My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 635

To Little Karen, her father had descended from the sky. He had come down from the roof of the building hanging on some ropes. To her, he was like Superman. When she and her mother needed him, he descended from the sky like a superhero. The spacious building was an abandoned corrugated iron warehouse. The walls and the roof of the house were made of corrugated iron sheets. The sound proofing was very poor, yet it was very solid. If it was touched, it would make a loud sound. It had been a few minutes since Kevin arrived, but the only door of the room was locked from the inside. He didn’t know what was going on inside, so he didn’t dare to break in. So he asked his men to check out the situation and found that there was a hole on the roof. He immediately decided to hang onto a rope and slide down. He dealt with Chace Yaleman and saved Karen and his daughter. “Daddy!” She saw her father and ran towards him on her small legs, without another care in the world. Kevin caught her small body rushing towards him. He held her in his arms and said softly, “Karen, you stay in Daddy’s arms and cover your ears. No eavesdropping or peeking.” He was going to teach Chace a lesson. It would be bloody and horrible, but he had to protect his daughter, so that his daughter’s world could still be pure and beautiful. He couldn’t let her see anything gory. Being held in her father’s arms, Little Karen was no longer afraid. A bright smile appeared on her little face as she said, “Okay.” Little Karen agreed sweetly. She immediately placed her small hands over her ears and obediently nestled in her father’s embrace. It was so warm and sturdy that it could shield her from any storm and danger. As long as her father was there, her world would be full of sunshine. “Matthew, you’re here!” Chace exclaimed, sounding like he didn’t feel the pain at all. He looked back at Kevin with a smile and said calmly, as if he was reminiscing their good old days with his old classmates instead of having kidnapped his wife and child. The two sides were on the verge of a war Kevin’s eyes swept over Chace and soon fell on Karen Daly. His eyes fell on her body and stayed on her. Karen’s hair was messy, and there were clear slap marks on her face… Every part of her was showing what Chace had done to her. Looking at Karen, the anger in Kevin, which had never been so violent before, skyrocketed. How could he not be angry when his most beloved treasure was hurt so badly by Chace. “Kevin, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Looking into his eyes, she knew what he was thinking. He must be blaming himself and feeling guilty. He was blaming himself for not protecting his wife and children. She knew that Kevin had arranged for someone to guard them. No one would have thought that Chace would actually find out where they were staying now. Not only that, he went to their house and kidnapped her and Little Karen. After the incident with Amelia Gray, Kevin investigated all the suspicious people around him, but it still wasn’t enough. Many people were trying very hard to defeat him. “Matthew, you must be angry to see your wife being beaten up like this! But so what if you are angry? I have already hurt her. That’s a fact. If you’re as strong as you say, beat me up like what I did to her and avenge her.” Bang As Chace ended his sentence, Kevin took out the gun and shot him again. He didn’t hit any of his vitals this time. Instead, he shot Chase on the knee, which made him fall to the ground with a thud. Kevin walked over to him. He had won. He didn’t even look at him as he walked past him. Kevin came by Karen and held her head with his right hand. He pushed her head towards him, and let her lean on his shoulder “Kevin..” Karen did not cry. When she was beaten by Chace, she did not even think about shedding a tear. However, when Kevin appeared in front of her and she called out his name, her tears rolled down uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes. “Kevin, I thought I would never see you again.” She laid on his shoulder and sobbed softly, her tears soaking his shirt. “Karen..” “I’m sorry! This time, it was my fault. I made a mistake, and he came to hurt you and Little Karen.” Kevin wanted to say these words, but he was never good at expressing these things. After calling her name, he didn’t know what to say. He just held them tightly to comfort them. “Matthew, I’ve always treated you as my classmate and my good brother, but look at you…” Chace, who was kneeling on the ground, added. He shook his head and said, “It’s you who broke your promise, don’t blame me for being too cruel.” However, even though he was making a fuss, Kevin did not pay attention to him. He patted Karen’s back gently, trying to calm her down. He held Little Karen tightly with his left hand, making her feel safe. “Kevin, do you think you can leave this place with your wife and daughter after you hurt me?” Chase laughed crazily. His laughter echoed throughout the empty house, like the voice of a ghost “Let’s go!” Kevin kissed Karen’s forehead and held her in his arms. He wanted to get the mother and daughter out so that he could deal with Chace. “Kevin, go ahead. Try and see if you can take the two of them away from here.” Whatever Chace said, Kevin ignored him. Finally, Chace was furious, and he was at his breaking point. He had kidnapped the two people who were the most important to Kevin. Shouldn’t Kevin be listening to him? Why was the reality completely different from what he had imagined? He had said so much, but Kevin still ignored him. However, it didn’t matter. Even if the situation was different from what he imagined, he could still end Kevin’s life. He continued to laugh wildly and said, “Kevin, since I’ve made you come here, I never thought about letting you leave this place alive. As long as you die, everything will go on as planned.” Kidnap the two most important people in Kevin’s life, and then bait Kevin to come here so that he can kill him. It was a risky plan. But before it happened, Chace had already thought about everything that could go wrong.

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