My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 645

“Karen!” Kevin Kyle grabbed Karen Daly’s hand in utter excitement This time, he was 100 percent sure that he did not just hallucinate, but indeed, Karen moved. She gave him a response. “Karen, don’t rush it, let’s take it slowly. You can get up slowly.” Kevin was so exhilarated that he did not know what to do, just like a silly boy. It seemed inappropriate to hold onto Karen tightly, but he did not want to let go of her either After going to great lengths, spending so much time and effort, the wait seemed like years… Upon Kevin’ s anticipation day and night, finally, Karen opened her eyes slowly. However, as she had been unconscious for too long, just as she opened her eyes, she felt a beam of glaring sunlight. The light hurt her eyes, and she teared uncontrollably. Instinctively, she shut her eyes. “Karen, don’t worry. I’ll draw the curtains together then you can try opening your eyes again.” Through Karen’s subtle movement, Kevin knew what she needed. He quickly drew the curtains and closed the door. The lights dimmed and the room got darker. He returned to Karen’s side and said, “Karen, try to open your eyes again.” Karen slowly opened her eyes again. However, because the light in the room was too dim, she could not see Kevin clearly even though he was close at hand. “Karen, get used to this for a while, and see if it gets better later.” Kevin’s nervous voice echoed in Karen’s ears. It was not difficult to notice that word he said portrayed his care and affection towards Karen. “Kevin…” Karen opened her mouth, but she could not make a sound. Although it was just a small act of opening her eyes and mouth, she already used up almost all her strength. Karen thought to herself, “How can I be so useless and make Kevin worry?” But for Kevin, it was beyond delightful that Karen could wake up. So what if she could not speak for the time being? “Karen, it doesn’t matter. Let’s take your time to recover slowly!” Kevin bent over and kissed her forehead gently. At this moment, he was overjoyed. He waited for three months. With him feeling disappointed day after day, Karen woke up miraculously today. What else could excite him more than this? When Kevin kept reassuring her, Karen felt even more anxious, because she didn’t want him to be sad for her. She moved and tried to sit up. However, because she had been in a coma for too long and her body was in poor condition, she only managed to budge a little and then lied down. “Karen, we’re not in a hurry!” Kevin touched her face and said, “I’ll call the doctor over.” Since Karen could not say anything, Kevin did not wait for her answer. He summoned a few doctors who were on-call. Karen was completely awake, which meant she was entirely out of critical condition. When the doctors saw her, they all breathed a great sigh of relief and smiled. They have not smiled this wide for a long time. It meant that they could save themselves from being executed together with Karen, if unfortunately Karen could never wake up again. After a series of hard work, Karen was prescribed intravenous nutrition and many methods were taken to aid her recovery in strength. After the doctors left, Karen finally opened her eyes. As soon as she opened them, her first thought was to touch her abdomen However, as soon as she moved her hand slightly, Kevin grabbed her. A hint of pain flashed across his eyes and he said, “Karen, don’t think about anything else. Just lie down.” “…” Karen looked at him. He seemed worn out, and her heart ached when she saw him. Kevin’s attempt to stop her rendered Karen to understand that her instinct at the time of injury must be true. She lost their child.. Thinking that she had survived but her child was gone, her nose twitched and tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes like broken beads. Her heart ached as if someone was stabbing it with a knife. “Karen, you have me, and we still have Little Karen…” As he saw how Karen broke into tears as soon as she woke up, Kevin did not feel any better. He wanted to tell her that it did not matter if the child was gone. They were still young, so they could still have another child. However, Kevin could not make such comments, because he knew how delighted Karen was when she knew that she was pregnant for the second time. Karen never said much, but Kevin knew what she was thinking. Little Karen did not grow up with Karen because Little Karen was taken away from her since birth. Therefore, Karen blamed herself a lot for that. When she learned that she was pregnant with a second child, she vowed to protect her child and to bring her child into this world like an ordinary child. She wanted to accompany the child and watch the child grow slowly. Now the second child in her belly was growing healthily, but she miscarried because of an accident. How could she not feel pain? Kevin did not know what to say, and he also knew that saying anything was pointless. The only thing he could do was to hold Karen in his arms and reassure her that he would stay with her all the time through actions. “Kevin, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault. I failed to protect our child…” Finally, Karen could speak up, but because she had not spoken for a long time after being injured, her voice was very hoarse that it was painful and sad to listen to. In the past, Little Karen was hurt; and now, this baby was hurt too. The more Karen thought about it, the more she felt miserable, and the more she wept. “Karen, you are not allowed to apologise to me again! You have never done anything to me that deserves an apology!” Kevin said authoritatively. He was the one who should apologise. It was because he failed to protect her, hence she got hurt and suffered a miscarriage. In his life, the one thing he hated most was her apology! “But..” Karen cried even harder. She did not protect their child well. She failed to bring her baby into this world safely. It was her, as a mother, who had failed to fulfill her duty. “There is no ‘but’. If you like children, we can always try again in the future.” Kevin was comforting Karen instinctively. On the day that Karen was injured, he saw how she was bleeding profusely and he realised she lost her child but he could not do anything about it. Since then, he swore that he would never let her go through that kind of pain again. “Kevin…” Karen sobbed and wiped her tears on Kevin’s white shirt. “Karen, you still have me!” Kevin patted Karen on her back. He repeated the sentence again, emphasizing that she was not alone because she had him. Karen did not say anything. She was wailing in Kevin’s arms, as if she was trying to vent all the pain of losing her child. She finally stopped crying when she fell asleep in his embrace. Kevin let go of her and placed her back on the pillow. She gently wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes, and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Silly girl!” It was not until this moment that Kevin really believed that what had happened this afternoon was not a fantasy. Karen had finally awakened and returned to his side.

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