My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 624

Because I have you, I can do whatever I want. Coming out of the hospital, the words that Faye Reed had just said to Sebastian Spencer still lingered in Karen Daly’s ears. Because in my world, there’s you, you would give in to me and spoil me, therefore, I can be my true self around you. This could be the true portrayal of the relationship between Faye and Sebastian In the past, Karen had heard people say that five hundred years of virtue in a person’s previous life could only be exchanged for a brief encounter in this life. Two people meeting in the vast sea of people and becoming husband and wife. How many 500 years had they spent doing good in their previous life in order to get them to be in each other’s life and grow old together? Karen guessed that she must have saved the world in her previous life, so as to have the chance to meet Kevin and become his wife in this life. It was because Sebastian could tolerate all of Faye’s shortcomings and waywardness, therefore she could say that she could be capricious because of him. Then she looked at herself again. Kevin also pampered her without any boundaries and gave her everything. Even when she arbitrarily proposed a divorce, he had let her do as she pleased. Every time when she thought about the divorce, Karen regretted it. The harm to Kevin had already been caused. In future, she had to work hard to make up to him. She would not let him be hurt again. As she was thinking about Kevin, Karen looked up and saw him standing in the snow, looking lovingly at her. His eyes were so focused on her and full of tenderness, as if he could only see her. Since Faye had given birth to her child, Karen was definitely going to visit her in the hospital. Kevin drove her here with no questions asked. However, he did not go into the hospital with her. Instead, he waited for her in the cafe next to the hospital with Little Karen. After visiting Faye, Karen sent a message to Kevin. So as soon as she walked to the gate of the hospital, Kevin was already standing outside waiting for her. “Where is Baby Karen?” Karen asked. Kevin was standing alone in the snow and she did not see Little Karen. In addition, she dared not meet his affectionate eyes, so she immediately changed the topic. “She’s asleep.” Kevin pointed to the car behind him, Little Karen was sleeping comfortably in the back seat of the car. After her parents reconciled with each other, Little Karen was in a good mood. She could eat, jump, and sleep happily. Once again, she started nagging about growing up quickly so that she could find her Brother Lionel. Young Little Karen was obsessed with Brother Lionel. It was really not something a child like her would do. “Are you done visiting?” Kevin asked again. When he saw Karen coming out of the hospital from afar, Kevin put Little Karen down, got off the car to open the door for Karen to get into the car. Karen stood still and looked up at him quietly. “What’s wrong?” Kevin looked worried. Kevin was so worried because of her slightly unusual behavior. Thinking of this, Karen suddenly felt sorry. Everybody knew clearly how well Kevin had treated her, including their enemy, Chace Yaleman. She was the only one who did not understand. Chace Yaleman had threatened her to leave Kevin because he wanted to use her to destroy him. However, she had fallen into Chace’s trap and proposed the divorce, which had hurt Kevin so terribly. Kevin was the last person she wanted to hurt, but because of her stupidity, she had caused serious consequences. When Kevin heard her mention about the divorce, his heart had to be in extreme pain. However, she thought that he couldn’t wait to separate with her. Karen replied, “Kevin..” Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?” “I’m sorry!” She said again. “Karen, what do you want to do?” Hearing the words “I’m sorry” from Karen, Kevin’s eyes darkened. He looked cold and scary. “I just want to say sorry to you!” She owed him too much apologies. It would take her a whole afternoon to apologize, but she couldn’t keep silent. “Karen, I told you before, if you dare to mess around again, if you don’t discuss with me when you encounter a problem, will make you learn your lesson.” Kevin said this ruthlessly, and he clenched her hand at the same time. “Kevin, I won’t do that again!” Karen blinked back the tears in her eyes. She gave him a bright smile and said, “Til listen to you from now on.” “Karen, remember what I told you.” Kevin took the chance to hold Karen in his arms and patted her on the back. Heavy snow continued to fall, but Karen did not feel cold today, because she had Kevin. With him by her side, no matter how cold the weather was, it would not be cold for her. Kevin’s presence was enough to warm her heart. After getting into the car, Little Karen, who had slept for a while, turned over lazily, blinked her eyes, and woke up. “Baby Karen, you’re awake.” Karen picked her up and held her in her arms. “Mom, I dreamed of Brother Lionel just now” Little Karen rubbed her eyes and said softly, pouting her pink lips. “Oh! Did you dream of Brother Lionel?” When Little Karen mentioned Lionel, Karen’s heart ached. “Brother Lionel told me to grow up soon, he said that when I grow up, I can see him.” Little Karen blinked her big eyes and looked at Karen. “Mommy, when will I grow up?” “You are growing up every day, but it’s not obvious enough. In a few years, when you look back at your previous photos, you will notice that you are a big child then.” The answer was from Kevin, who was driving the car. He looked at his wife and daughter in the back seat from time to time from the rearview mirror. “Am I growing every day?” Little Karen raised her hands and looked at them. Then she touched her face to check whether she had grown up. “If you don’t believe me, let mommy show you your past photos in my mobile phone to see if you have really grown up.” Kevin said. “Mommy, I want to have a look,” Little Karen said happily. “Okay, I’ll show you.” Karen took the mobile phone handed over by Kevin and pressed the home button, she needed to enter the password. Karen had always trusted Kevin, and had never had the habit of checking his mobile phone. Karen didn’t know his password when he suddenly gave his mobile phone to her. She wanted to ask, but at the same time, she thought of 131244. She entered the numbers, and the mobile phone was unlocked After unlocking the phone, Karen discreetly looked at Kevin. From the rearview mirror, she could see that Kevin’s expression was calm. He didn’t tell her the password, but let her unlock his phone. So in his knowledge, she naturally knew all his passwords. Karen was moved by Kevin’s trust in her once again. “Mommy, show me the photos!” Little Karen couldn’t wait to see the photos taken when she was a child. She wanted to see if she had grown up. At this moment, Kevin suddenly made a quick turn. Karen hit the left side of the car. Little Karen, who was sitting in the child car seat, also fell to the left side. Fortunately, her seat belt was fastened securely, otherwise, she would have been thrown out of her seat!

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