My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 638

In the room. As soon as Nick Black left, Kevin Kyle’s facial expression changed instantly. He became gentle, yet not entirely. His eyes were glazed with pain from blaming himself. For a long time, he had always been able to plan everything at work. No matter what tricks his opponents used, he could always figure out their tricks and keep ahead. For many years, he had been standing at the highest point and looking down on everyone, but he had miscalculated again and again on matters regarding Karen Daly. The more you cared, the more chaotic it would be, was this what they’d always say? Because the more he wanted to protect Karen, to protect her from any harm, other people would put in a lot more effort to hurt her. A few years ago, her belly was ruthlessly sliced open and her child was taken away. He was not with her, so she had to bear so much panic, helplessness, and fear alone. This time, he was by her side. He could protect her, but she had been severely burnt under his care. At this moment, when he thought of the day of the explosion, he could still feel a wound in his heart. At the most urgent moment, he instinctively wanted to protect his wife and child. He hugged Little Karen to protect her, but failed to save Karen… At the moment of the explosion, Karen shook off his hand. Just like many years ago, Charlie Gook sent his men to hit them with a car, but she chose to protect him. Although she was petite, she did not hesitate to use her body to block the flames that were spreading over Little Karen and him. Before she went into a coma that day, she gritted her teeth and said to him, “Kevin, I’m sorry! All this bad luck is my fault. Just let me end it.” She said, “Kevin, I’m sorry! I’m so selfish, so so selfish. I’m afraid of losing you, so just please let me go. She added, “Kevin, I know I chose to divorce you. But in fact, I didn’t want to. You don’t know how much I like you, I like you so much that you are more important than my own life. Because I left you, I didn’t know what else I could do. I can only make myself work. Only work can make me feel less pain, only work can distract me from the pain of losing you.” She said, “Kevin, if it’s possible, can you engrave ‘Mrs. Kyle on my tombstone? Because being Mrs. Kyle was the happiest time of her life. She wanted to leave the world with this identity. However, she did not know that the divorce agreement was fake, and the two divorce certificates were fake. She had always been Mrs. Kyle, Kevin’ s wife, and it would never change in this lifetime. She added, “Baby Karen, I’m sorry! When you were young, Mommy was not with you, and now I can’t stay with you anymore. But you must grow up healthy, Mommy will guard you from far away.” In the end, she said that the person she was most sorry for was the baby in her belly. Because of her selfishness, the baby did not have a chance to come into this world. The baby didn’t have the chance to see the beautiful sun, the rivers and the mountains. She had a lot of things to say to Kevin, but there was only darkness left in her world. Moreover, she could feel the life of the child in her belly fading little by little. “Baby, I’m sorry!” She said to her baby. However, she believed that her baby could understand her. The baby’s thoughts should be the same as hers. They would protect the baby’s father and sister together. At least they had to let their father and sister live well and let the two of them have a good life with their blessings. She said that she was selfish and she didn’t want to live alone, so she gave them the chance to live. What she said most were the words “I’m sorry”. She didn’t know, those were the words he hated the most, especially when they were from her. He needed her. He needed her to stay with him. He needed her to enjoy striving in the business world with him. She said she wouldn’t know what to live for if he wasn’t with her. But she should know that without her, what would he be living for? Kevin clenched his hands by his side and gritted his teeth, trying hard to calm the rolling pain in his heart. After a long silence, Kevin shifted his gaze from the door of the room to inside the room. In the room, Karen was lying on the big hospital bed, in a coma. The wounds on her body were almost healed, but there was still no sign of her waking up. She was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed, looking quiet and serene. If it weren’t for the fact that her face was very pale, so pale that there was no trace of blood on it, he would probably think that she was just sleeping. A lot of times, Kevin thought she was asleep. He felt like as long as he waited a little longer, she would wake up. She would open her eyes and look at him, smile at him gently, and call out his name-Kevin. Other than her, almost no one called his name like this. The elders in the family and his classmates and friends all called him Matthew, but she was the only one who would call him with that tone – Kevin. He didn’t know when he had fallen in love with this name, he liked to hear her call that name. Every time he heard her call him, he always felt that their relationship was closer. It seemed like only she could call him that and he only belonged to her. Just like how he always calls her name, he would feel like she belonged to him and him only. “Karen-” He said in a hoarse voice. It took him almost all his effort to call Karen’s name. He came to her bed and sat down, holding her hand carefully in his palm. “Karen, is your heart really that cruel? You don’t want me, but don’t you want our Little Karen? Can you bear to see that she is only four years old yet she doesn’t have a mother anymore?” “After Little Karen was born, until she turned three years old, she had never seen her own mother. When she saw other children in their mother’s arms, she kept blinking her beautiful big eyes and asked me silently, ‘Why do other children have mothers? Why doesn’t she have a mother? “Every time this happens, I can’t even look into her clear eyes because I don’t know what to tell her.” Speaking of the past, Kevin felt the pain in his heart becoming more and more intense, like endless waves of sharp stabs. It was so painful that he could not speak without long pauses. “Karen, I’m going to set our wedding on the 20th of the next month. I’ll leave twenty days for you to prepare. Don’t miss it.” The wedding had entered the final stage of preparation 20th of May was the date Kevin had chosen. The weather would be perfect, and the venue was her dream destination. It would be the day he could finally show her how much he loved her. And he would love her, forever! Even if Karen did not wake up, he would carry her to their wedding. She had been absent from his life for so many years. This time, no matter what, she would not miss their long-awaited, star-crossed wedding.

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