My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 641

 “Let me go first, let me warm her up.” The men rubbed their hands, as if Karen Daly was food on their plates. “Why do you have to go first? You went first last time, this time it should be me.” The other man said discontentedly. “You chose to let me go first previously, but now that the girl s pretty, you want to go first? You wish.” None of them were willing to concede. “How about.. let’s go together!” The man suggested again. The conversation between the two men became more and more disgusting. Their eyes were fixed on Karen, and they wished they could throw themselves at Karen immediately. Kevin had heard all of what they had said. The more he listened, the more he frowned. His fingers tightened around his glass She was just a stranger who had nothing to do with him. For some reason, when he heard other people insulting her, he got angry and wanted to tear the two sloppy men into pieces. “Let’s go.” The two men exchanged glances and stood up at the same time, walking towards Karen. The two men sat down in front of her. One of them reached out to grab her hand eagerly. Just as she was drinking happily, she was suddenly grabbed by someone. She frowned in disgust, pulled back her hand, and glared at him, “F**k off! Don’t ruin my mood!” Even though she glared at them fiercely, she had been drunk for quite some time already. Her stare was not scary, but soft and flirty “Hey, she has a temper.” One of the men smiled obscenely and reached out at Karen again. “It’s boring to drink alone. Let the two of us drink with you, and we promise you a good time.” However, before the man could touch Karen, Karen splashed the alcohol on the man’s face. She burped and said angrily, “I’m in a bad mood. You’d better get out of my way, or I’ll make you suffer!” She was full of anger and could not find anyone to express it to. She could not find someone to vent her anger. Only alcohol could help her. Alcohol could numb her nerves, and alcohol could temporarily make her forget that she had been betrayed by the people closest to her. “Haha.” Thinking of what happened to her, her father’s cruel eyes, her mother’s hesitant look, and the couple who betrayed her, she wanted to just grab the bottle of alcohol and finish it all. “F*ck!” The man felt humiliated. He got up and grabbed Karen, trying to take her away by force. “F*ck off! Let me go!” Karen wanted to push him away, but she was too drunk. “F*ck off? We’ll bring you somewhere… and then we’ll f*ck in bed!” The man said in a disgusting tone into her ear. The bar was loud and noisy. Things like this happened almost every day. No one knew whether they knew each other or not, so naturally, no one meddled with their argument So the two men forced her to go with them. Anyway, she was drunk. No matter what happened that night, she might not remember it at all. Even if she remembered, at daybreak tomorrow, everything would have already happened. She couldn’t make any accusations. Because this could be just drunken sex, a one night stand, who would care? They could still take the opportunity to threaten her, control her in the future, and make her work for them. However, they had never expected that before they could achieve their goal, they turned around and saw a tall man standing behind them, The man looked sharp and handsome in a silver-gray suit. He didn’t say anything and did nothing. He only looked at them, and his cold eyes under his gold rimmed glasses frightened them. Just one glance from someone like that was enough for people to look away in fear. The two men were rascals, little rascals that only did petty crime. They didn’t dare to offend the big shots. The two of them exchanged glances and tried to avoid the strong man. However, when they walked to the side, the man stepped in front of them and blocked their way. One of the men pretended to act brave and said, “Boy, get out of the way. Don’t meddle in other people’s business!” In their minds, they had gone through all the young masters of rich families and powerful people in Beaford City. None of them looked like this guy. This man looked posh and dressed rich, but in fact, that could be only on the surface. On the inside, he might just be an empty can, or perhaps a gangster of lower status than they were. After thinking about it, the two men become confident and started to act like the hooligans they were. They didn’t say much and tried to beat him up. However, their fists could not even touch the man’s clothes, Instead, they let out screams of pain. Before their fists reached him, the man had stepped hard on the back of one man’s foot, and then trampled hard on the other man’s foot He wore glasses and a suit. He looked gentle, but the strength of his foot was as heavy as iron. Their toes were flattened under the sheer force. Feeling the pain, they loosened their hands and let go of the drunk Karen Daly, who didn’t have any sense of direction anymore. Her body collapsed to the left. Kevin Kyle leaned to her side to catch her intoxicated and limp body. “Young Master… why don’t you hand her over to me?” Uncle Watson rushed over and saw what had happened. The young master had a pet peeve, he never allowed women to be close to him. But at this moment, seeing Kevin holding a woman he didn’t know in his arms, Uncle Watson could not believe it. “Take care of the two of them. After saying these words coldly, Kevin held Karen by the waist and strode away “Did I see something wrong?” Uncle Watson’s voice came from behind, which sounded like he was in awe. Even Kevin couldn’t believe himself. He couldn’t believe that he would follow a woman he didn’t know, couldn’t believe that he would meddle in other people’s business, and couldn’t believe that he would be carrying the woman in his arms. In the past, except for his mother and his sister Mia, there was no other woman who could get close to him. Therefore, Mia always thought of him strangely and always assumed that he was gay. He was very clear about his sexual orientation, but he never cared enough to explain it. He always knew that it was not that he didn’t like women, but that he hadn’t met a woman who he could fall in love with, a woman he wanted to take care of for the rest of his life. He walked out of the bar with Karen in his arms. Suddenly the cold wind blew on Karen’s face, and she came back to her senses. She moved, but before she could figure out where she was, she moved again. Then, she realized that she was in someone else’s arms.

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