My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 636

He knew that even if he could make Kevin come to him, the possibility of killing him was very low, but Chace still did it because he had never expected that he would be able to go back alive. “Oh… then I’d like to see what other things you have up your sleeve.” Kevin stopped and looked back with a faint smile at Chace, who was kneeling on the ground. Kevin rarely smiled at strangers. If he smiled, it was most likely a sneer. No one wanted to see him smile like this. Because it could make one’s blood run cold. “Since you are so excited, how can I let you down?” Chace tried to stand up and wanted to be on equal footing with Kevin, but before he could stand up, he fell back down heavily. His blood seemed to flow faster out of where he was shot. If it continued to flow like this, Kevin wouldn’t have to kill him. He would just bleed to death. However, Chace was not afraid, because Kevin and his family would be buried together with him. Three people for one! It was well worth it. At this moment, he didn’t need to do too much. What he needed to do was to delay Kevin and make the three of them stay there for a few more minutes. That would be more than enough He would take Kevin and his family to another paradise. Although he might die in the process, and his body might be obliterated, it wouldn’t really matter. They will be dead anyway. He would no longer be the Young Master of the Yaleman Group, Kevin would no longer be the Director of Rovio. Who cares how they looked? When they arrived at Satan’s hell, everyone would be little demons. It would be a new start, nothing else would matter. “Matthew, I used to treat you as my good friend, but changes are inevitable. God really makes fools of people. Who made you so excellent? So excellent that even I, a man with great ability, envy you?” Chace was injured at several places, his whole body was bleeding, his whole body was in pain, and his consciousness was getting blurred. However, he was still forcing himself to provoke Kevin. He came here today not only for himself, but also for his mother and the whole Yaleman Family. Even if Old Mr. Yaleman had a lot of extramarital affairs and even several other children, he was still Chace’s father, and the man that Chace’s mother cared about most in her life. If anything happened to Old Mr. Yaleman, his mother wouldn’t have survived. Therefore, even if Old Mr. Yaleman had done unspeakable things to him and his mother, Chace still shouldered the heavy responsibility of stabilizing the Yaleman Group in critical times. And also, Chace was adamant to go on this path, because it was his greatest wish to defeat the seemingly almighty Kevin. “Matthew…” Chace kept going. He was purposely stalling for time. Knowing what he was doing, Kevin had an idea. Suddenly. he realized something and shouted, “Jeremiah, open the door!” As soon as Kevin gave the order, the sound of an electric saw immediately came from outside. His men cut a hole through the iron wall to let them escape. “Matthew, it’s too late. You don’t have time to get out of here… Let’s all die here today… Hahaha.” Chace laughed and lay on the ground face down, ready to go to another, more tranquil, realty “Director Kevin!” Jeremiah Sam immediately grabbed Kevin and his family and helped them escape. “Ask everyone to leave immediately. No one is to be hurt!” Even though he had figured out that Chase had installed a time bomb, he was still calm. He turned to look at Karen beside him and said, “Karen…” He wanted to say something to comfort her, but as he turned his head and looked at her gentle eyes, she smiled at him gently and said, “With you around, I am not afraid of anything.” Yes, she was not afraid of anything as long as Kevin was there! Even if there was a mountain of swords and a sea of flames in front of her, she would not be afraid as long as Kevin and Little Karen were by her side. Kevin needed to hear that. He needed Karen’s strong and defiant attitude He smiled at her. No matter what kind of thorny road was in front of them, as long as she and their daughter were there, nothing could be too difficult for him. Kevin patted the little child in his arms and said, “Baby Karen..” “Daddy, can I come out yet?” She had been obeying her father’s orders. If her father didn’t give the order, she would stay still in her father’s arms. “Yes my baby, you can come out now.” Hearing her soft voice, Kevin felt a warmth seep in his heart. “Daddy, I knew that you would come to save Mommy and I, 1 was not afraid!” She didn’t remember how scared she was before her father came. However, when her father came, she was not afraid at all. “You have always been so brave. I am very pleased!” At the same time, he held her with one hand and held Karen’s in the other. They quickly evacuated the place. “Matthew, don’t waste time and energy. Be just like me, accept all this and let’s go to another paradise.” Behind him, Chace’s voice was still like a fierce ghost, but they ignored him. They only had sights for each other, they could only hear what each other said. In this world, as long as they had each other, nobody else mattered. “Kevin, Kevin, you are too f*cking self-righteous. Do you really think that I am bluffing you?” Chace was so angry that he punched the hard floor and shouted with hatred. He sat up on the floor and suddenly laughed crazily. “Ha, ha, ha, ha… Kevin, I must make you pay for your stupidity and arrogance.” Chace roared as he counted, “Three, two, one… boom…” His voice was drowned out by the roar of the explosion. As Kevin and his group of people were on the only way out, there was a loud explosion Through the deafening explosion, a fiery light shot up into the sky. It was several meters high. Chace was lying on the ground, looking out from the door that Kevin’s men had made. He could see people being blown up into the sky. After a beautiful rotation in the air, they fell down. “Hahaha… Kevin, Kevin, I finally beat you once. I told you not to leave, but you insisted on leaving. If you had been blown up, what should I say to you?” Chace laughed with tears in his eyes. He seemed to have won this battle, but it didn’t feel like he had won anything either.

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