My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 633

Kevin Kyle had taken over Rovio at a young age and led Rovio to a new glory. But what about Chace Yaleman? He had yet to enter the core management of the Yaleman Group, and the illegitimate children of his father were still fighting with him for the inheritance When he was still struggling to find the woman who should be his, Kevin had married this woman a step ahead of him. Now their child was already a few years old. He and Kevin were born into rich and powerful families, but why were their encounters completely different? Was this fate? However, Chace was not a person who believed in fate. He believed that as long as he was willing to work hard, he could also have everything that Kevin had. It was this kind of persistence that made him observe Kevin’s every move all these years. His persistence became a mental illness. However, when he had worked so hard for so many years, and was getting closer and closer to Kevin. He thought was about to replace Kevin. But just as he was ready to have a good fight with Kevin, Kevin retaliated, leaving him almost no chance to fight back. The Yaleman Group, whose former glory were said to be comparable to that of Rovio, was completely crushed by Kevin’s attack in such a short time, that it seemed like the Yaleman Group’s glory had never existed before. All of this was done by Kevin and his team. It was Kevin who made him lose everything. How could he not hate him? “Big bad guy!” Little Karen wiped the tears off her face as she pursed her lips. She was so afraid that her little body trembled uncontrollably, She missed her father and Brother Lionel. If her father and Brother Lionel were here, they would definitely defeat the bad guy! “You’re right, little thing. I’m a big bad guy!” Chace patted her little pink face and said with a smile, “But, little rascal, what else can you do to me except calling me a bad guy?” Little Karen pursed her lips. She did not want to cry, but big tears rolled down her cheeks. She was still afraid. Looking at Little Karen’s crying face, Chace was exhilarated. He said, “Little rascal, let me tell you. If I let go of your hand, you will fall on the hard floor and may shatter into pieces. When your father arrives, what he may see is just a broken doll.” Chace imagined the scene where the little girl falls to the ground covered in blood. He laughed crazily and shook his head. He sighed and said, “It’s a pity that such a pretty child would die just like that.” “Daddy, mommy, Brother Lionel…” Little Karen’s mouth twitched as she sobbed and called out the person she trusted the most. They were her strongest backers and the people who could make her feel safe. “Little thing, cry louder. If I see that you’re pitiful, I might not have the heart to smash you into pieces.” Chace’s tone was like that of a gruesome killer. “Go to hell!” Karen shouted. The moment Chace finished his sentence, Karen’s voice came from behind him. At the same time, a stick landed heavily on his head. “You-” Having been hit on the head, Chace could only feel heaviness in his head. His vision went black. He couldn’t see anything nor hear anything. Bang He fell back heavily, and before he fell, he loosened his grip on Little Karen’s hand, Little Karen plunged to the ground. Karen threw away the stick in her hand and caught Little Karen immediately. Because Little Karen was heavier now and Karen was pregnant, it was very difficult for her to catch Little Karen. She almost fell to the ground with Little Karen in her arms. Fortunately, she just staggered when she caught Little Karen and balanced herself in time! “Mommy!” Little Karen plunged into her mother’s arms in fear, and her two little hands clung to her mother’s clothes tightly. Her little body was still trembling because of the shock “Baby Karen, don’t be afraid. I am here. I will never let anyone hurt you again.” Karen held Little Karen tightly and kissed her forehead again and again. She was overwhelmed with emotions, as if she had found a lost treasure. Yes, Little Karen was the most precious treasure in her life. As long as Karen was there, she would not let anyone hurt her baby “Mommy, I’m not afraid!” Although Little Karen was so afraid that she was trembling, she still comforted her mother sensibly. “Baby, I will take you out of here first. We’ll go find daddy.” Chace was knocked unconscious by her, but she didn’t know how long he could stay unconscious, so she had to leave with Little Karen as soon as possible. Karen ran out as if she was running for her life with Little Karen in her arms. She ran for a while with Little Karen in her arms, but before she could run out of the big, empty house, her hands were too weak to hold Little Karen. “Mommy, will daddy come?” Little Karen had always believed that her father would come to rescue them, but she had waited for a long time, and yet her father did not show up. She began to lose faith. “Baby, he won’t abandon us, but we can’t just wait for him to save us. We have to find a way to save ourselves if possible. In this way, we can save a lot of trouble for him.” Karen gently stroked Little Karen’s head, smiled at her gently, and said, “Baby, I can’t hold you any longer. Come on, hold your hands around my neck. I will carry you up higher.” Karen could put Little Karen down if she couldn’t hold Little Karen any longer. However, Karen didn’t want to let go of Little Karen. She was afraid that if she was careless, Little Karen would be taken away again. Four years ago, someone had cut open her belly to take her daughter away, she would not allow it to happen again. “Okay.” Little Karen nodded her little head adorably and stretched out her hands to hold her mother. “Good girl!” Karen said. She was obviously weak, but in order to escape safely with Little Karen, her body seemed to be charged with infinite power. She ran faster and faster. However, when she painstakingly ran to the door with Baby Karen, she found the door locked with a large bronze padlock. The padlock was very sturdy, about the size of Karen’s two fists. It was impossible for Karen to open it by force with her strength. This meant without the key, Karen could not open the door at all. They could not get out of here. “Baby, stand right here and wait for me. I will go back to find the key.” Since Chace had brought them here, Chace had to have the key to open the door. Karen was going to find the key and take the risk that Chace might wake up at any time. Therefore, she had to leave Little Karen here. She could not let the little girl go back with her and face any danger.

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