My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 632

“Big bad guy! You’re a big bad guy!” Little Karen roared angrily, “Don’t bully my mother. Don’t bully me.” After all, she was still too young, and she didn’t know how dangerous this man was. Before Karen Daly could steady herself, she turned around and grabbed Little Karen. She held her tightly in her arms and said, “Chace Yaleman, let her go, vent your anger on me instead.” Before Little Karen was born, she could not protect her. This time, even if she had to lose her life, she was adamant to protect her daughter. “Ha..” Chace Yaleman smiled and slowly stood up. He looked at the two people on the ground arrogantly. “I have a good idea. Why don’t you play an exciting game with me?” Karen held Little Karen tightly and looked at Chace alertly. “What do you want? She and her child were in Chace’s hands, and this person was already crazy. No one would know what kind of crazy things a madman would do. Therefore, she had to think of a way to escape before Chace went completely berserk. She had to protect her two children. Their family could not be incomplete. “What do I want?” Chace pretended to think about it, and then he sneered evilly, “I want you!” He squatted down again, approached Karen, and slowly said in her ear, “You are pregnant with Kevin’s child. If I f*ck you now, do you think he will still want you?” Karen gritted her teeth and did not dare to say anything, because she knew that any words might trigger Chace into doing something crazy At this time, she had to be calm. Only when she was calm could she think of a way to escape, so she shouldn’t argue with Chace. “Nothing to say? Because you don’t know whether Kevin will still want you or not. Right?” He really wanted to see what kind of expression Kevin would have on his face when Kevin saw his woman being raped by him when he arrived. Kevin definitely wanted to shoot him dead, but he couldn’t.. because the two people Kevin cared about the most were in his hands. Chace had Kevin’s fatal weakness in his hands, Kevin would do whatever he wanted him to do and his arrogance would be crushed. Just thinking about it made Chace feel extremely happy! “Do you think that I will let you go just because you don’t talk? Or do you want to wait for Kevin to come and let him see how I play with you, and then let him shoot himself in the head.” Chace made a gesture of shooting, and a sound effect. “Bang-his head exploded, and his brain splashed all over the ground. Dead!” Karen bit her lips and remained silent, because her attention was not on Chace at all. She was scanning around secretly, hoping to find a way to escape. Karen did not speak, but Chace couldn’t care less. He reached out and touched Karen ‘s slightly bulging abdomen, making small circles. “I haven’t had sex with a pregnant woman. The feeling must be…super awesome!” Karen endured and tried not to irritate this madman, but she couldn’t stand Chace’s hand moving on her abdomen, so she inadvertently slapped him away. “What? Are you reluctant?” He shifted his evil and disgusting gaze from Karen’s face to Little Karen, who was in her arms. “Have you read the recent news on pedophiles?” “How dare you!” Karen’s arm, which was holding Little Karen, trembled slightly as she glared angrily at Chase. Her eyes were sharp and firm, like a fatal sword. It was a mother’s instinct to protect her daughter. She could die, but she would not tolerate anyone hurting her child. “I dare not? I’ve already brought you two here. What else! wouldn’t dare do? Hmm?” Chace reached out to touch Little Karen but before he could reach her, he was slapped away by Karen. “Chace, get lost!” The slap was extremely forceful, which was beyond her expectation. Chace was surprised too. “Bad guy!I won’t be afraid of you! Mommy won’t be afraid of you! Daddy will save us!” Little Karen looked up from her mother’s embrace, stared at Chase with her big bright eyes, and said bravely Little Karen was just a four-year-old child. How couldn’t she not be afraid at all? However, she firmly believed that her father would come to save her mother and her, which was why she was so brave when facing Chace. “Little rascal, you are brave! A well-protected child like you will never know how cruel the outside world is. Today, I will discipline you on behalf of your father who doesn’t know how to educate you properly.” Chace moved his hand and tried to snatch Little Karen away from Karen. However, Karen refused to let go of her daughter. She shouted, “Chace, if you want to vent your anger on someone, you can direct it to me. What are you to bully a child who doesn’t know anything?” But Chace had gone mad. He couldn’t hear Karen at all. He just wanted to vent his anger, resentment, and hatred. All this was because of Kevin who had caused the Yaleman family to suffer the greatest attack in the family history at such a short time. The Yaleman family was completely defeated. Therefore, those who were related to Kevin, especially those who were close to him, were all his enemies. He wanted Kevin to have a taste of how it was like to watch helplessly, as the person he loved the most died. He grabbed Little Karen’s hand and she cried out in pain. “Bad guy, bad guy, let go of me!” Karen hugged Little Karen while Chace grabbed Little Karen’s arm and pulled it with great force. If it went on like this, Little Karen’s arm might be ripped off by him. Karen’s heart ached. She did not want to see Little Karen in pain, so she released the hand that was holding Little Karen. As soon as Karen let go of her, Chace lifted Little Karen up. He raised Little Karen up high and said, “Little rascal, I’m a big bad guy. Do you know what a bad guy will do when he catches a child?” “Big bad guy, waaa…” Little Karen cried out in pain because her arm was almost ripped off by the force just now. “When the bad guy caught the little girl, he would sell her off, or..” Chace looked at Little Karen’s face, which was a resemblance of Kevin’s, and his eyes glimmered with coldness and evil. “Little thing, don’t blame me if you can’t grow up. Blame your father. He is too cruel and won’t spare anyone a chance to live, so you can only be the sacrifice.” In the past, Kevin was always the most popular person in school. Wherever Kevin was, no one would pay attention to Chace. Kevin’s parents had been in love with each other for decades, but Chace’s father changed his wife as quickly as he changed his clothes. His father even had several illegitimate children out there…

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