My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 630

At the first sight of the “Butterfly Love”, Karen Daly was attracted by its ingenious design and exquisite workmanship. She was in awe. She remembered that she had amazed everyone in the gown. At the same time, she also remembered that Kevin Kyle had torn the gown apart. She would never forget the horrified look in Ivan’s eyes when he saw the “Butterfly Love” in tatters. “Then I’ll tell you now, the real creator of the Butterfly Love was me. Ivan only lent his name to the piece.” Chace Yaleman said to Karen, enunciating slowly. Although his voice was soft, the magnitude of his words couldn’t be ignored. Now, hearing Chace’s words, Karen seemed to understand the horrified look in Ivan’s eyes when he had seen the Butterfly Love being torn apart. The “treasure that he had been keeping for his friend was destroyed. It was not fear or anger he felt, but pity. “What does it have to do with me that you are the real creator of the Butterfly Love?” Karen really didn’t understand. If Chace wanted to take back his design rights, he could look for Ivan. Why did he have to pester her? Soon, Chace gave her the answer. He said, “Because I prepared that gown for my future wife, and you had put it on. She not only wore his “Butterfly Love” but also completely amazed him with her beauty. Even if he had just taken a glance of her back view from afar. He knew that he wanted this woman. That sudden infatuation was too strong. It was what he had never felt on other women before. Karen didn’t know what to say She couldn’t find a suitable reason to refute him because Chace was telling the truth. When Kevin wanted her to put on the Butterfly Love back then, Julie Lyle had said that the gown was prepared for the future wife of the Butterfly Love’s owner. Chace said again, “Karen, come with me.” Karen knew that Chace wanted to take her away. However, she did not know about his motive. At this moment, there were only Little Karen and herself. She could not fight against Chace at all. She could only try to reduce the damage to the minimum. She said, “Chace, if you want me to go with you, I can go with you, but you have to leave my daughter here.” At least, Little Karen could stay. One of them had to be safe, so that Kevin could have a clear mind when he came back and found out the situation. “You want to leave her behind to send a message to her father?” Chace smiled coldly and said, “Karen, you don’t have to do that. I will ask someone to inform Kevin. He will come to see you and your daughter.” Karen said with the last hope, “Chace, you are a man. Whatever you want to do, come to me, and leave my daughter here. I promise that I will go with you obediently and will not resist.” However, Chace only gave her an enigmatic smile. “Director Kevin, Chace is in his room. Do you want me to go in or ask someone to ask him come out?” Jeremiah Sam led Kevin to Chace’s residence. Jeremiah was standing two steps away from Kevin and asked carefully. “All of you stand back.” When Kevin came here, his purpose was to meet Chace alone, so he decided to enter in person to see him. The moment the door opened, Kevin’s eyes fell on the person in the room. Although he only saw the back of the man, he knew that the person was definitely not Chace. “Jeremiah, where is Chace?” Kevin turned around and looked at Jeremiah coldly. Jeremiah shivered. He didn’t know what was going on for a while. “Director Kevin… Chace is in the room… Although he was frightened by Kevin, Jeremiah still summoned up the courage to point at the room. He meant to let Kevin see it clearly that Chace was in the room. “Director, can you see clearly before yelling at me,” he thought As he spoke, Jeremiah also realized that something was wrong. He immediately rushed into the room and grabbed the man. Damn it! This person was not Chace at all. He was just someone, whose back looked like Chace’s. “Who are you? Where is Chace Yaleman?” He kicked the substitute in frustration. Director Kevin was well known for having strict requirements for his subordinates, and he would not allow any mistakes to happen. However, today, he had actually let the real Chace run away, leaving a substitute behind. Just as Jeremiah was beating up the substitute, Kevin had already rushed out. He had already guessed where Chace would have gone He took out his mobile phone and was about to call his men who were guarding the villa when he received a call from Karen. Kevin immediately answered, “Karen..” “Ah-” Karen’s scream came from the phone. It broke Kevin’s heart. He clenched his fists and said calmly. “Chace, don’t hurt her.” “Hahaha.. Matthew, after all these years, why are you still so smart? I haven’t even spoken yet. How can you be sure that I had kidnapped your wife and daughter?” Chace was laughing hysterically, “Chace, what do you want?” Kevin’s voice sounded calm, but his hand holding the phone was trembling. Chace had kidnapped Karen and Little Karen. They were the two people that Kevin valued the most in his life. The ones he would love and treasure everyday. They had been kidnapped by Chace, so how could Kevin not be worried? Despite that he could not act rashly. Because they needed him at this moment. He had to calm down to deal with Chase and rescue them. “What do I want? Hehe…” Chace sneered and laughed, he was mad. “How much do you think your wife and daughter are worth? “Say it!” Kevin roared. He did not have the mood to play games with Chace. Chace had time, but he could not allow Karen and Little Karen to remain in the enemy’s hands for a second longer. Chace suddenly stopped laughing and said, “If I said wanted Rovio to exchange for your wife and daughter, would you agree to my request without even thinking about it?” It was a question, but Chace said it with conviction Chace was clear about how much Karen and Little Karen meant to Kevin, so Kevin would not hesitate to exchange Rovio for his wife and daughter’s safety. “Matthew, after all, you and I had been classmates for several years. I know you well.” Chace laughed again triumphantly. “Rovio is useless to me, so I want something more important than Rovio to exchange for your wife and daughter.” Kevin said in a deep voice, “Tell me what you want!” “I want you dead!” Chace said furiously This time, his target was not Karen and Little Karen, but Kevin. He wanted Kevin dead! Once Kevin was dead, there would be no leader at Rovio. At that time, no one would insist on tackling the Yaleman family, the Yaleman family would then be able to make a comeback.

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