My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 643

On the way back to the hotel, Uncle Watson looked at Kevin in the backseat from the rearview mirror. He wanted to say something several times but did not dare to. After all, if the young master wanted to do anything, it was not something he, a driver, could control. Besides, the young master was young and strong. It was reasonable for him to take the girl home. In more than half an hour, the car stopped outside the hotel. Kevin got out of the car with a frown and walked to the hotel with Karen Daly in his arms. “Director Kevin..” Seeing Kevin come back with a woman in his arms, Amelia Gray, who was waiting at the hotel, greeted him immediately. She was much more surprised than Uncle Watson. It was only half a day that she wasn’t with Director Kevin, yet the director came back with a woman at night. This was something that they had never dared to think about in the past. “Get someone to prepare a set of clean female clothes and send them to my room.” Kevin said coldly and walked to the elevator with a straight face. “Director..” Amelia wanted to say something, but Kevin had already entered the elevator. The elevator door closed and blocked her from him. She could not even see Kevin’s back. Back in the room, Kevin went into the bathroom with Karen in his arms. Their clothes were all dirty and reeked of alcohol. They couldn’t wear these clothes anymore, so they had to take a shower and change their clothes. However, they were a man and a woman. There was no relationship between them. Of course he could not just take off her clothes. She couldn’t sleep if she was in dirty clothes, she couldn’t even take a bath. However, he couldn’t be the one to take off her clothes and help her wash up. After thinking about it, he decided they would bathe together with their clothes on. He turned on the hot water and held her in his arms under the shower. After washing, Amelia came back with their clean clothes. Kevin said coldly, “Go to the room and change her clothes.” Amelia came to Kevin’s room. It was the room that Kevin had slept in. She looked around and found a woman she couldn’t recognize, lying in Director Kevin’s bed in wet clothes. It was Director Kevin’s bed. Amelia lowered her eyelids and didn’t dare to look around or change her expressions. She helped the woman change out of her wet clothes as fast as she could. “Director Kevin, it’s done.” After changing, Amelia went to the living room to report to him. “Get someone to come in and clean up.” Kevin’s tone was still cold and direct. He turned his back to her and did not even look at her. “Director Kevin, that woman… “That’s my business.” Before Amelia could finish her words, he interrupted her. He had a few special assistants loyal to him, who were his best assistants at work. He would listen to their suggestions in work, but his private life was his own business, he didn’t want others to gossip about it. “Il go and get the staff now.” Amelia knew that she was prying, so she hurried off. The hotel staff quickly rushed to clean up the room and change the bedding. When they left, Karen had already fallen asleep on the big bed that Kevin had slept on. Looking at her defenseless sleeping posture, Kevin frowned again with anger in his eyes. If he didn’t catch up with her tonight, would she be lying on the bed with the two rascals now? Thinking of this, his eyes darkened. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. After getting through, he said, “I need you to look after someone for me. As long as she’s in Beaford City, you have to ensure her safety.” “Who on earth is this person who you want to protect, Director Kevin?” It was a man’s voice on the other side of the phone. He wanted to know too much. “You should know about the Daly family who is quite close to the Gook family. She’s the second daughter of the Daly family. If anything happens to her, I will come to you.” Kevin said and hung up immediately. “So Kristine is your daughter, am I not your daughter then? A woman’s voice started to mutter… “Just because she is pregnant with a child of the Gook family, you want to side with her and abandon me? Are you two really my parents?” “Is this what you use your daughter for? Haha… It’s ridiculous. “You don’t want me anymore, then I don’t want you all too in the future. Don’t accuse me of being ungrateful in the future…” As soon as he hung up the phone, Kevin heard Karen’s voice behind him. In her sleep, she was ranting about her family members in a low voice. Although she said that she didn’t care, in fact, she cared about her family. If she really didn’t care, she would not be dreaming about them, and she would not be so sad. Kevin walked over to her, pulled up the quilt to cover her, and sat on the bed. His eyes fell on her fair and clean face, and he couldn’t turn his eyes away. What was the difference between her and other people? Why did he want to follow her? Why would he be so patient to listen to her ranting about other people? Why would he take her back to the hotel and let her sleep in his bed? Kevin couldn’t figure it out, and he didn’t intend to think about it anymore After sitting with her for a while and seeing that she didn’t make any more noise, he went to the study next door and continued to work Because of the time difference and jetlag, he did not sleep the whole night. He dealt with his work until dawn, and then he went to the company for a meeting. When he returned to the hotel after the meeting, the woman who occupied his bed for the night had already left. She left nothing behind. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a little lost. This was the first time that Kevin saw Karen. He remembered this woman deeply, he remembered that she was drunk and scolded him and vomited on him. What about her? She didn’t remember him at all. Maybe she really thought he was just an imaginary person who appeared beside her last night. She had a dream, and after she woke up from it, he no longer existed. Later, Kevin heard from the person who was protecting her that Kristine Daly was framing Karen. She couldn’t stay in Beaford City. Therefore, she was forced to go to Chatterton Town. A few years later, Kevin met her in Chatterton Town… Recalling the past, Kevin only felt a sharp pain in his heart. It was as if tens of thousands of ants were biting at his heart. His world was dark. At that time, Karen had experienced such a huge betrayal, she was accused of seducing her brother-in-law. Now, she couldn’t even step foot in Beaford City Yet, she didn’t fall down. She struggled and survived step by step until she met him. After she met him, it was the beginning of her bad luck. She had experienced all the misfortune. However, Kevin still firmly believed that the current Karen was still the same person as before. Strong and brave Through pure effort, she would wake up. Because she knew that Kevin and her child were waiting for her to wake up. She knew that their family was incomplete without her. She would never want to see Little Karen without a mother. “Karen, you will wake up, right?” Kevin held her hand and asked softly. Two drops of warm tears rolled down from the corner of Karen’s eyes. It was her answer to his questions..

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