My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 637

Three months later. The cold winter had passed. Now everything came back to life, and the spring flowers bloomed. It was the best season of the year. New York, in a luxurious private hospital. At the entrance of the hospital, the door was heavily guarded. Without the approval of the superiors, even a fly couldn’t enter the building. Nick Black got out of the car, passed through security walked in and entered the elevator, and went straight to the high-end ward on the eighth floor. Standing in the elevator, he watched the numbers on the elevator rise. In a few seconds, the elevator had the eighth floor. He stood in the elevator, took a deep breath, tidied his neat suit, and then stepped out. He walked out of the elevator, turned right, and walked to the end of a corridor. Next to it was a luxury suite. Room number 8. Looking at the thick, heavy door, he stood still and took a deep breath. He waited for a few seconds before slowly raising his hand and knocking on the door. He waited for a few seconds until he heard a deep voice from inside the room, beckoning him to “come in”. Then he pushed the door open and went in “Director Kevin!” Nick looked at the man standing by the window, wearing a white shirt and pants, his back facing the door. Nick greeted Kevin Kyle with respect. “Oh?” Kevin stood up straight, his body motionless. He looked out of the window into the distance, looking at nothing and everything at the same time. “Director Kevin, we have finished all the tasks according to your orders.” Nick handed over the document in his hand, but Kevin still did not look back. Nick maintained his posture as he was waiting for Kevin to take it. After a long time, Kevin withdrew his gaze from the window and turned around Under the golden frames of his spectacles, his eyes were as sharp. Very quickly, the piercing quality dissipated away. “Everything is done?” he asked. His voice was low, but it carried a certain authority. “Chace is a hard nut. Even if we beat him to death, he won’t tell us the truth about what he did, but his mother is different. His mother adores him. He still has a little conscience and doesn’t want to see his mother suffer.” Speaking of this, Nick stepped forward and handed the document to Kevin with both hands. Kevin still didn’t take it. Nick maintained his posture. His heart was pounding furiously. He didn’t know if the director was satisfied with what he had done. After all, the victim of this incident was not anyone else, it was the woman that their director treasured the most-his wife. It had been three months since the explosion in New York, but the effects still plagued them until today, On January 5th in New York, a warehouse near a container in the suburbs was blown up by a bomb. The fire spread and burned for two days and two nights, burning up the whole warehouse completely This incident immediately attracted the attention of the authorities. When they knew that this incident was related to the director of Rovio, the authorities immediately classified this incident as a terrorist attack. In a terrorist attack, even if Chace Yaleman had nine brains, he could not escape punishment. Three days later, the authorities announced that the mastermind behind the incident had been captured and would be sentenced to death. However, Chace, who should have been sentenced to death, did not die. The authorities automatically handed him over to Kevin. After all, no matter how bad the impact of this incident was, it could not be compared with the impact it had on Kevin. Rovio’s international influence was very great. Even the government had to give Kevin some face. After a long while, Kevin reached out to take the documents When he opened it, he laid eyes on the many gory photos in the folder After turning several pages, he found that every picture was full of blood, bright red blood, and severed bodies of human beings. No, they were no longer human. At least not completely human. There was one photo that was very special. It showed a limbless Chace, lying on the ground, squirming as hard as he could The expression on his face looked very grim. He looked like he wanted to end his own life immediately, but he didn’t even have the ability to kill himself. He wanted to knock his head on the wall, but he couldn’t Because everything in his surroundings were soft, if he knocked on something, it would be as if he was knocking on cotton. He thought of biting his tongue to commit suicide. That would be even worse. His teeth had been pulled out one by one, and there were none left. He couldn’t bite his tongue even if he wanted to If he could, he really wanted to bite his tongue and commit suicide. After reading all this, Kevin’s face did not change at all. There was only a dark light flashing in his eyes, like a bloodthirsty demon “Did he admit that he sent people to kill Old Mr. Ken?” Kevin asked. His tone was still as indifferent and cold as usual, without too much emotion. “Yes, he admitted it himself and confessed to the crime. We have verified it. It’s true.” Nick replied respectfully. His tone sounded calm, but his heart was trembling. He had been by Kevin’s side for more than a decade, and he had always thought that he knew the director well. However, after this incident, he realised that he never really knew the director at all. The director always had a cold look, but he used torture very efficiently. And for Nick, as someone who did many unspeakable deeds for the director, he admitted he was beneath the director. After a long silence, Kevin gave another order. “Get someone to keep an eye on him. If he dies, you deal with it.” “Yes.” Nick immediately accepted the order. He sighed with relief. Fortunately, he was only loyal to Kevin and never had any other thoughts. Otherwise, he might end up like Chace. He thought of what Chace was going through. A “living hell” couldn’t give it enough justice. He was neither dead nor alive.. No matter how many years he could live, he no longer had the ability to speak or move. He was a living corpse who only had one breath left. Every day, he would have to endure all kinds of pain until he could no longer bear it and end his life. “When you settle everything with Chace, I want you to fly to Santorini on the Aegean Sea and keep an eye on the wedding preparations. Don’t make any mistakes.” After that, Kevin waved his hand, indicating for Nick to leave. Nick obeyed. He gently closed the door behind him, not daring to make a sound. After closing the door, he let out a long sigh. His director’s temper was getting stronger and stronger. The director’s tone had never changed when he talked to him, but it made him feel scared. He patted his chest to make his heart rate return to normal, and then he went to do what he was asked to do.

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