” Her voice was so soft. It was the childish, sweet tone of a child. It should have been an innocent voice, but her voice was breaking “Baby Karen, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” Apart from apologizing, Karen did not know what else she could say. Her heart was aching from how sensible her daughter was. She was afraid of losing Kevin. Kevin didn’t want to lose her, and her daughter didn’t want to lose her mother too. She was still carrying the baby she had with Kevin. How could she be so cruel to let the child lose the father before the child was even born? When the child was born in the future, how would she explain to the child? How could she have the courage to tell her child that her mother had divorced the father, hence, the child could not see his father? What if the child asked her why she left the father? Then how should she answer? Did she want to tell the child that she left the father because she was afraid of losing him? What a contradictory answer, but it was true. Because she was too afraid of losing Kevin, so she asked for a divorce extremely painfully. Divorce was another way to lose Kevin, but this kind of loss was different from the other one. After the divorce, she was no longer his wife, but she could still hear updates about him. She would know if he was safe and fine. If she could watch him from afar, that would be more than enough “Karen, do you understand now?” For the last time, Kevin gave her a chance to think about it and wanted her to make her own choice. “I..” She was still afraid. “What should I do?” At the thought of losing him forever if she returned to his side, the mere thought had ached her heart to the point where she could not even breathe. She didn’t dare to return! If Karen didn’t answer, it meant that she still wasn’t sure, “Little Karen.” Kevin called for her daughter out in a low and deep voice. “Daddy?” Little Karen raised her tiny head and looked at her father. Her big eyes were filled with worry. She was very worried that her father would lose his temper again and scare her mother into tears. “Bring Mommy to the study.” Since she wanted to work, then he would let her work. But she could only work by his side. She couldn’t leave his sight ever again. “Okay!” Little Karen took Karen’s hand and brought her to the study As long as her mother didn’t leave her father, as long as her father didn’t yell at her mother, as long as her father and mother could go back to how it was before.. As she thought about how her parents would be okay again, Little Karen was jumping with happiness. However, there was something else in Karen’s heart. If the knot in her heart was not untied, Karen wouldn’t be able to live with Kevin in peace. “Kevin, we..” “Go to the study and think about it carefully. If you can’t figure it out, then you’re not allowed to leave this door.” The Kevin who was dominant and overpowering felt like a tyrant. He had the final say in everything, and no one could ever refute him. Therefore, with that tone, Karen stayed by Kevin’s side. He gave her a death order and told her to think it through. If she couldn’t make a decision, she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the study Karen sat in front of Kevin’s computer and accidentally touched the mouse on his desk. The computer was turned on, and her picture appeared on the screen. In the photo, she was wearing a white t-shirt paired with denim jeans. She also wore a white hoodie embroidered with a bear. Her long black hair was casually tied into a ponytail… Karen was unconsciously attracted by herself as she stared at the picture. The Karen in the photo had a bright smile full of life. She seemed so confident If she remembered well, she was just married to Kevin that time. He had also just taken the position of president at Innovative Tech. As the company secured a successful deal, the company took a trip to Ocean Behae Villa. Hence, Karen was dressed up casually as depicted in the photo. After so many years, she still remembered that time very clearly because what happened that time was too memorable. It was so beautiful that she would never forget it, so she kept that memory dearly at heart. Because all those beautiful memories were shared with Kevin. She still remembered that Kevin told her that she would always have him as her strongest support. He also told her that he didn’t care about her past, as he was only concerned about her future. Every detail of that trip was so deeply engraved in her heart, so she could recall it immediately. However, she did not remember that Kevin had taken photos of her that day. But when she looked at the photo again, she saw the colourful roses in the background. She could then vaguely remember the story behind this photo. After so many years, Kevin was still keeping her photos and used them as his wallpaper. Karen’s heart trembled again. She was emotional, worried, and scared all at the same time. She clicked on the mouse, and saw a dialog box popped up requesting for a login password. Karen tried to key in Kevin’s birthday. The password was wrong Karen then entered Little Karen’s birthday, and received another prompt saying that it was wrong. Both attempts failed. Karen gave it a serious thought and decided to type her own birthday. It was also wrong. It wasn’t Kevin’s birthday, it wasn’t Little Karen’s birthday, and it wasn’t her birthday… Then what other special numbers were there? Karen tried to think harder but still couldn’t think of any number combination that was special to Kevin. She typed 6 numbers casually. The password turned out to be correct, surprisingly. It was ‘131224. This number was given to her on the second day after their marriage registration. Kevin gave her a bank card, and the password of the card was 131224. Karen finally remembered. 131224 was the 24th of December in 2013. It was Christmas Eve. She was abandoned by her family that day and drank alone in the bar She found out later on that it was also the first time she had met Kevin. She even vomited all over Kevin when she was drunk.

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