My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 625

“Karen, are you both alright?” Kevin Kyle was driving while examining Karen Daly and Little Karen’s situation in the rearview mirror. “We’re fine,” Karen said. When Karen hit the door, she protected her belly instinctively. Fortunately, she just hit her shoulder and nothing happened to her and the child. Little Karen was sitting in a child car seat. When the car made a quick turn, her arm was strangled and turned red, but she was fine. “Daddy, I’m fine!” Little Karen said to remind her father of her presence. “Good girl!” Kevin’s voice was much softer, and he said, “Baby Karen, we will play a very exciting game together. Sit down properly with mommy. Don’t be afraid.” “Daddy, I am brave! I am not afraid!” Little Karen was young. When her father said that he was playing a game, she believed that it was a game. However, she did not know that there was a life-and-death “game” waiting for them. “Karen..” As Kevin sped up, he glanced at Karen from the rearview mirror. “Something is wrong. Please buckle your seat belt with Baby Karen and stay in your seat. Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” “Kevin, drive carefully. Don’t worry about us. I will take care of Little Karen.” Kevin had been driving steadily all the time. Since he had suddenly made such a big turn, there had to be something wrong. She didn’t know what had happened, but she believed that Kevin could handle it. What she had to do was to protect herself and Little Karen, so that Kevin would have nothing to worry about. “Little Karen, sit tight. I will speed up now.” Kevin turned the steering wheel, and the car got on the fast lane on the right side. Karen finally knew what was going on. It turned out that there were a few cars following them and rushing towards them fearlessly Just now, they were suddenly besieged. If it weren’t for Kevin’s sharp vision and hearing, their car would have been bumped into the moat when they had just made a quick turn. Karen looked at Kevin worriedly. Her eyes met Kevin’s in the rearview mirror. In such an urgent situation, Kevin had to lose the cars following them and at the same time, checked on Little Karen and herself from the rearview mirror from time to time. He could not let anything happen to them. The two’s eyes met in the rearview mirror. Seconds after, Kevin looked away and paid full attention to the situation around him. Seeing that Kevin was so calm, Karen’s heart slowly returned to its original state. She told herself not to worry. She believed that Kevin would definitely overcome the danger. At this moment, Karen saw a car driving from the opposite direction, heading straight towards their car. There were pursuers at the front and behind them. They had surrounded their car. If they were to clash together, even if Kevin’s car wash an expensive Ferrari, they would not be able to escape the fate of being smashed into pieces. The situation got more and more dangerous. Karen clenched her fists and was so nervous that she had her heart in her mouth. “Daddy, come on!” Little Karen firmly believed that her father was playing games with them, so she was not afraid at all. “Baby Karen, sit tight. Daddy is speeding up!” Under such a tense situation, Kevin calmly turned the steering wheel from left to right and then stepped on the gas pedal at maximum. With a whistling sound, the car Kevin was driving, brushed past the incoming car. Sparks flew in all directions. Kevin successfully avoided the car coming head-on from the opposite direction and drove away. But the car could not control its speed. It continued to charge forward and collided with the cars chasing after Kevin. The car collided head on with the three cars pursuing Kevin’ s car. The impact sent the car flying and then landed heavily on the ground. The car was a total loss, and the driver clad in heavy security gear was thrown out from the car. He fell from a few meters high to the ground. The driver twitched a bit before he lay completely motionless. He had stopped breathing. This collision had caused serious damage to the other cars that were pursuing Kevin. When they tried to catch up with Kevin again, his car had gone far. At this time, a group of cars rushed over and soon captured the vehicles and the people in them who were after Kevin. “You and you are responsible for escorting Director Kevin. Then you and the rest, take these people back.” The leader ordered Fortunately, their master was alright, otherwise, they would be in big trouble. After his men arrived, Kevin slowed down the car and returned to their residence soon. Kevin got out of the car and immediately checked Karen and Little Karen’s situation. “Little Karen, the game is over. Tell me, do you feel any discomfort?” Little Karen shook her little head and then nodded. “Daddy. although I don’t feel any discomfort, I still want to play.” Not knowing the situation, Little Karen innocently thought that someone was playing bumper cars with them just now. It was really fun. “You are amazing!” Kevin praised her sincerely. She was indeed his daughter. She was fearless and wasn’t terrified by the speeding car at such a young age. Instead, she happily told him that she still wanted to play. “Yes, our baby Karen is really great.” Karen pinched Little Karen’s face. Just now, she was so scared that her heart was in her mouth. On the other hand, her Baby Karen was able to keep a straight face. After praising her daughter, Kevin looked at Karen. His eyes were affectionate and somewhat pleased. “Karen, you are also great!” “Ah.. how am I great?” Karen was embarrassed by Kevin’s praise, and she looked away. “You’re great in every aspect!” In such a dangerous situation, Karen knew how to protect herself, the baby in her belly, and Little Karen, so that he would not have to worry about them. That was why he was able to completely lose the enemy and get home safely. “I didn’..” Karen was really embarrassed to be praised by him. “You are both great!” Kevin unbuckled Little Karen’s seat belt, picked her up, and went around to the right side of the car to open the door for Karen. Karen stretched out her leg to get out of the car, but she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. “Kevin, my.. my belly hurts, I don’t know.” Thinking that she might have hurt the baby just now, Karen was so anxious that she could not complete her sentence. “What’s wrong?” Kevin was more anxious than her if it was anything related to her. He put Little Karen on the ground and picked Karen up. “My belly hurts, it’s still hurting..” Karen said nervously. Karen didn’t notice the pain in her belly just now, probably because she was too tense. Right now, she felt a surge of pain in her belly, which made her break out in cold sweat. “Karen, don’t be afraid. You will be fine.” Kevin picked up Karen and strode into the house. “Little Karen, keep up with us.” Little Karen ran after her father, but she was still too young. Even though she tried her best, she still couldn’t keep up with her father’s pace.

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