My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 629

“How much do you like it?” Director Kevin asked shamelessly “I like it very much!” Karen Daly answered him, but when she said that, her face turned redder. “Hmm.” Karen’s answer made Kevin smile with satisfaction and he said, “Good girl!” Good girl! Did he treat her as Little Karen who was fighting with Momo over toys? Karen rolled her eyes at him and turned away. She didn’t want him to treat her like a child. Kevin turned her face back and said, “I have to go out to do something. I will be home late today. Stay at home with Baby Karen and wait for me to come back.” “You are going out for work?” Karen immediately put on a serious look and continued, “Didn’t you say that you have finished your work before the new year?” Kevin smiled and said, “It’s not a big deal. I just need to do some final tweaks. Don’t worry, i’ll be back soon.” “Then you must drive slowly. Be careful on the road.” Speaking of this, Karen looked out of the window. It was snowing heavily outside. She continued. “It’s snowing heavily outside. Why not go tomorrow after the snow has stopped.” Karen didn’t know much about Kevin’s work, and she didn’t know if his work could be delayed. To her, Kevin’s safety was more important than any work. “Silly, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Kevin kissed Karen on the forehead and said, “Someone will send balls to Little Karen later. After receiving it, close the doors and windows and wait for me at home. I will come back to cook for you and Little Karen in the evening.” “Kevin, you really can’t go tomorrow?” Karen did not have the mood to think about Kevin’s desire to cook. What worried her the most was his safety. She didn’t know why, but when she heard that Kevin wanted to go out, she was alarmed. It felt like something was going to happen. But she couldn’t put her finger on it. “Silly, what are you thinking about?” Kevin held Karen in his arms and patted her back gently. He said softly, “Karen, trust me, I will be fine.” He had always told her to believe in him and that no one could hurt him. All she needed to do was to trust him! Trust him! She had to trust him! Many times, things had happened between them because she was worried and afraid. Because she didn’t believe him enough, so she had let others have the opportunity to ruin their relationship. This time, Karen chose to trust Kevin that he absolutely had the ability to handle his own affairs. She believed that he could definitely deal with Chace Yaleman. So she believed that he would be fine! Yes, trust him! Karen told herself. At the same time, she let go of Kevin’s hand and smiled at him. “I believe in you! Little Karen and I will be waiting at home for you to come back.” “You’ve made progress again!” Kevin was more and more satisfied with Karen’s recent performance. He smiled and kissed her before he left. Ding dong. The doorbell rang several times before it attracted Karen’s attention On this snowy day, no one would come to the door. Karen immediately thought of the delivery for Little Karen’s toys. “Little Karen, can you go downstairs with Momo to open the door and get the balls?” She was at the crucial design stage of her drawing, if Karen stopped now, she would not be able to pick it up for a long time when she returned. So she asked Little Karen to open the door with Momo. “Mommy, i’ll take Mom with me.” Little Karen and Momo, who had just fought over a rubber ball, had already made up with each other at this time. Momo lay in the arms of Little Karen and rubbed its heads against her from time to time. It was obviously showing its obedience to the little master. Little Karen did not argue with Momo. She gently carried Momo downstairs to open the door to pick their balls. As she walked, she said, “Momo, be good. don’t fight with me for the toy balls!” Karen worked on the design draft in her hand attentively. When she thought that her gown was appreciated by customers over and over again, and her customers had referred more customers to her, she was on cloud nine. As a designer, everyone wanted to become a famous designer like Ivan, but not everyone has that kind of talent and opportunity. Therefore, she was satisfied enough with her design being appreciated by her customers. When she finished the last stroke of the design, she put down the brush and stretched herself. Then she moved her neck to relax herself. In the past two days, she was really exhausted. However, when Karen saw the finished product and thought of the satisfied look of her customers, she felt that all the hard work was worthwhile. Pound – pound – pound – It was the sound of someone stepping on the wooden floor. “Little Karen, walk properly with Momo. Don’t jump! What if you fall down?” A child would always be a child, and children were always capricious. Karen shook her head with a smile. “Miss Daly, nice to meet you!” Suddenly, a cold and familiar voice came from behind. Hearing the voice, Karen turned around abruptly and saw Chace Yaleman standing in front of her with a hostile face and Little Karen was in his arms. Little Karen’s eyes were closed, as if she had lost consciousness. Karen’s heart trembled. She rushed over and tried to snatch Little Karen back. “Chace, what have you done to my daughter?” Chace dodged slightly and avoided Karen easily. He smiled wickedly and said, “I let her fall asleep for a while using some medication, so she won’t make any noise. You should know that children are always children. They can’t keep quiet even if you ask them to.” Karen said angrily, “Chace!” Chace sneered and said, “Karen, don’t be agitated! Your daughter is in my hands. If your emotion affects the baby in your belly, it will be even worse.” “Chace, I have no grudge with you. I am also sure that I have never known you before. Why are you still pestering me?” Previously, when Chace mentioned the events from their school days, Karen tried to remember everyone who she knew in the past, but she didn’t recall anything. She was hundred percent sure that she had never had any contact with this man before, so she couldn’t figure out why he would pester her. “You don’t remember me, but you should remember…” Chace’s smile widened. He smiled enchantingly. “The Butterfly Love!” Karen was surprised but uncertain. “What?” “Miss Daly, it must have slipped your mind, so let me remind you again.” Chace stared at her, as if he was telling a story that happened between him and his old friend. “A few years ago, Kevin took you to pick out a dress at Ivan’s. You had put on the Butterfly Love that he had chosen for you.” When it came to the Butterfly Love, it was something that Karen would never forget for the rest of her life.

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