My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 620

On the 24th of December in 2013, Karen was betrayed by both her boyfriend and sister, abandoned by her family, and had become homeless all of a sudden. On the same day, she met Kevin Kyle, the one person who would matter the most to her eventually. They both had completely different lives and stories. One had nothing left, and the other was trying to start a new life. It was hard to tell what the future held for them during that time. If she had not been betrayed that day, she would not have gone to the bar to drink alone. She probably wouldn’t have puked all over Kevin and left a lasting impression on him. Then Kevin would not have recognized her when she was on a blind date a few years later, and then replaced the other man to have a date with her instead. She couldn’t recognize Kevin because she was so drunk that night when she puked all over him. Kevin, on the other hand, remembered her so well and even used the date of their first meeting as his passwords. Karen could feel her heart aching over and over again. Kevin had done way too much for her, but she had never done anything for him. Just as Karen was deep in thoughts, a folder on the desktop attracted her attention, ‘My Karen Daly’! The name of the folder was literally ‘My Karen Daly’. Karen opened it. There was a Word file and a PowerPoint file in the folder Karen first opened the PowerPoint file. With a click, her photos appeared and were playing automatically one after another. Every photo also came with a caption. The caption described a brief background behind the photo. Some examples would be ‘Her designs were praised highly by her customers’, ‘She was very happy’, ‘She made two dishes on her own and more. The pictures would always have dates above the captions too, other examples included Karen wasn’t in a very good mood today’ and ‘She did not say a word no matter how I tried’. Every photo, no matter her emotions, was described clearly in the slides. She could tell how much effort Kevin put into creating this. The photos continued to play out one by one, and then there were no photos left. There was only a simple sentence that appeared at the end, Today was the 30th day since Karen left, and my heart has also left with her 30 days ago. As she stared at that line, Karen clicked back to the previous photo. The date was exactly 30 days before that sentence was written That meant that since she went missing, Kevin didn’t open up this folder for 30 days… Well then, how did he survive those 30 days? Karen tried finding more files to see if Kevin wrote anything else. However, Kevin only had this sentence as a record about her going missing, and there was nothing else. The folder was then filled with Little Karen’s photos. The captions were no longer written from Kevin’s point of view, but in Karen’s. The last sentence of each caption was exactly the same, “Baby Karen, even if I’m not by your side, my love for you never faded. Love, Mommy From the first photo to the last photo of Little Karen, the photos had this caption beneath them. Karen was left in shock and felt extremely painful. What Kevin had done for her was far more than she had imagined, but he never said anything. Many people had told her that Kevin suffered a lot over the three years she had gone missing. As powerful and as strong as he was, he almost followed her footsteps and wanted to leave because of her disappearance. This was what Karen heard from others. As Kevin had never told her anything. In this little scrapbook that he made himself, he’d only included her and Little Karen, and there weren’t any of his photos Even when there was a photo of him, he was always just a supporting role. He would either be standing behind her or Little Karen When it came to this pair of mother and daughter, he was very willing to just stand aside. The more Karen thought about it, the more painful her heart ached. She no longer wanted Kevin to be hurt because of her. She had to protect him at all costs instead of avoiding him. She needed to protect him by his side. She wanted to tell him that in this life, he was her man, and she would not let anyone hurt him. She wanted to rush to Kevin’s side to loudly declare that no matter how difficult life would be in the future, she would never give up on him. She wanted to be with him and raise their children together, so that their children would know that they were the happiest children in the world. Karen got up quickly, and as she was too excited, her legs felt weak and she nearly fell down. However, she didn’t bother much. She just wanted to go back to Kevin’s side. She opened the door of the study and crashed into a warm embrace by surprise. She didn’t notice that since she was locked up in the study, Kevin had been guarding at the door, worried that something would happen to her. Karen looked at the man right in front of her eyes, she reached out her hands to give him the tightest embrace ever. “Kevin, I’m so sorry!” Kevin hugged her, but his body was a little stiff. “I’m with Little Karen, we don’t want to hear her apologies.” She apologized because she wanted to let him know that she had made her decision and still insisted on leaving. This was not what Kevin wanted, so he didn’t want to accept her apology! “I will not say anything about leaving you and Little Karen from now on. The two of you are my closest people in the whole world. How could I ever leave you?” She was too silly. Even though Kevin had repeated so many times, it took her so long to realize. “Karen, what did you say?” Kevin couldn’t quite believe what he had just heard. And only in the face of Karen, would such a lack of confidence ever happen. Karen was crying in his arms, but she assured firmly. “I said that even if you kick me out in the future, you can’t drive me away from you. I want to stay with you and our children. I don’t want to ever be separated from you guys again.” In fact, she had always known what her heart desired. However, what had happened made her too afraid and she did not have the courage to face it, so she chose to be a coward. She learnt her lesson now, and she would never do it again in the future Kevin was still a little uncertain. “Have you figured things out?” Karen replied, “No! “No?” Kevin was driven absolutely mad with that response. Karen wobbled a little in his embrace and wiped her tears. “I haven’t figured it out. I only know that I want to stay with you. No matter what happens, we will face it together.” Karen’s sudden change of attitude did not make Kevin very happy, however. He thought that this woman was playing a conspiracy with him, so when he put his guard down, she could sneak away. “Kevin, do you not want that? Finally, Karen realized Kevin’s cold response as he didn’t seem to be very happy. Kevin responded very seriously, “Karen, I am taking every word you said very seriously. But if you dare to mess around with me, I will never let you go so easily.”

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