My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 622

“Little Karen, come here!” Kevin insisted for Little Karen to come over. Even Karen could not stop him. “Mommy, help me!” Little Karen ran over and hugged her mother’s leg, seeking protection from her mother. Little Karen firmly believed that at most times, mother had the final say in everything in the family. Her father would, of course, be listening to her mother too. Karen was about to reach out her arms to hug Little Karen when Kevin grabbed her first. Kevin picked Little Karen up and planted a kiss on her pink blushy cheeks. “Silly baby! I asked you to come over so that I can give you a hug.” “C’mon, I am not stupid. I am a smart baby.” Although her father said that she was silly, Little Karen was not upset. Because her father and mother had reconciled, and they were hugging her together. She could probably be their third wheel and sleep in the middle of her parents again tonight. “Of course, our Little Karen is the smartest baby ever.” Karen also leaned forward and kissed Little Karen’s pink cheeks. At this moment, Karen was totally relieved as if she had come back to life once again. This was the real, lively Karen, and not the walking dead like she was before. After all these challenges and craziness, just when she thought that she would lose Kevin and Little Karen forever, they have both returned to her side. Right at this moment, she finally realized that no matter what happened, being together as a family was the one most important thing If they were not together as a family, they wouldn’t be happy Karen became even more determined with this realization. No matter how difficult the path ahead of them was, as long as Kevin and Little Karen were with her, they could overcome everything together and no one could hurt them. Karen was about to say something when the phone in her pocket rang. It was a notification for a text message. She unlocked her phone, and saw a voice message from Faye. Faye said that the baby was too excited for the New Years and has therefore, decided to arrive earlier. They were already on their way to the hospital. Faye gave birth to a six- pound baby boy through natural birth. They had decided to name him Fynn Spencer way before he was born. They chose a simple and joyful name, just like Faye’s name. Faye was smiling so happily as she stared at the baby that was lying next to her. She had completely forgotten about her cries and screams during delivery the day before. She was even complaining about not wanting to give birth ever again, while she was going through labour! Everyone still remembered what happened yesterday very clearly. Besides complaining about not wanting a baby in the future, she also yelled at Sebastian and told him off several times. She was ranting angrily about how Sebastian did the bare minimum of impregnating her and not having to do much after. She had to suffer all this while just to carry the baby and now that she had to go through such a painful experience to give birth. At first, Sebastian was worried that she would be afraid of the pain, so he proposed a C-section. It would have been better that way. But Faye felt that the C-section was not good for the baby, so she insisted on having a natural birth for the baby’s sake. She always had the final say in their family. She wore the pants in their relationship! But when Faye was going through all that bouts of pain last night, she realized that Sebastian was just a useless b*stard! Why couldn’t Sebastian stick with his opinion from the start? If he insisted on the C-section, she wouldn’t have to suffer so much during the labour process. But right at this moment, Faye smiled so brightly and dismissed her pain last night. She did not have any complaints anymore. Everything was worth it with the healthy baby lying beside her. She smiled at Karen, who was sitting by the bed, and said, Karen, do you think the baby looks more like me, or Sebastian?” Karen stared at the baby over and over again, “Faye, can tell the truth?” Faye rolled her eyes. “You silly girl, do you really think that I’d be unhappy if my baby looks like Sebastian?” Karen smiled gently and said, “Yea, what else could it be?” Faye added, “Although I always complain that Sebastian is annoying and there’s nothing good about him, he is the man I can never live without. As long as he is around, I get to be as stubborn as I want to be, because I know that deep down, he’s the only one who could tolerate me.” Karen understood Faye’ s words. The three of them had known each other since high school. They went to the same university, but pursued different majors. Once, there was a girl who was hitting on Sebastian in their sophomore year. When Faye found out, she ran to the broadcast room and announced to everyone that Sebastian was her boyfriend and warned the girl to forget about him. Faye and Sebastian were only classmates at that time. Sebastian had never shown any signs of attraction or affection to her either But the bold Faye had already fallen in love with him. Sebastian did not dare to reject her advances and eventually became Faye’s boyfriend. Since starting a relationship with Sebastian, Faye did not neglect Karen. She would still see and talk to Karen daily about everything regarding their relationship. So from high school until college, and as they began dating, Karen had witnessed their entire romantic journey Karen knew how much Faye truly cared about Sebastian. It was a blessing that Faye had successfully given birth to the baby, and both of them were safe. Karen’s excitement was no less than Faye’s. When Faye got married a few years ago, she wasn’t by her side. She was absolutely chuffed to be by Faye’s side now that she’s become a mother. “Karen, it’s so strange to be a mother. When I see my child, it feels like I have everything in the world. This was a feeling I have never experienced before the baby was born. Yet, I feel so different now.” Faye was recovering well. After a night’s rest, she gained her energy back. “Yes yes, that’s the feeling.” Karen nodded. Finally, there’s someone to talk about children with her, so she was also very excited. “When the child is jumping around you, you will unconsciously follow where they go. Once they get injured, no matter big or small, you would feel very worried regardless.” In fact, Karen was feeling envious that Faye was able to give birth to her baby smoothly. The baby was even lying beside her and she could look at him whenever she desired. She recalled what happened during her experience with labour. When she was still pregnant with baby Karen, she was forced to have a C-section and the baby was taken away before her due date. She didn’t even know what her baby looked like when she was born. She only heard that Little Karen weighed less than four pounds at birth because she was born prematurely.

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