My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 623

 Karen subconsciously touched her belly as she recalled what happened back then. This time, she would protect her baby and welcome the baby into the world safely no matter what. She wanted to stay by her children’s side, and watched them grow up healthily day by day. From witnessing their first word to taking their first step, she didn’t want to be absent anymore. “Karen, I really can’t believe that we’ve both become mothers. This is something I never imagined before.” Faye tilted her head and looked at the baby lying next to her with the most adoring look. She couldn’t help but to poke at his wrinkled face. “In another 20 years, when our children are all grown up, we will be grandmas by then.” That was a typical thought of every mother. As soon as the child was born, they started to worry about their children’s future. Karen smiled widely. “In another 20 years, your Fynn will grow into a handsome man. I’m sure you’ll be dead worried about him at that time. “I’m just worried about his marriage. I’m worried that he’ll get married to a woman that I don’t approve of. If your Little Karen and my baby could fall in love, or if you give birth to another baby girl, then i’ll be content for the rest of my life.” Faye certainly hasn’t given up on the thought of having Little Karen as her daughter-in-law. “If they fall in love with each other, I certainly won’t object.” Karen suddenly thought about the big boy who had left them for a long time, which was Lionel. If Lionel had not left from saving Little Karen, he would have grown up with Little Karen and brought more joy to her. It’d be incredible if Lionel could be by Little Karen’s side to the end of time. Although Karen did not know Lionel’s background, she thought that with his calm, generous, and responsible personality, he would certainly be the most suitable son-in law. She knew Little Karen would grow up into a beautiful girl. There would be a lot of guys around her by then. But what was the use of the crowd? She only needed a man who really cared about Little Karen, loved her truly, and could make her happy for the rest of her life. “Karen, what are you thinking about?” Karen was lost in her thoughts when they were chatting, so Faye glared at her discontentedly. “Thinking about our children’s future.” Karen responded patiently, “But when our kids grow up, they will have their own way of thinking. The people we like are not necessarily the ones they like.” “You are always such a downer. I have worked so hard to give birth to the baby. Can’t I just fantasize for a while?” Faye threw a contemptuous look at Karen. As Faye recalled the pain from her birth yesterday, she had the thought that she might die from the pain. What a blessing to still be alive now. “I’m also raining at my parade here. Besides, the children are not just ours, but also their fathers’. They will have their own opinions too about them.” Karen dismissed Faye’s dissatisfaction. Faye was always one who was straightforward and outspoken “Their fathers? They are the men who only had to work for a few seconds and we suffered for months here. What rights do they have to have their opinions?” Faye was full of complaints when speaking of the fathers. She worked so hard to give birth to a son for him yesterday Instead of comforting her after the procedure, Sebastian suddenly turned into a fool and even cried. Faye had heard that many people would cry after the excitement of their first born. She had never seen it with her own eyes though Last night, she cried from pain, but Sebastian was crying out of joy and excitement. She was in so much pain that she almost lost her life. Yet, Sebastian was still crying happily. How could Faye not complain about him? However, she was just venting mindlessly. She wasn’t actually annoyed by Sebastian. On the contrary, she loved him very much but she just didn’t want to admit it. Thankfully, Sebastian had known her for too many years and knew her very well, so he would always let her have things her way She was his wife at the end of the day. If he didn’t care for her and love her, who else would? Sebastian tolerated Faye’s attitude all this while. He knew that no no matter how angry Faye was, she would be fine again in a short while. Karen smiled and continued, “Faye, remember, you are a mother now. So when you talk to your child in the future, you have to be respectful of the father too.” Faye pouted, “He doesn’t even care, so why should I?” “Nurse, can you bring the baby back for some rest, please?” Sebastian spoke out all of a sudden, and he sounded a little angry. Faye looked back at him and immediately changed into a smiling face. “Oh daddy, I was just joking with Karen. Don’t be angry.” Sebastian didn’t say anything. Faye pulled the corner of his shirt. “Sebastian, please let the baby stay here a little longer. As long as he stays with me for a little longer, I promise I will definitely change my bad habits.” Sebastian pushed Faye’s hand away and said, “You’ve made a promise with the nurse, and are you planning to break your promise now?” The baby was still a newborn and his immune system was very weak. The hospital needed to keep the baby in a special room for two days of monitoring. After the baby’s immune system get stronger, he would then be discharged with the mother. Faye tried to plea, “But…” “There is no ‘but’. Nurse, please take the baby away.” It was rare for Sebastian to be so dominant towards Faye. Faye did not like to see this side of Sebastian. She grabbed the pillow on her side and threw it at Sebastian. “Sebastian, you get out of here!” “Faye, don’t!” Karen grabbed Faye’s hand and said, “Sebastian is doing this for your own good. If he doesn’t insist on prioritizing the child’s health today, what if the baby gets sick? You will really cry and be sad by then.” “He just doesn’t care about me. Look at Kevin. Wherever you go, he will chase after you. He will stay by your side silently. Now look at Sebastian, I always followed him, and he’s never listened to me. When I am discharged, I need to try to run away from home and see what he’ll do.” Faye said this to Sebastian on purpose. “Faye, do you really think so?” Sebastian sounded really angry “Honey, I was just teasing. Don’t take it seriously!” Faye knew that she had gone too far, so she held Sebastian’s hand silently and apologized lovingly. Sebastian endured Faye’s nonsense for all these years. He finally looked calmer and gently held Faye in his arms, “You are a mother now, how can you still act so childishly?” “Because I have you, so I can do whatever I want.” Faye said very proudly.

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