My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 626

Kevin Kyle rushed into the room and gently put Karen Daly on the bed. “Karen, lie down. I’ll ask the doctor to come over right away.” “Okay!” Karen lay flat on the bed cautiously and dared not move. She was worried that she might hurt the baby in her belly if she moved. “Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine. You are brave, and our baby is strong too.” Kevin rubbed Karen’s head and comforted her “Okay, I’m not afraid!” She was not afraid at all because he was with them. “Good girl!” Kevin immediately called the doctor using his mobile phone and requested the doctor to attend to Karen quickly. “Kevin, don’t worry.” Karen put her hand into Kevin’s big palm. “I don’t feel much pain now. I don’t know if it’s because the baby was tired after sitting in the car for too long and there’s not much space inside the car. That’s why he bothered me. Now that I can stretch, he has stopped bothering me now.” It could be because Kevin was with her, or that her stomach really didn’t hurt anymore. Karen looked better now. “It’s good that it doesn’t hurt now, but don’t move now. We’ll wait for the doctor to come and see what’s going on.” Kevin would not be relieved until he was certain that Karen was alright “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Karen nodded obediently, she took Kevin’s hand, and said, “The people who besieged us earlier, do you think they were sent by Chace?” Yesterday, they received a call from Chase Coleman. Today, they were being assaulted. Karen couldn’t think of anyone else except Chace. But for Kevin, there were too many people who wanted to take revenge on him. Now that there was no news yet from his men, he didn’t know who was the culprit today. He had dominated the business world for many years. Many had received benefits because of him, but of course, there were some who suffered loss because of him. Many people who couldn’t get any benefit from him were offended and humiliated. Over the years, there were a lot of people who wanted to get rid of him secretly. There were many people who wanted to get rid of him, but almost no one could really hurt him. Not only had he arranged men around him, but he had been practicing martial arts since he was a child. It was not easy to deal with him “I will handle it. Don’t worry.” Kevin’s men would investigate these matters. He did not want Karen to worry. However, he did not know that the more he kept from Karen, the more worried she would be. Karen would only be at peace if he told her everything. “Kevin, didn’t you promise me that you will discuss everything with me?” It had only been a short time, and this man had forgotten his promise to her. “I still don’t know who the culprit is. Wait till my subordinates find out who did this then I will tell you.” Kevin sat down beside Karen and held her face, then gently kissed her. “Karen, as long as you stay by my side, no one can do anything to me.” In the business world, there were often conflicts of interests. There were too many people who wanted to create accidents for him, but it didn’t matter, he could deal with them easily Karen blushed and said, “You must be more careful from now onwards. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t forget that you’re not alone. You still have me and our children.” “Yes.” Kevin kissed her forehead and said, “You’ve made progress.” “What?” Karen asked in a daze. “I’m complimenting you.” Kevin was very happy, Karen had finally opened herself up. “Where’s Little Karen?” They had been upstairs for a while, but the little fella hadn’t come yet. “I’m here! I’m not happy!” Sitting on the floor outside the room, Little Karen pouted and said angrily. As soon as her parents reconciled with each other, they had forgotten about her. Little Karen felt a little abandoned! Mommy was Daddy’s most important treasure. She was not their most important treasure. Daddy and mommy were both big liars Humph… She wanted to grow up quickly to find Brother Lionel. She would definitely be Brother Lionel’ s most important treasure. No one could compete with her. “What happened, Little Karen?” Looking at the angry little fella, Kevin picked her up and flicked on her face “I don’t want to talk to you!” She was still angry, so she decided to ignore her father. “You really don’t want to talk to me?” Kevin pretended to be sad. “Of course I want to!” Little Karen could not bear to see her father sad. “Then let’s make up, Kevin said while smiling gently. “Okay!” Little Karen threw herself into her father’s arms. She had forgotten about the unpleasant things just now. Karen reached out and rubbed Littie Karen’s head. She thought, soon, their second child would be born, and then her children would be able to get along well with each other. When the time came, they would have three children. Their home would be very lively, and Kevin’s parents would be happy. Thinking of these, the corners of Karen’s mouth lifted slightly and she smiled. It felt good when she stopped worrying. And she believed that as long as they were together, nothing could hurt them “What are you thinking about?” Kevin’s deep voice interrupted Karen’s train of thought. She shook her head and gave him a bright smile. “I’m thinking about you and the children.” “Silly!” Kevin held Karen in one hand and Little Karen in the other. Even though he had just experienced danger, he didn’t take those things seriously because he had Karen and Little Karen with him. The doctor came quickly and gave Karen a checkup. She had only experienced a fright, the child was fine. “Director Kevin, the Yaleman Family’s situation has deteriorated to an unprecedented state. As long as we put more pressure on them, soon they will not be able to hold on.” Recently, Nick Black would report the situation of the Yaleman family in the country to Kevin on the phone every day. “Good!” Kevin replied calmly. He had no expression on his face, and no one knew his opinion. “Director Kevin..” After a pause, Nick continued, “The Yaleman family will not resist for a long time, and Chace is missing at this critical moment. There is no trace of him in the country, nor is there any record of him leaving the country. At present, we don’t know where he is, and the situation is a little tricky.” “He’s in the United States.” Kevin gave Nick an answer. When the Coleman family was in trouble, Chace could never sit still and wait. He would definitely think of a way to fight back.. So Chace had to be the mastermind of their attack yesterday. Kevin had guessed that it was Chace, and the news from his subordinates showed that it was also Chace’s doing. The double news confirmed that Chace was in the United States. After so many years, he didn’t expect that Chace still hadn’t made any progress when he employed people to do things. If he wanted to attack him, he had to at least find a few qualified racing drivers, who were more capable in all aspects Instead Chace had sent useless men with a weak attack!

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