My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 639

Karen, can you hear me? Karen, can you feel me? If you can hear me or feel me, just say something. Just move your eyelashes or your fingers… Don’t let me feel so lonely while i’m waiting for you. He thought. He was so lonely, he felt like he had been abandoned by the whole world. “Karen.” Kevin held her hand to his lips and kissed her gently. Deep inside his heart, he kept calling her name. He hoped that she would respond to him. He hoped that he could hear her gently call out to him – Kevin! But after waiting for three long months, her eyes were still closed tightly and she still lay quietly, not willing to open her eyes to look at him. Was this the punishment she had given him? The punishment for faking their divorce when he knew that she had been threatened. She must have known the truth, so she punished him in such a cruel way, letting him know how sad she was at that time. “Daddy!” Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Little Karen poked her head into the room and softly called out to her father. Hearing Little Karen’s voice, his heart, which felt like it was immersed in an ice cellar, melted. He hid the pain in his eyes and turned to look at the door with a gentle expression. “You’ re here.” Little Karen rushed to her father’s arms and wiggled. She looked up at her mother lying on the bed and said, “Daddy,1 miss Mommy.” She wanted her mother to wake up, wanted her mother to tie up her beautiful braids, wanted her mother to hold her in her arms and kiss her, and she wanted her mother to accompany her to kindergarten. When her mother came back, she had always done these things for her. After her mother was injured, it was her Little Aunt and grandmother who took care of her. Although her grandmother and aunt could tie her hair just as well, it was never as good as how her mother did it. She wanted her mother to do a lot of things with her, but her mother had been sleeping all the time. No matter how much she called her, her mother did not wake up. Was it because she was not as cute as she used to be so her mother didn’t want to see her? Was that why she didn’t want to wake up? Thinking of this, Little Karen’s big eyes became dark, “Daddy Mommy doesn’t want me anymore?” Because she didn’t have a mother when she was born, her heart has always been more sensitive than other children. She thought that her mother had abandoned her. “Silly girl!” Kevin kissed her pink face and said gently, “Mommy loves you the most, how could Mommy not want you?” “Then why is Mommy not waking up?” She asked pitifully. It felt like if he did not give her the answer she wanted, she would burst into tears, “Because Mommy was injured when she tried to save us, she was badly injured, that’s why Mommy..” Speaking of this, Kevin felt a tight squeeze in his heart, which made him feel a little breathless. “Mommy was injured because she loves Daddy and I? So it’s not because Mommy doesn’t want me anymore?” She was small, but she was very smart. She understood her father’s words. “Little Cutie, you’re right.” Kevin rubbed her head and hugged her tightly. In the past three years when Karen was not around, it was this little kid who gave him the strength to go on. Now, while waiting for Karen to wake up, every day that passed felt like utter torture. And still it was Little Karen who accompanied him, who made him firmly believe that she would wake up His baby was so sensible because her mother was also a caring person. She had inherited all the best personalities of her mother. “Daddy, Little Aunt said I can stay with Daddy for a little longer today.” She repeated what her aunt had told her. After the New Year celebrations, Little Karen went to a kindergarten in New York. Mia Kyle and some bodyguards took her to and from her kindergarten every day. After the explosion, Papa Kyle, Mama Kyle, and Mia all rushed to America as soon as possible. It was the first time in decades that they had not celebrated New Year’s Eve in their own country. At that time, when he heard the news, Neil Brown also wanted to come. But because of his unique status as a member of the military, it was not easy for him to exit the country. He only came to visit after the New Year. After staying for a few days, his work forced him back to Chatterton Town before he could help Kevin with anything. Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle would visit Karen at the hospital every day. They wanted Kevin to go back and have a good rest, but Kevin didn’t leave. Karen had been admitted to the hospital for three months, and Kevin stayed in the hospital for three months. For the past three months, he had not walked out of the suite. He gave his men full responsibility to take care of his business at Rovio. He put all his mind on Karen. If Karen did not wake up, he wouldn’t have the mood to do other things. Mia was responsible for picking up Little Karen every day. She would take her to the kindergarten in the morning and then take her to the hospital in the afternoon, so that Little Karen could chat with her father and mother in the hospital. As for Kevin’s feelings for Karen, Mia felt that no one could see it more clearly than she did. During the few years when Karen was missing, Mia watched Kevin go through it with her own eyes. And for the past three months, she had been watching Kevin stay beside her. Every time she saw Kevin looking blank and sad, like his soul had left him, Mia would tear up silently. She felt sorry for her brother, but she couldn’t think of any way to help him. Sometimes, she would think that if she could choose, she would change positions with Karen, so that Karen could wake up and reunite with her husband and daughter. But that was only in Mia’s imagination. She couldn’t help with anything else, so she could only watch her brother feeling sad. In the past, in her memory, her cold brother would always look distant and unfriendly, someone not to be messed with. No matter where he went, he would be the strong person everyone looked up to. There was nothing in life that could stump him. Until a few years ago, Karen suddenly disappeared from his life… At that time, Mia knew that her cold brother was not a “God”. He was just an ordinary human, flesh and blood. He could get hurt and feel pain too! When others were in pain, they would have someone by their side. When he was in pain, he could only lick his wounds alone. No one could help him. Because for a long time, it had become a habit for him to support the whole family. Everyone was accustomed to being protected by him. And no one could protect him. When he was injured, he would hide his wounds and wound never let anyone worry about him.

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