My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 642

Karen Daly looked up at the man holding her drunkenly and muttered, “I’m dreaming. I must be dreaming. Such a handsome man can only appear in a dream.” She felt that she must be dreaming one of her more sexual dreams. She had been abandoned by her closest family, so God sent her an angel who was much more good looking than Charlie Gook to save her. “Hey hey… you look so handsome. If you smile, don’t put on a straight face, you will look better.” Karen suddenly raised her hand and pinched his face. It was a dream anyway. In her dreams, she could do whatever she wanted. No one could do anything to her. She not only pinched his face, she also opened her mouth and talked to him! Kevin couldn’t help but frown at the strong stench of alcohol. He really wanted to throw her by the road to suffer in the cold wind, so that she would not drink like this in future. However, he did not care that she was pinching him. He held her tighter and asked in a low voice, “Do you have a place to go?” Kevin knew that she couldn’t go back to her home, but he couldn’t take her back with him, so he planned to send her to her friend or someone she could trust. “A place to go? Do you mean home?” Karen smiled miserably. “I was just kicked out by my family. I have no home and no family. No one wants me. I will only have myself to rely on in the future.” Upon hearing her words, Kevin’s raised his brows even higher “My beloved mother doesn’t want me, my father doesn’t want me, my sister and my fiancé have a child together… They betrayed me together. Am I that much of a failure?” Karen thought that she was dreaming, so she just blabbered on about whatever came to her mind. Kevin still didn’t say a word. He only knew that her name was Karen Daly, the second daughter of the Daly Family. Other than that, he didn’t know much about her, so he was not clear about her character. “If you don’t answer me, it just means you also think I’m a failure.” As she spoke, she smiled, but her smile became more bitter. “Since I was young, I’ve been giving in to her, everything has been hers… She would choose the better looking clothes first, when there were snacks, she would taste it first. Only one of us could study abroad, and I let her have the chance, just because she is my sister. I’m willing to give it to her.” Because she loved her family and sister, she hoped that her parents could rest assured and her sister could be happy, so she was willing to let her sister go. She was willing to do so, and she did not complain at all. “But today, she stole my fiance. My father said that I was useless, my mother wanted me to give way to her. I can give her anything, but my fiance?” “In fact, what really hurts me is not that my fiance was stolen away from me, but that I have been abandoned by my closest family. I am a useless abandoned child.” “My father often beats and scolds my mother. My fiance f*cked my sister. You men are all trash.” As she spoke, she gave Kevin a look of disgust. Although he looked handsome, he was also a man, so he was definitely trash. As soon as she started talking, she couldn’t stop, Kevin stood by the road with her in his arms, and listened to her drunken speech in the cold wind. After scolding him, she finally thought of the man who was holding her. She glanced at him and asked drunkenly, “By the way, what’s your name? Who sent you here to comfort me? Do you also pity me? Let me tell you, I don’t need you to pity me.” “Why don’t you say anything. Don’t you have a name?” She didn’t even give him a chance to answer. She added, “If you don’t have a name, then i’ll give you a name. You’re… called… what’s your name really?” She was so drunk that she couldn’t think of a good name. She was anxious and said, “Tell me now, or I will drive you out of my dream.” “Kevin Kyle.” Kevin gave her a simple answer, because he simply wanted to tell her, not because he was threatened by her. There were not many people in the world who would dare threaten the big boss of Rovio Corporation. It was very hard for others to meet him. However, today he was listening to a drunkard talking nonsense. “Kevin Kyle? You’re Kevin Kyle?” She said with a silly smile, “I’ve always liked the surname Kyle, because my idol is also called Kyle.” “Idol?” He raised his eyebrows and asked. “Prince Kyle the Fourth! He is my Prince Charming. Have you seen his palace? Haven’t you gone to London? I’ve been to London to look at the palace he lived in.” Speaking of her Prince Charming, she was so excited that she forgot about everything else. She began to ramble on Kevin asked gloomily, “What do you like about this Prince Charming of yours?” “What do I like about him?” She thought for a moment and said, “He’s dominant, especially when he wears his armor, and… why do you care about what I like?” Karen burped and continued, “I don’t need to talk to an imaginary person like you. You won’t understand even if I tell you. If there is a chance in the future, when I go to London again, I will try to dream of you and take you out for a walk.” “Dream?” She bantered with him for a long time. She had just assumed he was an imaginary person Kevin suddenly felt a little angry. He loosened his hands and wanted to let her go. Even if she was not heavy, it was tiring to hold her for such a long time. However, as soon as he let her go, her body moved sideways and threatened to collapse to the ground again. He instinctively reached out his hand to hold her steady. At this moment, a sad thing happened. Karen began to vomit. Fortunately, she didn’t eat dinner and didn’t vomit much. But for Kevin, the germaphobe, it was absolutely unbearable. “You!” His face became dark, but he didn’t know what to do with her, because she fell asleep in his arms and closed her eyes “Young Master!!” When Uncle Watson finished dealing with the two rascals, he came back and saw what had happened. Good heavens! Someone was going to die today! He didn’t dare to look. She vomited so much on the Young Master’s body. The Young Master was notoriously germaphobic. It would not end well for this little girl. However, what stunned Uncle Watson even more was that the young master did not throw the girl away. Instead, he picked her up again and said, “Back to the hotel.” Uncle Watson was in a state of shock. He stood still. Kevin looked back at him and said, “Drive back to the hotel.” Uncle Watson was frightened and quickly replied, “Yes, yes, yes..” There were so many strange things that happened that night. Was this man really their young master? The one who never meddled in other people’s business? The one who was scared of germs?

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