My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 644

“Karen, you heard me, didn’t you?” Kevin Kyle was ecstatic when he saw tears rolling down from the corner of Karen Daly’s eyes. Karen! Karen! Karen! Kevin repeatedly called out for Karen, however, she did not provide him with any responses apart from the tears that she had just shed. Karen remained still. Kevin’s aggressively palpitating heart slowed down and turned cold, as if it was being drowned by collapsing icy- cold glaciers which dampened his boiling excitement He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and murmured, “Karen, are you really that reluctant and unwilling to wake up to see me?” “It’s been three months. It’s been three whole months. How long more do you want to sleep for? Do you want to sleep for a lifetime?” Suddenly, Kevin growled. At this very moment, he looked exactly like a wild beast going berserk, losing its rationality. However, he did not appear to be dangerous, instead, you could tell that he was in immense sorrow. Karen had been lying on the hospital bed for the past three months now. He stayed by her bedside throughout this time, and every minute and second was pure suffering for him. They both had the same thought. He really wished that he was the one who got hurt that day, and he was the person lying on the hospital bed now. He went mad! He roared furiously! Being aloof and reserved, these were not what Kevin would normally do. He had never done such a crazy thing like this in the past 30 years. Despite witnessing Karen’s injury, he was still able to stay calm and send Karen to the hospital as fast as he could, striving for the shortest time to bring her medical attention. As for today, Kevin’s emotions broke out because he had been holding it in for too long. He was exhausted and had a rough time. He was on the verge of breaking down. He wanted to vent his emotions this way to let Karen know that he missed her very much, and hoped that she would come round soon and stay by his side safe and sound. “Karen, did you hear me? I’m talking to you! Are you going to sleep for another three months? Three years? Or thirty years?” Kevin felt as though he was going crazy. If Karen did not get up soon, he would definitely go crazy. He could not bear the fear of losing her Maybe Kevin’s desperate roar was too sorrowful for anyone to hear. Deep down, Karen could hear his words clearly, and even feel his pain in her heart. “Don’t be sad, Kevin!” Karen tried hard to open her eyes and her mouth to speak out. She wanted to caress Kevin’s face desperately… She wanted to tell him not to worry and be sad anymore. She would try her best to wake up and return to the family’s side. However, no matter how hard Karen attempted, her efforts were in vain. She was unable to move, or to open her eyes and say anything. She could only feel worried and helpless when she heard Kevin’s frustrating vents. As Karen wanted to wake up so badly, she used all her strength to do so. Just as she was trying her very best, she felt increasing discomfort and tightness in her chest. Eventually, it seemed that she let out a deep breath which choked her and she let out a subtle cough. “Cough…” Karen let out a cough suddenly. For Kevin, it was the most pleasant sound he had ever heard in his life. “Karen!” This time, Kevin did not dare to overreact. He was worried that it was just his hallucination. Maybe Karen did not make a single sound at all. It was all in his mind. He imagined that Karen coughed because he wanted to hear her so badly. Since he was unsure, he became cautious and lowered down his voice. He was so nervous that his mind was messed up. “Kevin!” Karen tried to call for Kevin too. She wanted to tell him that she could hear his every word, but she was struggling to respond. “Karen, don’t worry. I know you can hear me, and that’s enough.” Kevin was so excited that he could not speak in complete sentences. “Just, lie down, I’ll ask the doctor to come and see you right away.” Hurriedly. Kevin called for the doctor. The doctor immediately conducted a complete physical examination for Karen. After the check-up, the doctor said excitedly, “Director Kevin, your wife’s condition has apparently improved, it’s much better than yesterday. Her brain is working actively and her physical condition is much better. The chances of her coming out of her coma are now greater.” Although Karen had not yet awakened, the possibility of her waking up greatly increased, which was also gratifying to hear The doctor continued, “Director Kevin, if you continue talking to your wife, it will further improve her brain activity and accelerate her recovery.” The doctor found Karen’s recovery condition to be incredible. Initially, when he received Karen’s case, she was on the brink of death. Because of her serious injuries, she could succumb to her injuries any time. However, when they were operating on her, a miracle happened. Her tenacity allowed her to pull through the most critical and dangerous period. Her injuries were too serious and she had profuse bleeding. After the surgery, her health condition did not seem well too, but Karen once again managed to pull herself through. She kept herself strong and her condition stable. This rate of recovery got stuck in a plateau that lasted for three months. Superficial injuries on her body healed in the past three months, but her overall health condition was still weak, so she could not get up yet. Yesterday, when they did a routine examination, her health condition was the same as usual, without any significant improvement However, during the physical examination just now, her physical condition was very much improved. Her brain activity was active, and her heart rate was normal. These vital signs were similar to a healthy person. The attending doctor had been operating for decades and encountered a lot of patients and cases before. He rarely came across patients who were in such a bad situation at the beginning, yet could survive until the end. Initially, the doctors were still wondering what kind of motivation would make a frail woman so persistent? After observing throughout the months, the answer was self evident. Her husband and daughter motivated her a lot. It was their love and her love for them that allowed her to hold on until now. Kevin felt more relieved as he believed that Karen might come round anytime. He took a hot towel, sat beside Karen’s bed and wiped her forehead. While wiping, he said, “Karen, I know that you can hear what I’m talking about, so please listen to me carefully. On the 20th of May, we will have our wedding ceremony, so you must wake up before the day comes.” His tone sounded very domineering, which was very similar to the tone he used to issue orders to his subordinates during work. His instructions were not intimidating but stern. Karen could hear everything, from the doctor explanations to what Kevin said… She really wanted to answer Kevin’s question so that he would not be so sad. She really wanted to raise her hand to touch his face. It was probably due to her strong perseverance, she broke through the limits of her body. She thought about caressing Kevin so badly that her hand really moved.

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