My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 627

Chace Yaleman might have forgotten that when Kevin Kyle was still in university, he was already the superior racing driver of the VBE Racing Club. At a certain professional racing competition, he had won triple gold medals and became famous in the racing industry at that time. Later, after graduating from the university, Kevin officially took charge of Rovio, and withdrew from the VBE Racing Club. Although he had withdrawn from the VBE Racing Club, his reputation was still there, and many juniors regarded him as their super idol. Because until now, no one in the VBE Racing Club had broken his record of three consecutive gold medals. When they talked about Leo Kyle from back then, everyone still admired him very much. Chace had found some people to block his car. In the end, like yesterday, he was only looking for defeat. “Chace has gone to the States?” Nick Black asked himself. At the same time, he wiped his cold sweat and wailed in his heart, “It’s over, it’s over. That man has gone to the United States. Director Kevin’s wife and daughter whom he cares about the most are there now.” Their almighty Director Kevin had left the work at Rovio and gone to the United States to accompany his wife and daughter. One could imagine how important they were to him. If the two of them were to be in harm’s way because of Chace, he could lose his job and probably his life too. The more Nick thought about it, the more scared he felt, as if his own life would soon be ended too! For a while, there was a silence on the phone when Nick was thinking of such nonsense. Kevin had always been a person with few words. He was the one listening to the report. However, Nick on the other end did not speak for a long time. Kevin frowned and coughed a little to remind him. “Director Kevin, I’m still here!” Hearing Kevin’s cough, Nick came to his senses almost immediately. He was in a daze when he was on the phone with Director Kevin. He was doomed. He felt so pitiful! He had been with Director Kevin for at least more than ten years. If he were to be transferred away from Director Kevin’s side or being punished because of this.. Then he would be just too unlucky! However, Kevin stopped talking again. Nick wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and continued, “Director Kevin, next, we have to… Before he could finish his words, Kevin interrupted him and said, “You stay in Chatterton Town to deal with the Yaleman Group. I want to see the Coleman family’s downfall in the shortest time possible.” Handling the Yaleman Group was a huge deal, but Kevin’s tone remained calm as if he was dealing with a matter that was not worth mentioning, “Yes, I will strive to complete the task,” Nick replied respectfully. “Nick, you have been with me for many years. You should know my character very well and what kind of person 1 dislike.” After that, Kevin hung up the phone. Nick was stunned for a while after the busy tone. It seemed that Director Kevin was not very pleased with his moment of distraction. Director Kevin was warning him that if there was a next time, he would really be finished. With his mobile phone still in hand, Nick looked at York Tanner, who was sitting beside him, and said sullenly, “We are Director Kevin’s two most important assistants. This time, neither of us followed him to the United States. Don’t you worry at all?” “We are his assistants no doubt. Usually, when he wants to do something, he will give us the orders, but he doesn’t only have us two assistants.” Compared to Nick, who was worried about this and that, York was more relaxed. He didn’t need to be on his toes because Director Kevin wasn’t around. “You are so at ease.” Nick glared at York discontentedly. He walked to the coffee table and sat down. Then he picked up a cup of tea and drank it in one gulp. “It is inconvenient for Director Kevin to do things when we are not around him.” York said, “Special Assistant Black, have you been with Director Kevin for too many years that you only listen to Director Kevin’s instructions, and you aren’t able to judge things on your own anymore.” Nick asked, “What do you mean?” York added, “Don’t forget that Rovio’s largest base is in New York. Chace has only chosen to attack Director Kevin in New York out of desperation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have shot himself in the foot.” What York said was not out of Nick’s expectation, but he had been with Kevin for more than ten years and had never been away from him for such a long time. It was natural for him to feel unsettled. Nick sighed and said, “I don’t know what Chace’s thinking. only know that I hope Director Kevin will come back soon. If he is not here, I am not at ease. York smiled and said, “Lucky I’m the one listening. If you were to say it to the others, they may think that there is something between you and Director Kevin.” “We are all men. What can there be between us?” Nick said grumpily “Now the friendship between men can be pure and platonic… but who knows if anything has happened between you and Director Kevin?” As soon as he said this, York felt that he had made a big mistake and quickly covered his mouth. York was just pulling Nick’s leg, but he had ignored another important character in his joke-Director Kevin Even if it was just Nick and him at this moment, York had goosebumps all over his body. “Special Assistant Black, I was just kidding. Don’t take it seriously, and don’t let Director Kevin know what I’ve just said.” Nick said in a serious manner, “York, just because Director Kevin is not here, doesn’t mean you can talk nonsense. If Director Kevin hears this, you and I may be transferred away immediately!” After Amelia Gray’s incident, Kevin had transferred away all of his female assistants and secretary to prevent any unwanted rumours from happening. Their director had always done things decisively. Be it at work or his private life, every decision Kevin made was clear. If Kevin didn’t want to marry the woman, he wouldn’t even have the idea of dating her. If he wanted to marry the woman, he would even save on the process of dating, and go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau with the woman to register for marriage. “I was just ranting to you. This time please keep it a secret for me. I won’t talk nonsense anymore.” The words he said couldn’t be taken back. York only hoped that luck would be at his side and that his director wouldn’t hear about it. Thinking of Kevin’s hostile look, York couldn’t help but quiver. How could there be such a big difference between Director Kevin and him. In front of his subordinates, York was also arrogant and cold like Director Kevin. But why couldn’t he achieve the same intimidating effect as Director Kevin? Nick said again, “Let’s work hard together and finish the affairs of Yaleman Group in the morning. I also hope that our Director Kevin and his wife will reconcile soon so that we will have easier lives.” Their Director Kevin would be particularly nervous about everything related to his wife. Naturally, his subordinates would not have easy days too. He only hoped that in the future, his director and family would be harmonious, and then everything would be fine…

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