My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 621

 If Karen played any tricks with Kevin again, he would definitely punish her hard to prove that he wasn’t just anyone she could offend. “Kevin, I know that you’ve taken every single word I said to you seriously.” Karen looked into Kevin’s gaze bravely while biting her lips, “I am absolutely serious too.” She looked at him firmly. “I know you love me and you’d want me to be by your side all the time. I too, want exactly that. But there are too many things I’m worried about. I’m afraid that we don’t have the chance to grow old together.” At the thought of potentially losing Kevin, Karen found it hard to breathe and her heart ached, “Kevin, ever since agreed to marry you, I’ve made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ve never thought about divorcing you.” She sobbed and continued to speak through her trembling voice, “The reason I proposed the divorce was because Chace threatened me. He will hurt you. I was so scared that I will lose you, so I did what he said.” “Kevin, you know what?” Karen directed the question to Kevin, but in the meantime, she was trying to reassure himself, “You probably didn’t know how it felt like when I saw your signature on the papers. My world was falling apart.” “I wasn’t even this upset when I was betrayed by Samuel pretending to be my family.” “But when you signed the divorce papers, I thought I was dying. I know that I was still carrying our baby so I must constantly remind myself that I need to be okay. I needed to be okay so that I can give birth to our baby.” “Because you gave me a baby. The baby would be the only thing I would be left with.” Karen said everything in one breath and finally poured her heart out. She wanted him to know that he was literally her everything. And like he said, his heart was empty without her. So was she. When he was not by her side, besides living with a soulless heart, every breath she took was painful. Without him, she hadn’t had a good night sleep nor enjoyed a proper meal. If the children hadn’t been there to support her, she might not have been able to hold on until now. A long time passed, but Kevin didn’t respond. She pulled at Kevin’s shirt and asked nervously, “Kevin?” What exactly was he trying to do? Why couldn’t he just say something, or give her an answer? Why did he have to make her wait anxiously? “Karen, I’m sorry!” Kevin rubbed her head and embraced her tightly in his arms. “Everything about Chace’s threats, I was already aware of it.” Kevin always thought that he was being a good husband for helping Karen sort everything out. In fact, what he had done was far from enough. He had never thought about it from her perspective before, because they were very different individuals. She knew that he was the leader of Rovio Corp. She also knew that he made a fortune from the business, but she did not know the ways he used to manage Rovio. There were a lot of things that he had never shared with her, because he felt that it didn’t matter whether Karen knew them or not. It was precisely because he didn’t share anything with Karen, she wouldn’t know how powerful he was. Hence, she was frightened and panicked silently. When a person panicked, the person would either be in a flight or fight mode, which explained her decision. He knew that Karen was threatened by Chace. However, he did not take the initiative to reassure her that he had a way to deal with Chace. Instead, he waited for her to think about it and for her to make her own choice. “You knew about everything?” Karen thought that no one had noticed. To her surprise, Kevin actually knew about everything. When did he find out? Was it before their divorce, or after? When Karen was still confused and lost in her thoughts, Kevin said, “Karen, I have told you many times that you are my wife and I am a man that you can rely on for the rest of your life. So when you encounter someone who threatened you, why didn’t you discuss it with me? Why do you have to make a decision on your own?” Karen lowered her head. “I..” Kevin raised her head and planted a kiss on her forehead. 1 didn’t know that you were scared, but now I do.” In the past, Kevin did not understand, but after hearing Karen’s explanation, he finally understood. To him, divorce was a big thing. He had been waiting for Karen all this while. He was waiting for her to think things through and share her pain with him. He thought that she would make a wise decision, so it totally caught him off guard that she would really propose a divorce with him. At the heat of the moment, he agreed to the divorce. At the end of the day, both of them thought that they were doing this for each other’s sake and they weren’t understood by each other. As a result, they did not communicate effectively at all which eventually led to this situation. Karen did not understand. “What do you know?” Kevin held her face and said, “Karen, promise me, no matter what happens in the future, no matter big or small, you must talk to me. You can’t make your own decisions.” Karen nodded lightly and replied, “I promise you. You also have to promise me that you won’t do everything for us without telling me. If there’s anything, you have to discuss it with me too.” “Ok, we’ll work hard together.” Kevin lowered his head and kissed Karen. From the corner of his eyes, he could see the little fellow standing beside them. She was blinking her big watery eyes and looking at them with great curiosity. “Little Karen!” Kevin shouted. “I didn’t see anything.” Little Karen covered her eyes with her tiny hands, but also deliberately spread her fingers apart so she could take a peek at her parents through the cracks between her fingers. Her father and mother were kissing again, which proved that they had made up. They would not quarrel again in the future, and she wouldn’t have to worry that she would become a child without a mother again. “Come here!” Kevin ordered. “Daddy, I won’t look at you, I promise.” Little Karen quickly said something nice after realizing her daddy’s look changed. What if daddy was angry and spanked her? “Come here!” Kevin’s tone became slightly more serious. “.” Little Karen’s tiny mouth moved slightly. If her father continued to yell at her, she would cry out loud and create a scene. “Kevin, what are you on about? Don’t scare her.” Before Little Karen cried, her mother came to her rescue. Therefore, Little Karen felt that a child with a mother was the happiest child. When she was bullied by her father, her mother would give her a hand.

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