My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 631

As the main pillar of Rovio, once Kevin Kyle disappeared, no one would be able to stabilize the situation in Rovio. At least for the moment, no one would be able to The real purpose of kidnapping Karen Daly and Little Karen was to threaten Kevin. If Chace Yaleman had guessed it correctly. Kevin would never refuse his request. Having been observing in secret for so many years, he had already known how important Kevin’s wife and daughter were to Kevin. Karen and the child were definitely the two people whom Kevin would protect with his life. Therefore, he had seized Kevin’s Achilles heel this time, leaving no room for Kevin to escape “You want my life?” Kevin sneered and said in a fierce tone, “Well! If you have the ability, I will let you take my life.” Just like what Chace had thought, Kevin agreed to Chace’s request without hesitation. “Kevin, you really did agree!” Even though he had guessed that Kevin would agree, Chace was still extremely surprised when he heard Kevin’s reply. How much would a man love a woman that he was willing to exchange his life for her safety? At present, he could not answer this question, because he had not found someone who could make him do the same thing as Kevin did for Karen. “Kevin, no! Don’t agree to his request!” When Chace said that Kevin had agreed, panic instantly shot through Karen’s whole body Because she knew that Kevin would not refuse Chace’s offer She dared not think about what would happen if she were to lose Kevin… If she had to make a choice between completely losing Kevin and losing her own life, she would not hesitate to choose the latter. Slap As soon as Karen spoke, Chace slapped her and cursed, “B*tch, I don’t want you to talk. You’d better shut your mouth.” Chace slapped her hard. Karen felt a burning pain on her face, so painful that she felt like her teeth were about to fall out. “Chace, if you dare to touch her again, I will let the whole Yaleman family pay for your behavior.” Knowing that Karen was slapped was more painful than stabbing a knife into his heart. He turned around and looked at Jeremiah Sam with a piercing gaze. Jeremiah immediately understood. He took out his phone and informed Nick Black. Jeremiah sighed. This time, Chace not only destroyed the entire Yaleman group, but he had also sent his closest relatives to their deaths. Their Director Kevin had never been a person who would sit and wait for his doom… As for Chace, he would soon receive the punishment he deserved. “Really?” Chace asked with a smile. At the same time, he slapped Karen again. “I’d like to see what the result will be if I touch her.” After being slapped twice in a row, Karen’s pale face was swollen. However, she gritted her teeth tightly and did not want to make a sound. She did not want Kevin to worry about her. She didn’t want him to agree to Chace’s request! “Chace!” Kevin’s roar came through the phone and reached Karen’s ear. She took a deep breath and said, “Kevin, don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m really fine. Please think about yourself and Little Karen before you do anything, okay?” “Karen, don’t do anything. Wait for me!” Kevin said. He only needed her to believe him and wait patiently with Little Karen for him. As long as he could see them, there was nothing that could stop him. “Oh… seeing the two of you so deeply in love makes a single guy like me uneasy. I would be sorry for myself if I didn’t do something to separate the both of you!” Chace smiled sinisterly He had two trump cards in his hand, they were Kevin’s lifelines. He didn’t need to worry that Kevin would do anything to him! “Chace, I agree to your terms. Don’t hurt her.” If he continued to debate with Chace, it would only make Karen suffer. Kevin had to give in. Since he was born, he had always been the absolute leader who stood at the top and looked down on everyone. He had never compromised with anyone. This was the only time! The only reason was because the other party had taken hold of the two people he cared about the most. They were more important than his life. He would rather yield, than let his wife and daughter get hurt because of his arrogance. “Matthew, we are both classmates after all. If you talk to me nicely, how will I have the heart to hurt your family?” Chase smiled with satisfaction. “So, I say, we still need to assess the situation clearly, don’t you think so?” “What do you want me to do?” At the same time, Kevin gave Jeremiah another look and asked if he had found the exact location of Chace “I’m at 19th Brookside Street. Be here before 3 p.m., otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences.” After that, Chace hung up the phone. Chace felt very happy when Kevin compromised just now. Kevin really thought that he would dare to attack him without making any preparations. In fact, Chace had prepared for this for many years. He couldn’t place people in the core position next to Kevin, but he could always infiltrate from some inconspicuous positions. For example, it was certainly not so easy for them to sneak into the villa area where Kevin lived this time. It took him two days to exchange identities with Kevin’s second level subordinate. The capture of hostages went smoothly as he had expected. In the midst of his happiness, Chace saw Karen sitting on the ground. He had to admit that this woman was really beautiful. Even though she was in a distressed situation, her face was still lovely and attractive While he was looking at Karen, Chace felt a warm current flowing through his body in an instant. The desire in his heart was screaming to break free. He swallowed and slowly squatted down in front of Karen. He gently opened his mouth and said, “Karen..” He reached out to touch her face. Before he could touch her, Karen slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me!” The rising desire in Chace’s heart cascaded. He could not help but be angry. He grabbed Karen’s hair and sneered, “Karen, do you know? You’re blessed because I like you. Don’t turn me down.” “Bad guy, don’t bully my mother!” Little Karen got up and tried to push Chace away, but her strength was too weak. Not only did she not push Chace away, she even knocked herself to the ground, “Little rascal, if you haven’t spoken, I have almost forgotten about you.” Chace shoved Karen aside and squatted in front of Little Karen. He lifted her up. “Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?”

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