My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 634

“Mommy..” Little Karen was afraid that she would be left alone. As soon as Karen Daly turned around, she reached out and grabbed her shirt. “Baby Karen!” Karen held her face and kissed it. “Don’t worry. Mommy will be back soon.” “I think you want this!” Chace Yaleman’s voice came from behind her. Karen looked back and saw the key to the door in his hand. After fleeing for so long, they couldn’t even escape from the empty house. They were once again in Chace’s hands. Karen wanted to stab him with a knife so badly. Chace dangled the keys in his hand and said with a smile, “I have the keys. Come and get it, then you can open the door and escape.” She wasn’t that naive. Chace wouldn’t really give it to her that easily. She instinctively hid Little Karen behind her. “Come on, come and get it. I saw you running very fast just now.” Chace slowly approached her. “Where is your bravery? Didn’t you hit my head just now? Show me that you are not fully incompetent, show me you can still attack me.” He took another step forward, and she took two steps back with Little Karen. After a few steps, they were forced into a dead end, and there was no way back. “Run! Keep running! Show me how far you can run!” Chase approached Karen and slapped her. But this time, he did not hit Karen’s face. Instead, his hand was cut by a sharp weapon. “Chace, I’m telling you, don’t push me too far!” Even a rabbit would bite if it was cornered. And Karen was no rabbit. She was strong and persistent. If it weren’t for the fact that she had too much to worry about, she would have already gone all out and fought with Chace. At this moment, knowing that Chace would not let them go, she didn’t attack him. “Wow, not bad. You actually carried a knife with you. I’m starting to like you more and more.” Looking at the bloody knife wound in his palm, Chace was still smiling, but his smile was gloomy and creepy. He added, “I knew it, Kevin always liked a fighter. This looks more like the real Karen. What should I do? I seem to like you more now. Karen bit her lip and said fiercely, Chace, get lost. Otherwise, I won’t show you mercy.” Now, Chace was a madman. A madman would not only talk nonsense, but was also very unpredictable Since he wanted to talk nonsense, Karen would play along. If she could buy more time, there would be more chances for Little Karen and her to leave safely. “Karen, run to the back. The farther away from here, the better.” Knowing that Chace would not let go of them, Karen decided to go all out. She would fight back. She wanted Little Karen to get away, for her to go somewhere safe. She just needed to buy them some time for Little Karen to wait for Kevin to get here. Little Karen would be safe then. “You want to run away?” Chase knew that Little Karen was the easiest hostage to control. As long as he caught this little thing, he would not have to worry about Kevin and Karen. Therefore, as soon as Little Karen started running, Chace gave the mother up, turned around and caught hold of Little Karen instead. He had turned around. Karen saw the opportunity. She raised her knife and stabbed it into his back with all her strength. Although Karen had injured him before, Chace was not too flustered about it because the injury was very light. He wanted to feel the pain, he wanted to see blood. However, this time, Karen ruthlessly stabbed him in the back. If Karen was a bit more precise, she would have stabbed his vital organs. She would have killed him. Chace turned back and looked at Karen coldly. “Bitch, you have to pay for what you’ve done.” He approached Karen. She waved the knife in her hand to stop him. At the same time, she looked at Little Karen in the corner of her eye to see how far she had gone. As long as Little Karen leaves this dangerous area, she was confident that she could hold him down until Kevin comes to save them Chace was not afraid of the knife. He grabbed her wrist and twisted it. Karen’s wrist was in pain and her hand felt weak. The knife fell to the ground with a clang. Chace pushed Karen backward and bent down to pick up the knife. He forced Karen to a dead end again. He held Karen’s shoulder with one hand and pressed the knife against Karen’s slightly bulging belly with the other hand. “Karen, whatever happens later, it’s all your fault.” Karen covered her belly with her hands. She wanted to escape but Chace held her down so tightly that she could not move at all. He was stronger than she thought. She thought that as long as she tried her best, she would be able to stab Chace twice. Even if she could not kill him, she could seriously injure him. Chace said in a strange tone, “I heard that your first child was cut out prematurely. The child is lucky. Not only did she not die, she grew up nicely. Look at her face, she is a healthy child.” Karen felt panic in her heart. Chace was a vicious animal. What did he plan to do? Chace continued, “Karen, if I take out the child from your belly right now, will it be as lucky as her? Will it survive and grow up healthily?” He knew that Karen’s baby was only about four months old. At four months old, maybe it had just begun to look human, or maybe it had not. If the child was taken out now, there was no chance of survival. The vital organs hadn’t formed yet. He would be taking out a dead baby. He wanted to threaten her, to scare her. He was savouring every bit of her fear! “You wouldn’t dare!” She gritted her teeth and said. “Try me!” Chace didn’t want to waste his breath and sneered maliciously. He raised his hand and was about to cut open Karen’s belly Bang As soon as he raised his hand, there was a gunshot, along with a bullet piercing through his hand, leaving a small hole with blood splattering all over the place. “Daddy!” Seeing her father suddenly appear out of nowhere, Little Karen was so anxious and started to rush over. “Baby Karen, stand still cover your eyes with your hands, and then turn around.” Kevin’s voice was low and pleasant to the ear, like a cello playing in the air.

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