My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 628

After the call with Nick Black, Kevin Kyle dialed another phone number. The phone was answered quickly. “Director Kevin.” “Where is Chace?” Kevin announced the purpose of his call without wasting a second. He was not worried at all when Chace Yaleman sent people to attack him, because those people could not do anything to him at all. If Chase was only dealing with him, he could still play along with Chase. But now he had his family. He not only needed to protect Karen Daly and Little Karen, but he also had to ensure his own safety. He would neither let them worry about him, nor see their tears. “Director Kevin, we are already aware of Chace’s whereabouts. He arrived in New York the night before. He used his other identity for the passport, that’s why the people on Nick’s side and the people on our side did not locate him immediately.” The person who spoke on the other end was Jeremiah Sam, and he had worked for Kevin for many years. However, after Kevin went back to Chatterton Town, Jeremiah remained in the United States to take charge of the affairs here. Of course, he had only one true boss, Kevin. Kevin did not say anything. Jeremiah knew that Kevin was waiting for him to continue his reporting. He continued, “Our people have obtained Chace’s location, and we have completely wiped out the remaining forces he has. Once you give an order, we will catch him and he can’t escape.” If the remaining forces were removed, then Chace was already a useless person to Kevin. He was no longer a threat to Kevin. Kevin held his mobile phone in one hand and tapped on the table with the other hand rhythmically. After a while, Kevin said, “Send me his specific location. I want to meet him in person.” “No…” There was no need for you to meet this person yourself. Jeremiah wanted to say that, but he didn’t say it out loud. After all, it was not up to the subordinates to question their director’s decision “Is there any problem?” Kevin asked coldly. “No.” Jeremiah said, “I’ll get our people to keep an eye on him and not let him leave the house. Director Kevin, you can see him at any time.” “Now.” Kevin as usual, only replied with a single word. “I’ll arrange it right away.” Kevin only said one simple word, but Jeremiah understood what he meant. He was going to see Chase right now. After the forces around Chace were removed, he was also pushed into a dead end. There was no chance for him to fight back. The reason why Kevin wanted to see Chace this time was to let Chase know that his woman was definitely not someone he could touch. Kevin even had the urge to cut off Chace’s lips and hands because his lips and hands had touched Karen Karen could only belong to him in this life! In the past, Kevin had never known that he was over possessive! Kevin came out of the study to find Little Karen running and playing with Momo in the living room. The girl and the dog were fighting for a small ball. They fought fiercely and no one was willing to give in “Daddy, Momo is being naughty!” Little Karen immediately complained to her father as if she had seen her greatest backer. “Woof, woof, woof.” Momo couldn’t talk. It barked to express its dissatisfaction as if it was also complaining about Little Karen “Well, I will send someone to get a few toy balls later. You two will have two each, so you don’t have to fight over the ball.” Kevin shook his head in amusement when he saw Little Karen and Momo fighting for a toy ball. These two little fellas were usually very close to each other, but when they fought for something, they forgot all about their relationship “I love daddy!” In Little Karen’s heart, her father was the best. No matter how big the problem was, her father would always think of a solution. “Woof woof woof!” Momo circled around Kevin and rolled on his feet. It too expressed its love for Kevin in its unique way. “Okay, you two play first. I’m going out to deal with something.” Kevin looked towards the study and saw that Karen was busy drawing her design draft. She had just received an order. The client wanted an eye catching traditional gown and she had to show the last draft to the client before the New Year. There were only a few days left before the New Year, so Karen had to hurry. She had to hand over the design to her client before the appointed time. She was so busy that she went to bed late last night. Today, she got up early in the morning again. Kevin wanted to persuade her, but before he would say anything, he swallowed back the words. Karen liked this job, and this job made her feel that she was of value and did not need to rely on him all the time… so he had no reason to ask her to give up on this job. Kevin was worried that Karen would get too tired. So when she was busy, he would accompany her. He told her that he would always support her work but he would never interfere with her work. He would support her morally Kevin walked into the study and hugged Karen from behind. His chin rubbed gently on the top of Karen’s head. “Karen..” “Hmm?” Karen snorted lightly. All her attention was on the design draft, and she ignored Kevin. “Karen!” Kevin called her name louder. “Kevin, what’s wrong?” Karen still did not look at him. “Look at me!” Kevin was not pleased. He took away the brush in Karen’s hand, and turned her body around, so that she could look at him. “Don’t make trouble!” Karen smiled at him and pinched his face. I had an inspiration but you interrupted me, I don’t know when I’ll have a new idea again.” “Am I not as important as your design draft?” Kevin’s face darkened, and he couldn’t hide his jealousy. “Of course…” Karen hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. “Of course, my design is not as important as you, but it’s my livelihood.” “You can also rely on me to live…” Kevin quickly took back his words She didn’t want to rely on him to live. She wanted to be self dependent. She was his wife, not a parasite. He could not say but Kevin could do something else. He held Karen’s head and deepened her kiss into a gentle yet passionate French kiss. It was not until Karen was out of breath when he let her go reluctantly. He gently touched her swollen lips with his rough fingers and asked, “Do you like it?” Did she like the way he kissed her? That was exactly what Kevin wanted to ask. Karen understood him and nodded with a blush. “I like it!”.

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