My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 640

After Mia sent Little Karen to the hospital, she didn’t accompany her to the ward because she was afraid she might be too sad and cry if she saw her brother. Her cold brother was forbearing enough. How could she cause more trouble for him? So she stood outside and quietly guarded the three of them. Since he was a child, he had taken care of her. When they grew up, he was still taking care of her. Mia had never done anything for him. So at this moment, she wanted to stay there and guard the family of three. She couldn’t do more for them, at least she could help them keep the peace. She also believed that her sister-in-law would definitely feel her brother’s affection beside her and wake up. As the doctor said, Karen’s brain could still react to external stimuli. As long as they regularly talked to her, she could wake up sooner or later. Even if it was only a possibility, Mia believed that her sister in-law would wake up. She was sure of it. Thinking of this, Mia leaned against the door and listened to the voices in the ward quietly. “You miss Mommy huh?” Kevin Kyle put Little Karen next to her mother and sat down, then said, “Tell Mommy what you really want to say. Although she can’t answer you for the time being, I’m sure she can hear you.” Kevin had always believed that even though Karen was not awake, she could feel them and hear them. Therefore, he would spend every day with Little Karen by her side, telling her many stories. He believed that as long as they persisted, Karen couldn’t bear to let them be sad any longer. She would definitely make it. She had endured the hardest three months. She would definitely wake up and be with him and their Little Karen. “Mommy, Daddy said that you’ve slept for three months, and I’ve grown taller. Daddy said that you have to wake up quickly, or you won’t be able to carry me if I grow any taller.” Little Karen remembered what her father had said. Her father told her that she was her mother’s most precious treasure. As long as she came to accompany her mother every day, her mother would wake up. She rubbed her eyes and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to be a child without a mother anymore. Wake up quickly.” While she was talking, Kevin noticed out of the corner of his eye that a finger on Karen’s left hand seemed to move slightly However, when he took a closer look, he realized that the hand was still stationary, as if it was just his imagination. His heart beat heavily again. In just a few seconds, he felt like he had experienced the ups and downs of life again. Kevin said, “Karen, what did you learn in kindergarten today?” She thought for a moment and said, “I learned the Little Bear Dance. When Mommy wakes up, I’ll dance for Mommy to see.” He said, “Our baby is so smart. You’ve mastered the little bear dance so quickly, when Mommy wakes up and sees that our baby is so good, she will be very happy.” She replied, “I also made a new friend.” Kevin replied exaggeratedly, “Wow, you made a new friend. Is it a boy or a girl?” Little Karen did not like to make friends with other children of the same age. She would either feel like the other children were not good looking, or she would think that other children were not as smart as her. So Kevin was genuinely curious. “It’s a little boy. His hair is blond, and he looks like a doll.” This was the description that she could think of. Kevin pictured a small boy with blond hair and fair skin. He stroked her head and said, “Well, one day, you will grow up and get to know more and more friends in the future.” “But I don’t want many friends, I only want Mommy and Brother Lionel.” As for Jayden, she didn’t want to get too close to him. These days, Jayden would come to the hospital after school. He would sit with them for a while and then go home with Little Karen. “Mommy heard your wish, and she will wake up.” Kevin pinched her pink face and ignored the other person she had mentioned. That Lionel. He had disappeared for more than half a year, but the little girl was still obsessed with him. Kevin didn’t know whether it was a good thing or not. In life, the greatest pain was when you miss someone dearly. But it was a pain Kevin was willing to endure. To miss a person, and to feel pain in the heart… Maybe this was what separated humans and animals. It proves that someone is of flesh and blood, not a cold blooded animal. When did Kevin stop being that emotionless, cold blooded animal? If he had to think back, it wasn’t after he registered his marriage with Karen. It was when he saw her for the first time. Some things you remember for a lifetime. Sometimes it’s love at first sight. Maybe it was that one glance, that one time, he always remembered that stubborn, beautiful girl. The first time he saw Karen, it was snowing on Christmas Eve. On that day, happy Christmas songs could be heard all around. The melody was so lively that many people hummed along when they heard it. On that day, when he had returned to Beaford City, he had originally planned to put an end to the relationship which had never existed. He was always like this. He didn’t like to put things off no matter what, and he wouldn’t be bound by any thread. However, before he could end that relationship in person, something happened. The elder sister had a child with the fiance of the younger sister, yet the two families sided with the elder sister and kicked the younger sister out. He didn’t know whether it was out of sympathy or some other feeling, but when he saw Karen, who was in a thick jacket, kicked out of the house, he asked the driver to follow her. He never liked to meddle in other people’s business, yet he followed her to the bar by chance and saw that she was getting drunk alone. Kevin still remembered that day like it was yesterday. Karen sat alone in the corner, downing glass after glass. Many malicious eyes were already locked on to her, but she didn’t realize the risk. She drank the alcohol like it was water. Next to her, there were two men discussing together, “Look at that drunk girl. She probably has just been dumped by her boyfriend The other man said, “Just nice. We don’t have any female companions. We can make her play with us later.” “Look at that chick. Tsk tsk, she was born to seduce men.”

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